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  1. Now that Oceana cruises have been cancelled has anyone heard anything from P&O or their Travel Agent about claiming a refund?
  2. After seeing all these posts I checked and mine had actually been paid on Wednesday (48 days) onto my credit card. I was expecting a cheque. I have had no notification from P&O. My friends who were on the same cruise haven't received theirs yet.
  3. Our cruise was 30 May and our refund is due on 22 June so we are now at 50 days.
  4. I don't know why anyone is having a go at you. You never said other than you intended to repay the amount after making them wait a while and good on you. I agree with your sentiments entirely.
  5. A few people are commenting about others giving out contact details. I understand the arguments but the fact is that P&O have acted abysmally over making refunds. We had a cruise booked for 30 May, which incidentally is still showing on our Cruise Personaliser, and was obviously cancelled by P&O. We have claimed a cash refund online as requested and our "60 days" kicked off. Actually, P&O could have cancelled this cruise at least 8 weeks previously so that was around 56 days that should be added to the 60 days quoted, thereby bringing the timescale to nearer 4 months. I understand that P&O have a massive number of refunds to process but this response is outrageous and you don't even get a confirmation telling you that your request has been received. I tried one of the emails supplied by one forum member and have never received a reply. I telephoned several times and when I finally got through after several attempts I was told that they couldn't even tell me that I was in the system. I was a once loyal P&O customer and was one that supported them on this forum but I have had my eyes opened, they are an absolute disgrace with almost non-existent customer care or service. IMO, posting a few business email addresses is nothing compared to how this company have behaved and was brought about by customer frustration.
  6. We have been on both ships several times and we would value them the same. The Britannia is definitely not worth a£1500 more.
  7. I applied for my cash refund almost 2 weeks ago. I phoned P&O today to make sure that they had received my request. Basically, they can't tell you. Their incompetence knows no limits.
  8. I'm not a "Boris" fan but I agree it was fairly clear. The problem is that in this country too many people don't take responsibility for themselves. You have to educate yourself and consider the consequences and make your own decision. That's why the majority of us won't be cruising for a long time and why we will avoid contact with other people. On the other hand there are people who blame the government because they are forced into staying at home and are putting on weight. I find it incredible that some people are comparing this with what the British people endured during WW2. Rant over!!
  9. I agree that its very difficult to see cruising as a viable option for a long time but that applies to a lot of situations. My friend has a hairdressing salon and she already has information on plans on what to do to allow them to re-open when they are eventually allowed to. They include a daily temp check of staff and every customer, disposable towels, all hair to be washed, face masks for staff and reducing the number of "chairs" in use. Business's are making plans to re-open, they have to, but whether it will be enough for a lot of us is questionable.
  10. Our cruise on 30 May was cancelled yesterday and we have requested a cash refund. We might have had second thoughts if we could apply a FCC to an existing booking. To me, that would make a massive difference to people. I actually contemplated cancelling all three cruises we have, putting all the FCC together and re-booking one of the cruises.
  11. We are booked on the Iona the week before you. These cruises will probably be cancelled at the end of the month. We are requesting a cash refund. FCC is too risky. We do have two other cruises booked with deposits amounting to £1600 and we may have to take FCC but it will be a last resort.
  12. Am I still correct in saying it has to go against a new booking and you can't lump more than one deposit together?
  13. I would agree that cruising will take a lot longer than other holiday types to get back to normal. So many people in such a restricted area and access to ports will be a major factor. Also, from what I have seen of poor hygiene from some passengers particularly in buffets and the close proximity of sunbeds I can't muster much enthusiasm for it.
  14. P&O's response is disgraceful. Their response over refunds is unacceptable. They are still requesting payment of balances for cruises that will not go ahead. They are avoiding cancelling cruises past 15 May. They are retaining our money as long as possible. Surely everyone must now realise that P&O are playing a hard game and our sympathy and support for them has went down the pan.
  15. I am aware what the OP is asking and my understanding is that FCC is for new bookings. I would be happy to be wrong in that.
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