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  1. Thanks John. I posted it on the roll call room bulletin board.
  2. BINGO!! Glad to see you and some others were able to see how my post was intended. Some people "get it" and others never will. Safe travels to all.........
  3. 'We want refund!' Angry cruise passengers protest skipped ports https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/norwegian-spirit-cruise-ship-passenger-protest/index.html
  4. I know who pays. YOU DO!
  5. The bug shall live forever!!!!!! Next time try this πŸ”¨
  6. I agree, no audible alert πŸ”‡ but a VIBRATION would be nice.
  7. To clean the TV remote, just fill the bathroom sink up with really hot water and soak the remote for an hour. Works every time😁
  8. The decision is a collateral duty of the upgrade fairy.
  9. What concerned me was that you, in your first post, spoke of being able to adjust the Nest thermostat when you got off the plane to cool your house before you got home. That would not be possible if the internet at home was down.
  10. You need better geek friends. Will a Nest thermostat work without Internet? Yes, the Nest can be installed and work without Internet. It misses out on remote control, and other integrations, but it will still work as an algorithmically learningthermostat. So, yes it will still work, but you will not be able to change the settings via the cell phone app if the internet is down at your house.
  11. If your avatar is recent, you don't look old enough to have been married 50 years. Big time CONGRATS to you both. We just had our 30th, and I thought that was a big deal!
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