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  1. I am not going to read 34 pages to see if this has been suggested before, but I know many with success using vaccinespotter.org. It takes five minutes to register and get an appointment, generally within the next few days. You are booking directly with the pharmacies in your area, get an email confirmation. I realize areas of the country are different. Here in TN, there were vaccines left over every day, so state opened this week to anyone over 16. Again, vaccinespotter.org.
  2. Our Australian Shepherd mix never holds it against us when we travel. When we take him to the kennel, he wags his tail and wants to greet everyone. He never looks back as he is led away. He doesn’t eat as much, but he isn’t as active. He is back in routine the minute he is back in the door! For me, however, the body is generally back home a full week before my mind!
  3. For me, it’s is date night! If we are on a ten day cruise, I say we are off for 10 date nights in a row. Drinks, a nice dinner and a choice of entertainment every night. Love the time together without the interruptions of daily life like walking the dog, fixing dinner, vacuuming, paying bills, mowing lawn, etc. As has been mentioned, the unpacking only once! We travel a lot, love car trips sight seeing our way around an area. So while the ports are new experiences, I didn’t have to pack and unpack to get there. We didn’t have a cruise planned this year, but sure was disappointed our ten day self drive of Norway was postponed.
  4. No advice other than keep calling. It’s things like this that make me go into investigation mode!
  5. To those thinking it was a I am right, you are wrong deal with my friend, you are wrong. I am just a logical thinker and if I know two things - Canadian ports closed and NCL listing 10-20 as their relaunch date - then I know NCL is likely not sailing. So I did share this with my friend who did want to let go of the trip and kept saying, certainly they would have told us and they just be figuring out how to get around the Canadian. But received an email from her this morning saying she had gotten notice the cruise is not sailing and thanked me for the heads up even if she didn’t want to believe it. We are real friends, no scores kept! But now she knows and is really disappointed. So we will both continue to talk about the the places we will be going, either together or with our own families when travel is less risky.
  6. Last night I got on NCL site and was invited to chat with an agent, so I did and Adrian was very ready to help me with my cruise plans. Then I asked if the cruises out of Seattle in Sept were sailing and waited for the response. What I got was “Agent has ended chat”. Obviously they were not putting anything in writing.
  7. Well, the other friend just booked that cruise for departure mid Sept from Seattle. Called and booked in person. So some one tell me how this Alaskan trip is happening. Is NCL really getting people’s money now to pay those refunds 90 days old?
  8. She says they have been told the cruise is still a go when she called. They have received no notice. I tried to explain that it appears NCL is cancelling cruises a month at a time, so they will be slow so they can keep her money. She just wants to believe that if they weren’t going , NCL would tell her. But as I have said, not my problem, just want her to know what I know.
  9. My friend has a cruise scheduled for Alaska mid September out of Seattle. She thinks they are going. Another friend is even thinking of maybe booking and going too. I have tried to explain that ports in Canada are not open so there is no place dock to make this a legal sailing to Alaska with out Canada. Someone posted list with target start up dates for each Norwegian ship and her ship has a start up date in October. Sent that to her. She thinks that if the ship weren't sailing, they would be told. If anyone has any more concrete evidence, let me know. The two printed articles I have sent, evidently are not enough. Of course, I would think just the daily news would be enough to say at least one of two things - no way do I want to cruise right now or no way cruise ships will be allowed to start up under current conditions. I know it is not my problem, I just hate to see her still excited about something that is most likely not happening.
  10. Well Sue1898, we are going to have to try that drink when we can. We are in Sevierville and find it interesting that we have done three of the cruises you have, the New England/Canada, an Oosterdam Alaska land and sea and the Zuiderdam Panama Canal, but all different dates! Stay Healthy! I know this county needs tourists but am glad to see things shut down. We are taking the stay at home seriously.
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