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  1. The train was the whole reason for going with Royal. Otherwise, we would have planned something different. When I Googled it, I did not see the rockslide evidence. I'm actually glad others found it. I at least believe they did not mislead us on that.
  2. And again, it's not as much about the train as slow, unresponsive Customer Service.
  3. Just spoke again with our travel agent. She has been getting a run-around. We fully understand that things happen and absolutely go with the flow. On the day of cancellation, nobody in our group complained or pressed the tour guide in charge. We figured Royal would make good on this. If one were to purchase tickets just for this leg of the train, it would cost between $200 and $250 per person, so the bus ride back just doesn't cut it. The train itself is a big pitch for the land tour. I submit this more as a complaint on slow, unresponsive Customer Service. We will never extend a cruise with a land tour again, but plan our own way.
  4. We were on the July 26th sailing of Radiance and did the Land Tour after. We were supposed to return to Anchorage from Denali by train, but were told there was a rock slide on the tracks. We returned by bus. This was something we were looking forward to. We still have not heard about compensation for this cancelled portion of our trip and I feel this is terrible Customer Service. I am not even convinced the story we were given was even true. I am very disappointed in Royal for not reaching out or coming to some settlement.
  5. I thought Radiance was a nice ship. It had lots of venues and was comfortable to move about. The food was just OK, but the service was excellent.
  6. We just did a post-tour. Alaska is phenomenal. Enjoy!
  7. The final day visiting the Hubbard Glacier. To put this video in perspective: The ice wall you see is 400 feet tall. The piece you see falling is over 100 feet long. The sound rumbled across the bay like thunder. joined_video_63889abf1e17435aa90afff8f06a3735.MP4
  8. The WiFi on the ship was so frustrating that I decided to stop adding here until the cruise and land tour after were over. Sadly, we are now home, but I wanted to continue for those interested in Radiance and Alaska. This was perhaps the best vacation I ever had. I cannot recommend Alaska enough. It defies description. Landing on a glacier by helicopter was a cruise highlight, but Skagway offers other things to do that I want to mention. Most take the White Pass Railroad through the wilderness. Everyone we spoke to about only had the best things to say. Skagway itself is an adorable and walkable town.
  9. Today we are in Skagway. Started with a walk into town. Many do the White Pass Railroad here, but we did a helicopter tour. We landed on Meade Glacier.
  10. Everyone should come and experience Alaska. We live by the Caribbean and take for granted how beautiful it is. But Alaska defies description. And as busy as these ports are with ships (Ketchikan had 5 and I counted 7 here in Juneau), Radiance has held the premier berth in each port. We have found the locals to be very warm and genuine. And fellow cruisers have been very laidback as well.
  11. Juneau is all about the Mendenhall Glacier and Humpback Whales. It delivered!
  12. In Icy Strait, we did the Spasski River Wildlife Quest looking for bears. We did not see any. Saw lots of Eagles and pretty scenery.
  13. Today we are in Icy Strait. The day started with seeing whales literally next to the ship. We watched them and seals from our balcony.
  14. The ship is beautiful. It is showing its age and we see they have rolls of new carpet ready to go. The WiFi is terribly slow. The crew have been excellent and very attentive. Can smell septic issues here and there. We are not doing specialty dining this time out, except for Giovanni's our last night. So far, I would say the food has been OK to Good. Entertainment has been OK. We have been spoiled with bigger ships, but so far we are enjoying Radiance. Again, the itinerary was the destination for us; not the ship.
  15. There were some. We saw them by the Salmon Ladder, too.
  16. Saturday was spent in the Inside Passage headed North. Having a Sea Day allowed us to explore the ship more. The Kummelwick from Park Cafe was disappointing. I've had several each day and the meat has been fatty and tough. Sad, because I enjoyed these on other ships very much. The Boardwalk Dog House has been good. And we have been enjoying breakfast and dinner in the Main Dining Room. Gluten-free pizza is available to order in the Windjammer. My husband has food allergies, so the buffet is pretty much out of the question. The Dining Room, however, is excellent taking care of him. IMG_4507.mov
  17. Trying to catch up to "Live", so forgive the brief descriptions. Radiance is an older ship and isn't as sparkly as she may have been. That said, Alaska is the real destination; not the ship. And Radiance is still very beautiful. If we spend our time looking for rust, then we'll miss the phenomenal scenery we are blessed to witness. And Friday started off with a bang in the Inside Passage! WOW!
  18. Embarkation was simple. The terminal in Vancouver is very pretty, but they do make you go up to go down to go round. That was slightly annoying, but we immediately saw seals from the ship. Drama over! LOL And the skyline leaving is pretty and we passed under a bridge.
  19. Thursday was a long travel day, so we did not venture far from the hotel. We stayed at the Century Plaza. It was adequate, but if one is staying more than one night, I recommend staying at the Sheraton. The restaurant in our hotel gave us a substantial discount, because we were staying there, however. Friday morning, we ate breakfast at Joe's Grill. It was small, super busy, and the service was excellent. I waited tables in college...The guy working there was phenomenal handling a crowd!
  20. Wow, where to begin? We left Thursday from Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver and had a few stops along the way. When we saw Mount Rainier from the plane window coming into Seattle, that's when I knew something really special was happening...
  21. I will miss the photo opportunities with the characters. So, if we see a group of Penguins on our next cruise, we should just assume they are guests?
  22. I'm hoping it offers some fresh local fare. We are going in 2 months.
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