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  1. Two cruises. One March 14 and one may 1. Got fcc in April and just got all the other monies owed last week.
  2. Ok I thinkI can answer this as we are Canadian as well. We got notified about the refunds by PayPal. The refunds were every separate payment we made and are going back to the credit card used via PayPal. Anything paid in Canadian funds is going through as Canadian but my shore excursions, water and liquor I bought is being refunded in American funds as it was paid for in American funds. We also heard nothing from Princess about the refunds....only PayPal. I did know exactly what we were due and it was to the penny. The only thing is the port fees and taxes and my Princess travel agent is goin
  3. Just got notified of refunds coming through PayPal from Princess. My cruise was 14 days on March 14 on the Sky. We were cancelled 48 hours prior to boarding. Got all money for shore excursions, etc back. Got my cruise credits back in April.
  4. We were included in the set of cancellations that happened when Princess did it’s 60 day pause of operations. Our cruise was to be March 14. They cancelled on I think 12 or 13. So it’s a whole different circumstance..Since they cancelled all ships for 60 days it’s far more time to wait for refunds to the credit card now. I got my fcc. As for the charges on my cc...I consider it money spent as I would not have it (if we had of cruised that is) so when it comes it comes I guess lol.I will worry further if it goes over the 60 day period.
  5. Yes, this is correct. This is the latest info I got from my Princess rep as well. Thanks for posting this.
  6. They said to me 60 days. I’m really hoping. I have about 2500.00 tied up with three cancelled cruises with shore excursions, cash I put on our stateroom, etc. As soon as anybody gets a refund I hope they post it so we know there’s hope.
  7. I put them on some future cruises for obc. The only thing I am waiting for is my excursions and on board spending money I put on my account. I already got everything else sorted out but thanks.it seems to be one big mess.
  8. Not with me. I chose option 1 and the port Fees and taxes went into a holding account. I already requested them to be put for obc on next March cruises.
  9. I’m just posting info I found out in case people were wondering. It’s just info I was told by somebody I’ve been dealing with at Princess for years so I thought it would be useful. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I’m waiting for a sizeable refund as well.
  10. Future cruise credits are processed in order of the dates you put your request in. credit card refunds are processed according to sail date. They said allow 60 days from your SAIL date. So If your cruise was on March 14, expect the refund around May 15. The FCC,s and the credit card refunds are processed by two different departments. This is why some of us are getting fcc and no cc refund yet. the Tex and port fees are a separate refund that will be on your account that Princess can see. Those can be used as on-board credit. Even if you had a previous cruise booked, you can use t
  11. I think that was there from before. However, the page we filled out to apply for the cancelled cruise credits (where we chose option 1 or 2) mentions nothing about this. The gal on the phone when I called Princess said due to circumstances they are letting people use the fcc on existing cruises booked. I don’t think they have quite caught up with all that is happening..
  12. I use a cruise planner through Princess so I already got a casino discount so my bookings are fixed price wise. This is why I wanted to apply ny credits to the ones I’ve booked already. I was happy with that.
  13. You have two years to use the fcc. The date you have to use them by will be listed beside the fcc in your personalizer.
  14. The FCC we received for the cancelled cruises can only be used for cruises and not obc. This is my understanding anyway. We had some obc already with the cruises we had booked and a shareholder credit we will get so I’m happy to pay the cruise fares off we have. What we got from 18 cancelled cruise days paid for 32 cruise days so it’s all good.
  15. I called Princess about this and it’s sort of a computer glitch. Usually you cannot use fcc towards an existing booking but due to the circumstances they are letting people use them now. It just takes a change of booking dates. I had three cruises booked and I can pay them off with the fcc I just got . It just has to be done through a Princess rep on the phone. So Princess is doing better than a lot of companies
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