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  1. I have been wearing jeans, short sleeve t-shirts and a light jacket and have been quite comfortable. Today was a bit cooler at times then most ports have been. Like everyone says, dress in layers.
  2. It was easy to tell the Rhine is low on Cologne today by looking at the river bank. Also, we walked by a structure which shows the current river level at that location, which is shown in the image I attached. So our ship was moved as soon as we went out on tour this morning to a very industrial looking location. It took about 20 minutes by bus to get back to the ship from downtown Cologne.
  3. On the Viking Skirnir, docked in Cologne today. Last night we were told the ship will move right after passengers leave for morning excursions and move a bit up river due to low water conditions. Excursions will return to the new docking location and passengers will be able to visit Cologne later today via shuttle bus. Weather reports do seem to show rain in the region over the next few days.
  4. The weather has been great and we are having a lovely cruise so far. We are currently docked in Linz, just outside Passau and we were told last night that will swap ships on Monday from the Modi to the Skirnir, due to low water levels between here and Regensburg. That means tomorrow we will take a bus from the Modi (which will move to another spot near Passau tonight) and spend the full day in Regensburg, returning late in the day to pack our luggage and Monday morning we will transfer via a 2 hour bus ride to the Skirnir in Nuremberg. An unfortunate turn of events, but not unexpected. Hopefully, levels will rise and allow any ships behind us to make it through. Regardless, this Viking Cruise has been fantastic so far and I expect we will have the same great experience on the new ship.
  5. I am currently on the Viking Modi, having arrived in Vienna today. We are scheduled for Passau in 3 more days and then heading to Regensburg the following day. We are being told there is a good chance we will need to swap ships, but not a certainty. We will not be sure for several more days. We are experiencing lovely weather, with no rain on the cruise so far starting from Budapest.
  6. My wife and I will be on our very first European River Cruise next month aboard Viking and I sure hope we have a somewhat more positive experience onboard the ship. I do appreciate your comments, both pro and con. We have been on a Viking Ocean Cruise and it was spectacular, but our expectations for the Viking River Cruise are not the same.
  7. Not the case for us a few weeks ago onboard the Summit. We asked several different waiters and they all said no.
  8. We were given a complimentary visit to Tuscan a few weeks ago on the Summit. We had been to it on different ships 3 or 4 times previously and were always disappointed, but this time we actually enjoyed the food (well except for the mediocre ribeye steak they served me). I too am sad to see Murano being removed from many ships. The one specialty we found to be worthwhile.
  9. Summit: CABIN #: 1100 (Numbered 100 on door). DECK #: 11 CLASS: Aqua AREA: Aft/Starboard BED NEAR: Bath QUIET?: Unfortunately, no. See comments... BALCONY VIEW: Unobstructed BALCONY SIZE: Roomy with 2 chairs and a table WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Cabin is adjacent in hallway to a door to outside. This door is frequently used and typically slams shut due to vacuum conditions (I guess). This tends to wake myself and my wife up and is also jarring during the day. Guest Services is aware of the issue and does not offer any remedy (other then “we will contact you if a suitable replacement cabin becomes available”). Great cabin other then this issue, but this is unacceptable. AVOID!
  10. I saw a post on reddit about this situation: “Celebrity Solstice - lost power for 30+min & regained. Now floating in place.” https://reddit.com/r/Cruise/comments/cffwgd/celebrity_solstice_lost_power_for_30min_regained/
  11. I have taken only one cruise on Viking (and quite a few on Celebrity) and I found Viking to be far superior in a number of ways: less crowded, nicer ship, better food, better service, and no up-selling onboard. Also beer and wine is included with meals as are decent (but minimal) excursions at every port. However, Viking is more expensive and usually requires much earlier payment. If cost is not a driver, no contest I would select Viking every time. On the other hand, I find Celebrity is very acceptable but over time it does seem to be getting less so for me.
  12. I have found the celebrityonetouch@celebrity.com address to be very responsive to my comments.
  13. My contact with Cruise Critic was limited to returning a legal document and some back and forth regarding questions about the cruise, for which they mostly referred me to Celebrity. The Cruise Critic representative was very nice, but the details were handled via a Celebrity representative who was extremely kind and helpful. I was able to upgrade from the sweepstakes specified cabin type to an Aquaclass cabin at a very reasonable cost and they set me up with the airline flights I requested. The whole experience has been great. I never involved a travel agent. Congrats to your girlfriend!
  14. I was notified late last year that I won an upcoming Celebrity “Revolution” cruise to Bermuda aboard the Summit, but I believe this is the first time I have posted about it. We are booked for this summer and looking forward to it! I am reading this thread because my wife and I are booked on the Viking Grand European itinerary for mid September. We are hoping for good water levels and comfortable weather.
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