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  1. The hard ice cream/gelato in Sugar Beach. UDP tip: Sugar Beach is not part of the UDP, but Playmakers is. Buy the football helmet full of ice cream at Playmakers and specify whatever flavors you want.
  2. Not anymore. They're nothing special. The ice cream on the Oasis was WAY better than anything sold from Ben & Jerry's on the Liberty.
  3. I was on the Oasis scouting for a receptacle to plug in a laptop. I found a 120V US plug near NextCruise, but all of the other ones looked like the picture attached. I believe this is a CEE 7/7. I see there are adapters that I can use for CEE 7/7 to my C5 three-conductor receptacle on my laptop's power supply. Yes, I'm aware that the voltage and frequency are 220V / 50 Hz compared to the US plug, which are 120V / 60 Hz. Laptop power supplies support both. Has anyone tried this? Any advantage to getting the right-angle plug? Do the other RCL ships use these receptacles, too? What about other Cruise companies in the USA?
  4. Aqua 80? One of the best shows I've ever seen. They could have just slapped together a show with a bunch of 80s tunes, but they took it to a new level by creating a new soundtrack using 80s music.
  5. Well, correction. I am seeing it on the app, but not on the website. Not every show is appearing and the ones that do have the reserve button grayed out with a message below the button that says "Add to calendar after you board."
  6. I'm sailing in 10 days and I don't see any Entertainment options yet.
  7. I was on the Oasis last August. I don't know who the entertainment director is, but they must LOVE classic rock. As you pass the English pub on deck 6, you'll hear classic rock songs played on guitar like Rocketman by Elton John and Hotel California by The Eagles. The next stop is the Schooner Bar on the deck above. You can hear the piano player belt out tunes like Rocketman by Elton John and Hotel California by The Eagles. Up a few decks is the Music Hall. We had a band play 8 times...and they played the same exact set 7 of the 8 times. They played classic rock tunes like Rocketman by Elton John and Hotel California by The Eagles. The last performance included Jazz music for some reason. Walking towards the back of the ship, you can enjoy a meal at Playmakers while listening to music like Rocketman by Elton John and Hotel California by The Eagles.
  8. I know. If they're going to allow bot accounts on here, they should be at least the same level as GPT4. That last one just started sputtering Wikipedia entries.
  9. I see. So when I asked, "Are there any beaches that don't have that horrible seaweed growing on the sea floor?" I got the wrong answer because I used seaweed instead of seagrass. I guess their internal monologue went something like: "He's asking about seaweed growing on the sea floor and how it's unpleasant to step on. Could he be talking about seagrass, which everyone knows is home to many creatures including seahorses and invertebrates? No. That can't be right. He's explicitly talking about seaweed. Rather than ask for clarification, I'll give him a definite 'no' answer. That should resolve things nicely."
  10. So it's everywhere and the folks who said it doesn't exist were mistaken. Is that right?
  11. So it's everywhere and the folks who said it doesn't exist were mistaken. Is that right?
  12. I was at Nellie's Beach last August and it most certainly did have this problem, which now makes me doubt what everyone else said about the other beaches. Let me be clear. I'm talking about seaweed that grows UNDERWATER. It's also NOT when you first go in. It's when you wade out further when the water is up to your shoulders. EDIT: Go to 4:19 in this video. You can see what I'm talking about: The sea floor is covered with these plants. Stepping on them is NOT pleasant.
  13. You don't see it. You FEEL it when you wade out into the water.
  14. I found a map of the island. It looks like the tram stops at Barefoot Beach (15), Nellie's Beach (44), Town Square (25), and Columbus Cove (43). I'm glad it's open to all cruisers, not just suite guests. I've heard good things about Columbus Cove, but it's the LAST stop on the island. I hope it's worth it.
  15. 1. What options are there for transportation on Labadee? The port is a long walk and an even longer one to the beaches. I know there is a shuttle for suite guests. Any other options? 2. Are there any beaches that don't have that horrible seaweed growing on the sea floor? It was fun watching people's faces when they stepped on it, but I've moved on. And no, I don't want to wear water shoes.
  16. Nobody has ever done this? Can someone on board go to check?
  17. Are there any other secure places to store things besides the room safe? The website says there are safe deposit boxes available. It's first come/first serve, and you must go to Guest Services to get a key. Has anyone ever done this? Do you need to wait in line for Guest Services each time you want to access your box? Can this be requested in advance? Has anyone used the lockers in the fitness room? Are there any restrictions on when or how long you can use a locker?
  18. Here's the lowest sugar option: Bring packets of crystal light. Get 1/2 vodka and 1/2 water and add the Crystal Light flavoring packet. Bartenders will mix this for you if you give them the packet. Some sweet, but not too sweet options would be drinks like a Bloody Mary. However, bartenders may not know how to make other ones. Here are two I like: Spice cake: 1 part Fireball 1 part Ammeretto 1 part Baileys Irish Cream Nutty Russian: 1 part Frangelico 1 part Kaluha 1-2 parts vodka Unfortunately, the ship I was on was out of Frangelico.
  19. Bring your own packets of brown mustard. RCL only has Heinz yellow 🤢
  20. To anyone who went to "The Quest" recently, what was the last challenge?
  21. It's not a tax situation. The website showed one price and rang up another. I see the price today is $58.99, which is what it charged me yesterday. Meanwhile, other sales seemed to have ended and other prices dropped today.
  22. I've seen the same excursion show up as two different prices. After booking the below excursion, the price in the cart was $58.99 per person. Check the math if you're booking!
  23. If the Quest is back, is the last challenge the same as always or has that changed? That was my theory why it didn't come back.
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