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  1. Nope, Ovation of the Seas. I just looked back at my invoice.
  2. Have you forgotten that when the Ovation of the Seas first came into the fleet they started with a Global Odyssey. We were fortunate enough to sail on two segments from Barcelona to Dubai and then Dubai through the Suez Canal and finally ending in Singapore. that was a total of 45 days, all of the segments were a minimum of 16 days and up from there. This was not billed as a World cruise but did cover the globe. This was in 2016 and I thought at that time the pricing was very good. Of course, the Ovation is a bit larger than the Serenade.
  3. We just got off the Ovation, cabin 3242 no noise from the casino, main dinin rooms and no people walking by, there is/are walls separating the cabins from the main passages. Also close to the elevator and no noise from that either.
  4. Hello, does anyone have pictures or information on the Category 2N Accessible Ocean View Staterooms on Deck 3 of the Quantum Class RCL ships. Looking for pictures and info, our cabin is 3242. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, has anyone stayed in a Category 2N handicapped cabin, Eck 3 Ovation of the Seas? Looking for pictures or a description if possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hubby and I were fortunate to spend 30 days on Ovation when she was brand new we did the Barcelona to Singapore cruise. At that time Raven O was Spectra in Spectra's Cabaret and the show seemed as though it was made for him, he was fabulous! We loved the show and saw it almost everytime it played during the 30 days! Now, having said that, I am not sure that just anyone could fill Raven's shoes, he is a classic Cabaret entertainer in real life and was, as he should have been, the Star of the show. We will be on Ovation in August and then I will be able to make a comparison of then and now.
  7. Hello all, we are taking the Ovation of the Seas on an Alaskan Cruise, round trip from Seattle in August of this year. Does anyone know if they offer the Luggage Valet Service for Delta Airlines flights? Thanks in advance.
  8. Well, they maybe changing the areas it will be sailing to………….I hope they are not moving it from the West Coast, and if so I hope it is replaced! I do know that Celebrity is moving Solstice fron porting in LA to Seattle for 2024. I guess Mexico was not a good move for them
  9. Hello, just returned from my Solstice Mexico Cruise and I did the Hot Class Glass. If you are on the fence, book it, you will be so happy you did. Mitchell was my instructor and was so pleasant and helpful. I love my project and it is a memory I will always cherish. Make sure to make your reservations online as the sessions do book up quickly and if you wait until you are onboard they may all be taken.
  10. Thank you, I think I will get one of these and give it a go. I am glad to have your "first hand user" report! Wish me luck and Thanks again.
  11. Actually, I was looking for some advice for transferring photos from my I phone 10 to an external hard drive.
  12. Hello, Does the Solstice have an Apple Store and if so, what deck is it on? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you, I appreciate your assistance.
  14. I reserved a spot on our Solstice Cruise for 4-8-2023. When and how are you notified of your assigned date and time for your session?
  15. We usually have a Concierge Class cabin but one was not available for our next cruise, however, we are Elite Captains Club members. I thought I saw something about Elite Members being able to attend the boarding day Concierge Class luncheon. Does anyone know for sure? We will be on the Solstice. Thanks in advance.
  16. Thank you so much, I was not sure but did not want to also order the Zero Proof Package if it was not necessary.
  17. I know this probably has been asked before but I am not finding the answer when I search. We have the "All Included" fare for our April Solstice cruise. Is bottled water and coke included in the package? Thanks in advance for your answers and patience.
  18. Following along as we are on this cruise as well, looking forward to it!
  19. Thank you all for your replies. We were on Ovation for 30 days when she was brand new, but do not care for Sushi. We are taking the Ovation to Alaska in August with 7 friends who do like sushi, hence the question. Thanks again.
  20. can you order Sushi along with the Hibachi? Thank you,
  21. Thank you both for yoour quick reply. Another question, do you know of a good hotel that is also close to Pier 91 and possibly has shuttle service to the Pier?
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