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  1. I believe the prize will be the map of the voyage (i.e. the one that is displayed in Seabourn Square during the voyage)
  2. I think this is just Seabourn warning you that you will need to travel with your credit card to unlock the door to the toilet.
  3. Yes, on Akpatok Island in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada, and they were visible from the ship. We got an even closer view from the zodiac, We saw 9 in total, 3 adults and 6 cubs. We were on Seabourn Quest cruising from Reykjavik to Montreal. in August 2019.
  4. YES, and I am always appalled at how many don't bother to say PLEASE or THANK YOU.
  5. Or start paying fair wages in the USA....I am bowing out of this now. (A PROMISE)
  6. I agree. In Australia waiters are paid full, fair wages and do not have to depend on tips. In a lot of Australian restaurants you are charged a surcharge on weekends as the waiters are being paid penalty rates on top of their wages. https://www.averagesalarysurvey.com/waiter-or-waitress/sydney-australia
  7. Waiters are paid a fair wage in Australia and it is possible they may be earning more than the average General Practitioner,
  8. I don't get the tipping culture either, it seems to me somewhat demeaning. Would you tip your Doctor because of the relationship you have developed??
  9. We have Diamond status on Seabourn, but after having sailed Scenic Eclipse11 (because Seabourn Venture "bumped us") we were a little disappointed with our subsequent sailing on Seabourn Venture Same old menus and the Colonnade, where we usually enjoy dining was like a Cafeteria. People were queuing for their lunch before finding a table and the queue stretched far. We are very much looking forward to a 10 day cruise on the old Seabourn Spirit, now Windstar's Star Breeze, from Papeete to Papeete. I have been reading the Windstar boards and it sounds just like the Seabourn of old
  10. We did the 2023 Christmas cruise in Antarctica. A transfer from the BA Hotel to the airport is included at the start of the trip. After landing in BA on the way back you are on your own. Both our flights to and from BA were at EZE (Ministro Pistarni International Airport) because of storm damage at AEP (Aeroparque) from where they normally fly.
  11. We travelled to Svarlbard July 2023 and saw 2 polar bears, but binoculars were required. On an earlier cruise to the Canadian Arctic we saw 9 polar bears in Nunavut, which were clearly visible from the ship and close-op from the zodiacs.
  12. This was in the Falkland Islands Zodiac entry.mp4
  13. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole. One of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas, it's known for its rugged, remote terrain of glaciers and frozen tundra sheltering polar bears, Svalbard reindeer and Arctic foxes. The Northern Lights are visible during winter, and summer brings the “midnight sun”—sunlight 24 hours a day. ― Google
  14. I agree wholeheartedly. We once had a problem disembarking in Manaus. Although our circumstances were quite different. Because of an early morning flight we disembarked at midnight, and were taken, and left, at the gates of the port to wait for the taxi we had requested. We were immediately surrounded by rough sleepers and felt very unsafe. I complained to Seabourn so it didn't happen to anyone else. They were very apologetic and I think we received an OBC on our next cruise.
  15. Singles are well catered for/looked after on Seabourn. You will be invited to hosted tables etc..
  16. In defence of the OP, they didn't plan their SB cruise with a baby either. Their honeymoon cruise was cancelled. We cruised on the Sojourn last January with a couple in the same situation, their honeymoon cruise was cancelled and now they had a baby. The baby was a delight and learned to walk during the cruise, much to the delight of approximately 350 surrogate grandparents!!!
  17. The itinerary I looked at had an overnight at Easter Island. I would expect you do landings by zodiac or tender.
  18. KathyL2537, thank you for taking the time out from your trip to post here. We are on the next sailing of Venture and so I am VERY interested. Was the ship docked at the pier or did you have to take a Zodiac/Tender? Our pre-boarding info suggests that we do and to bring a wind or rain jacket.
  19. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. I love the photo of the 16 year old, he is either very hardy or the indoor temperatures are quite toasty.
  20. Thank you kej1, Were the Patio Grill and outside the Colonnade ever opened for dinner?
  21. Whilst I know there are no formal nights, I have a question regarding being "dressed for Dinner" on an expedition cruise. We are on the Venture over Christmas and New Year, and, on most cruises these would be "very dressy" occasions. My dilemma is this, I remove my layers and dress for Dinner, and, with almost 20 hours of daylight, an extraordinary wildlife encounter is announced from the Bridge which I miss because I am inappropriately dressed.. I would like those who have been there/done that to share their experience, please. Is it possible to stay rugged up and eat outdoors??.
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