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  1. I am in this situation and just got off the phone with Princess, first with the PVP and then directly with a Princess Customer Rep. My Transatlantic on the April 2021 Sky to Copenhagen was cancelled due to redeployment to cover Crown Princess. My wife and I were offered $200 ea in a goodwill onboard credit if we rebooked another transatlantic or European cruise. I immediately rebooked on the Sky for her new itinerary from Ft Lauderdale to Southampton leaving just a day earlier. Subsequently, that cruise was cancelled and as soon as the 2022 Transatlantic's were available I rebooked for April 2
  2. Has anyone stayed in one of the six Penthouse Suites located forward on the Sun Deck (S109 - S115)? They are currently classified as S4, but starting November 15, 2021 they will become S6 "Vista Suites." The indicated floor plan seems to change from a separate sleeping area to one large sleeping/living area. The cabin square footage is almost identical after the change to the Riveria Deck suites (S4), though the balconies appear to be larger on the Sun Deck suites. I cannot find any reviews or images of these Sun Deck suites. I can't imagine that they will actually be redesigning these suites
  3. Just received the guidelines that Princess has set for cruising once things resume. Not as strict as I imagined it would be. We will see how the social distancing works out with 2,500 - 3,500 passengers. I hope it works! https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/?cid=brand_email_promo_internal_announcement_info_pf0ms171a_201007_cruisehealth_42OL4ZXM3DEZ2WP7XJDGL2DQSM&eccn=42OL4ZXM3DEZ2WP7XJDGL2DQSM&rrid=553434253A&mi_u=553434253A
  4. There is also a group of cabins towards the front of the Dolphin deck that have the deeper balconies (D145-D227) and these are categorized as "Premium Deluxe Balconies". Every passenger deck with cabins under the SeaWalk have a small number of the "angled balconies" that will be larger than standard. Look at the attached deck plan to see the obvious differences.
  5. Happen to see that yesterday evening. Thought we would have to wait until Sep 30th to re-book our cancelled TA to Copenhagen on the Sky. Was surprised to see how many cabins were available, as I thought all of the Crown passengers had been transferred to the Sky. Cruise leaves one day later than our original booking and I was able to book one of the new Window Suites. Have always wanted to enjoy the perks of full suites and the lack of a balcony is offset by the location and cabin size (700+ sq ft). The Sanctuary is immediately upstairs and the Retreat pool an upper deck just down the hall. Ke
  6. We were also on the Sky Princess, Ft Lauderdale to Copenhagen that was cancelled. It appears that everyone already booked on the Crown will be moved over to the Sky, leaving very few available cabins for those of us who want to rebook to the Southampton voyage. I'm also guessing that the best EZair fares have long since been booked by the Crown passengers 😒. I am curious what time we will be able to rebook on the 30th, assuming online will be much quicker and easier than calling Princess direct.
  7. Also just received our email notification indicating our future cruise credits have been applied to our accounts. Our cruise was scheduled for October of this year and we had payed about 80% of the total fare. We were one of the lucky ones who were offered 100% matching and that is exactly what now shows in our account as a goodwill credit. Kind of strange that the expiration shows must be booked by 5/1/22 and must sail by 5/1/22. I would have thought that they would have given us 2 years from the date that the credit was available.
  8. Received the cancellation email from Princess about an hour ago. Was booked on an October Canada/New England cruise on the. Caribbean Princess. The way I read it, they are either offering a full cash refund or will match whatever payments have been made to this point as a future cruise credit (not counting airfare, hotels, shore excursions, port fees and taxes) up to the full cruise fare. In other words, if I do not request a refund I will double my money for a future cruise (through May 2022). A very nice offer!
  9. As my wife and I are preparing for our Hawaii cruise on the Star Princess on October 7th, I came across these original dinner and dessert menus from our first cruise back in May 2002. That was also on the Star and was her inaugural year and first sailing to Alaska. Many of the items can still be found on different ships, but many are long gone.
  10. The Star has four freshwater pools (Lotus, Neptune, Calypso, and Terrace) and I have been in the pools on numerous Alaskan Princess cruises, including the Star’s maiden voyage in 2002. Always found the temperature very nice. I would be surprised if they were not heated, given the outside temps on many of those days, including Prince William Sound/College Fjord. The Calypso pool is covered in the conservancy and there are seven hot tubs scattered between Lido and Sports decks. My wife and I will also be on the Star for the Hawaii cruise and plan on visiting the pools when calm seas allow.
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