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  1. If you are flying to Toronto and do not want to drive to Niagara Falls then you are looking at the train or trying to find a bus day trip.
  2. You should check out Via Rail. If you are flying to Canada and want to go to Niagara you can fly to Toronto or Hamilton (maybe even Buffalo or Rochester New York) And take the Via Train to and from Niagara. The best may be from Toronto. Then you can go to Quebec City from Toronto. You may have to change trains in Montreal. if you are driving, you can drive Niagara Falls to Quebec City in a long day.
  3. I once called 6 weeks before a Caribbean cruise to find all the cabanas had been booked.
  4. We have had a Lido cabana on the NA 3 times and enjoy having a dedicated space for us by the pool. I do not find it very crowded on that side. If you want privacy, there are curtains you can close. There is a double lounger, table and 2 chairs in the cabana, as well as a steward that is just for the cabanas. He/she will get your drinks and actually bring you food to the cabana. Bottled water and a fruit bowl are set up every morning and sparkling wine and fruit are brought every afternoon. We do tip the steward separately at the end of the cruise. Sorry, we have never had the outdoor cabanas.
  5. We have taken this cruise on the Koningsdam and it real does not matter, sometime you dock port, sometimes starboard, and you won’t see much coastline as you travel. We were portside.
  6. Yes, on the 11th floor, forward elevators. I have never had more than one or two people ahead of me. You can also get a latte in the dining room during meal times.
  7. Actually I do! All the paperwork from landing at Pier 21 and our tickets. My parents saved it all.
  8. Hum, wonder if I should try to get credit from my 1961 sailing on the Ryndam? It was a transatlantic!
  9. North America is home to more than the US. In other parts of North America you can walk the beaches topless. Mexican beaches are open and not just for adults only. Here in Ontario, Canada, a woman can walk down the middle of the street topless if she so chooses, as well as at the beach.
  10. When we were on an 18 day cruse on the Koningsdam, there was no sound on during the day when the screen showed nature pics. The movies were only shown in the evening, once the pool closed. That was when the chairs were set up facing the screen with head rests. We were never Promenade deck chair sitters so the narrow deck did not bother me. We were still able to walk all the way around. The added features on that ship is what has us on the Nieuw Statendam next year.
  11. Although the U.S. requires Canadians to have a passport to enter the States, Canada does not require Americans to provide a passport to enter Canada. That being said, it may be a HAL rule. I would call HAL.
  12. At the Grand Dutch Cafe there is only a charge for beverages, so no charge for pastries and goodies.
  13. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam in February and July. We had 2 different cabin, on both sides and on two different decks, with family members in other cabins. We also had a Lido Cabana we spent a lot of time in. We were also on her in November 2016. We have never felt any vibrations while on the ship.
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