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  1. A quick background that is not nearly as funny as Kathy’s earlier description As you already know I got started cruising in 2013 on Allure. It took 10 long years to convince my wife to go on a cruise. She just didn’t want to get on a ship for whatever vague reasons. When I finally did get her on a ship, she loved it. The rest of the group that originally sailed with us loved it too. We were a little band of 8 people back then. I meticulously planned and researched our first cruise. Little did I know what would happen from that point on… One thing I did know is that Kathy aka: familygoboston was super helpful to me as I planned that first cruise. And then we became genuine friends. And our spouses became friends. But they live on the East Coast (Patriot fans) and we live in the Midwest (Chiefs fans). Getting together is a bit difficult. But despite not seeing them for 6 years we are still very good friends. And even though we haven’t traveled together since that first Allure sailing, we constantly talk about our trips and what we are planning and where we are going and how the stars are going to one day align for us to travel together again. And then it happened, a cruise together at last. Hey, can we go with you next time? Our Allure cruise was a huge success on many levels. My wife and my in-laws had been converted. They now loved cruising. My dueling CC review with Kathy got tons of views and responses. My wife’s social media posts had generated a lot of interest in cruising among our friends. Then people started asking when we were going again, and could they maybe go with us. That’s when we decided to try a get a larger group to go cruising. We did Oasis in 2015 with 20 people. That was a blast. And then we did a Jewel Southern cruise in conjunction with a work convention in 2016 that wound up being 12 people. We did another group in 2018 on Adventure in the Southern Caribbean that was also 20 people. Finally, in 2018 Amy and I did the unthinkable and went on a cruise by ourselves! Which was fun but not quite like the groups. After the Adventure cruise in 2017 we told everyone that the next big group cruise would be June of 2019, our 30th wedding anniversary. We decided to shoot for an increase and try to get 30 people to go with us. We started booking Harmony of the Seas in November of 2017. I had no idea what this would turn into.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4i7m5hiq9oterrk/Cruise News Harmony 2019 Drinking.pdf?dl=0
  3. Hello All -- I am the other half of this travel writing duo. That's me and my wife Amy in our Chiefs shirts aboard Liberty of the Seas last fall. Yes, we've become addicted to the cruising thing since that first Allure sailing in 2013. I am really excited to be doing a co-review with familygoboston! Despite the fact that my wife will have to wear a Patriots Super Bowl T-shirt on our upcoming cruise. The result of a little bet Kathy and Amy had surrounding the AFC Championship game. We have some plans for this review. We will see how it unfolds. I am not going to spoil anything right now, just stay tuned for some info over the next week or so and then we will be sailing.
  4. I remember. In fact a person who is cruising with us was reading your review and asked me if I had read the review by APDMOM. And I said, "I know her! She was on Oasis with us in 15" Thanks for all the good tips in this review by the way. As for Harmony...I have a group of 53 people (many first timers) going with us. I also have familygoboston sailing with us! We met 6 years ago for my very first cruise on Allure. We have been friends ever since. So she and I are teaming up for "something" live on Harmony. It will likely start under her familygoboston posting because she is arriving a week ahead of the rest of the gang to do some Disney World time. But, yes there will be a thread but it won't be exactly the traditional review if it goes the way we are thinking about it. Also with 53 people in tow I'll be busy.
  5. Just found this review. Looks like I have some reading to do in the next few days. Harmony is 24 days away. We are taking 53 people with us! Lots of first timers. They want info and I have to provide it.
  6. I got excited for about 5 minutes today (wait, that doesn't sound right). I was surprised and encouraged for about 5 minutes today. I happened to tap on my Royal Caribbean App on my phone just to see what (if anything) was there. Lo and behold, the complete listing of all activities for our sail date were loading up! Wow, like having OUR sailing cruise compass months in advance. We are sailing on Harmony, June 2, 2019. This week to our surprise all the show reservations became available for our sailing. So this was like a super bonus to have shows booked and a complete list of the rest of the activities. I immediately headed to my computer to pull up our show reservations and start filling in the blanks with all the other activities I wanted to highlight for the group that's sailing with us (51 people, lots of first timers) . And then the curse of Royal IT set in...the schedule on the app was a complete wreck. So wrong about so many things I cannot begin to list them all. But here are a few examples of what will be happening on our Harmony sailing if you believe the schedule on the app: Love and Marriage will be held at least 3 times. One of those times it will be in the theater at the same time the Comedy Juggler Headliner is performing...so if you get on stage watch out for flying objects! None of the main shows (Fine Line, Columbus, Grease, etc) are listed at all -- until day 7 when a bunch of them will be happening! iSkate will be performed while we are still in port in St. Thomas. And speaking of St. Thomas we now get to dock at 8 am instead of Noon when our itinerary shows. (we have an issue that prevents an 8 am docking at St. Thomas but apparently the app fixed that!) For some reason we dock at Coco Cay at 8 am but cannot leave the ship until 10:30? (Is that really the case?) Apparently we aren't having a Quest, it's not listed. But Battle of the Sexes will be held at least twice. And (THIS IS THE BIG NEWS) on Day 7 you can go at 11 am to Studio B and book your show reservations for the cruise that is almost over! TIME TRAVEL! Book shows that have already occurred! Could it be like the movie Ground Hog Day where we get to day 7 and then suddenly are transported back to day 1 and start our cruise all over again? Please let it be Ground Hog Day! So, my excitement quickly turned to despair. Alas, no info that is reliable. I just hope that by the time we sail the app is working and correct. (and I really wish they would enable the texting feature on the app for Harmony before we sail.) My fear is that we will not really have any reliable information about our sailing until we actually get on board. The move to Port Canaveral is about a month before we sail. No other sailing before or after us has our exact schedule because we have the late port time in St. Thomas. That might throw several things off. If it was just me and the Mrs. or even a small group I wouldn't be so concerned...but with 51 people and a lot of first timers I really hoped to have a better handle on the schedule. Oh well, we are booked for the shows. That was the main thing. I'll keep watching the app for corrections as we move closer. Anyone else have experience with the app schedule being a mess? (knowing Royal IT that is probably a stupid question). Maybe the better question is, "Does anyone have experience with the schedule on their app changing and improving as you get closer to your sail date?"
  7. The Drag and Drop attachment seems to work fine. My concern is eating up my allowed storage --then what? The Insert Image from URL doesn't work at all. When I click Insert other Media I get the box to insert the URL link and when I paste a link into that box the box turns red and nothing further can be done.
  8. why won't the URL work? https://flic.kr/p/2bcKB3b
  9. Trying to slog through the new site. I used Tapatalk all the time for multiple forums...So far the new site is inconvenient for mobile users. And Hello? Most of us these days are mobile users.
  10. <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/49780607@N05/44765249362/in/album-72157701297601524/" title="view 2"><img src="https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1954/44765249362_54f1c0f353.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="view 2"></a><script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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