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  1. Good point. But (a) we're all related, (b) Crystal hasn't done that so far, (c) we will cross-reference the two cabins before boarding and only switch within those cabins, and (d) by December hopefully many of these restrictions will be relaxed.
  2. Yes, the card being keyed to the photo is why we can't just swap cards and be done with it. Adjoining cabins is clever, but the person in the single would have to enter through the double, which is a privacy problem. Thanks, Keith. Have you actually done this on Crystal, or know someone who has?
  3. Three of us are planning to go on a Crystal cruise. We want to book guests #1 and #2 in one cabin, and guest #3 in a single. Then on board, guests #2 and #3 will switch. It's a bridge playing cruise and #3 won't be playing. Will the front desk give us a second key card to the single, so guest #2 can access it? Or alternatively, let us actually switch rooms on the record? Has anyone done this? We won't always be together in a group, so swapping cards won't work.
  4. 9/2/20 The $200 refund from Crystal appeared in my account.
  5. On 8/11/19 I paid $200 onboard Serenity for an open advance booking. We didn't use it so it automatically cancelled on 2/11/20. 3/13/20 my travel agent called Crystal and was told it was being refunded to my credit card. 6/25/20 she called and was told I should see it any day now. 8/3/20 was told still being processed and the agent would escalate to a supervisor. 8/27/20 filed a dispute with B of A on the card. It's way outside the statute limit but B of A has helped me out before. Fingers crossed. This was our first cruise on Crystal, and any goodwill they
  6. We'll be sailing on Mariner. A Regent phone agent said that the TVs are Bluetooth equipped and can play through a Bluetooth headset. Can anyone confirm this?
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