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  1. Celebrity and Viking are our favorites. Celebrity offers more varieties in itineraries, but if both lines have a similar itinerary that we want, we would choose Viking. We prefer the lower passenger density and the reduced commercialism, the better food, the superior spa, the better service, etc.; it is worth the extra costs. The one clear advantage Celebrity has is better entertainment and more activities, but these are minor factors for us. Going forward, the smaller ships on Viking with much less crowding will be critical. Finally we on Viking in early March and after the US announced the emergency, Viking turned our ship around and returned to a US port. Their actions seemed very customer-centric. I trust Viking to do the right thing in a crisis more then Celebrity.
  2. I consider that article to be ridiculous. Most likely the author just looked at the first cruises for each ship after what has been announced as cancelled, but I think it clear that cruise lines are only announcing cancellation a few months out for financial reasons. I still have some hopes for sailings in late 2020, but realistically it is highly unlikely things will resume even in early 2021. All just my opinion, of course.
  3. My wife and I have long been booked on that October TA cruise as well. Not bringing it up in the cruise thread as folks are focusing on the positive there, but I think it unlikely we sail. I have already given up on our August booking.
  4. Nich3cats: Yes, you will get your full deposit back, based on my experiences. I am happy about Celebrity’s extension of this program. My wife and I are booked on an early August cruise and this will lessen the risk of postponing cancelling the trip. However, it seems like we will still be at risk of losing our payment for the corresponding air flights we booked through Celebrity Air. The terms of the program say that if the flights are non-refundable, you need to go to the airline for any refunds. No telling whether you would get a credit or refund there under many possible scenarios (like the cruise is cancelled but airlines are flying).
  5. My wife and I absolutely love Murano and have never had less then a great meal there. It is the one specialty restaurant we feel is worth the splurge. I agree with many of the dish choices already posted including the lobster, the goat cheese soufflé and the Grand Marnier soufflé. Also, I was under the impression Murano was being phased out. Is that correct? I know they have unfortunately left it off the Edge class ships.
  6. Unless anyone here talks me out of it, I plan on checking for that location Monday morning and booking it if available!
  7. Those are deck 12 S2 cabins. I will consider those if the corner S1s are not available (although the website indicates they are at the moment).
  8. I am strongly leaning towards one of the corner aft Sky Suites and am in fact considering one on deck 12. Noise from the Oceanview overhead seems to be a bit of a concern, but not a huge one.
  9. I am grateful for all the responses so far!
  10. My wife and I have cruised many times on Celebrity and other lines, but never in a Suite. We are planning on making a 2022 booking for the Solstice within a few days and are strongly considering a Sky Suite cabin. We are looking for recommendations on which deck and cabins to choose. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  11. I was also booked for the April 10 cruise. I am extremely disappointed it is cancelled, but I think Celebrity handled this situation for our cruise in a reasonable manner (not a comment on how earlier Millennium cruises have been handled). I look forward to cruising with Celebrity in the future.
  12. For now, we will continue to take cruises we have booked, but only because we have flights, hotels and excursions already booked associated with them.
  13. in my experience (multiple times attempting this in Blu on various ships), it depends on your waiter. Typically the answer I get is no, particularly early in the cruise. In fact, now I just drag my wife to the MDR on night one so I can get my prime rib fix. She is a trooper and makes the sacrifice.
  14. Terrifish: Thanks for posting this thread. I did not know about the sale but after seeing this, I booked flights for a Celebrity cruise departing next August. The prices are the best I have seen yet for my flights.
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