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  1. Suggestions would be great. So that area is walkable from the port?
  2. We will be visiting this town the end of April. Our time is 4pm-11pm. Any ideas on what to do with such limited time?
  3. We were so lucky to be at ocean cay the second day it was open. It was all that we had hoped. Staying in the yacht club, we were given a golf cart ride to our selected yacht club area. There is a gorgeous dining room that will serve you a sit down lunch. Beautiful white sand ,lounge chairs, and umbrella to rent if needed for $12 .Plenty of wait staff was there to get our desired drinks. Couldn’t really snorkel, the water was too cloudy. It was our own deserted island ( almost). The wait staff certainly will earn their money with all their walking Not easy for them
  4. We were at the yacht club area yesterday. You only need one cabana if you really want one. We were waited on totally just sitting on the lounge chairs. I don’t see the need for the cabana
  5. We will be going on our Seaside cruise soon. What kind of special nights are there for dressing up. Like white night? Is there more nights to dress a particular way?
  6. We are wondering the same. We are wondering if we should just do a day trip from Rome. We are getting off the cruise, going to Rome for a few days, then want to see Amalfi. Luggage is a problem. We are even considering keeping a room in Rome for a day in order to stay one night in Amalfi. What is the time frame for train from Rome to Naples then to Sorrento?
  7. I am anxiously awaiting my B2b after Thanksgiving. We traveled 2017 on Seaside and fell in love with the YC. You helped me remember all the wonderful experiences we had. We can't wait to have a B2B. It has been on my bucket list. Never have I been treated like a queen for a week, now it will be 2 weeks. Thanks for the report.
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