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  1. I am not surprised that Canada has set the end of October as the cutoff date. That pretty well takes out all cruising into/out of Canada for this year. St Thomas has announced that they will open up for cruise ships June 1. Difference is that Canada does not need cruise ships while St Thomas is dependent on them. So now the question becomes are other Caribbean ports going to open up so that cruising in the Caribbean can commence. Carnival is trying to start cruising again with 8 ships out of Galveston/Miami/Port Canaveral. Time will tell if they are successful. I would like to see them test the waters so to speak.
  2. I have had EZair flights paid for in advance including one where I changed the flights. No problem since EZair allows changes up to 45 days prior.
  3. Just receive an email from Princess notifying us that the August CB cruise has been canceled. They are offering a FCC equal to twice our deposit on this canceled cruise to be used by May 1, 2022. Since we used two FCD (total $200) we will take the $400 FCC. I sure hope we get to cruise again next year.
  4. We were on the CB cruise to Greenland but not any more. Just checked our personalizer page for the cruise and nothing has changed. I suppose some day we will get an official notice that our cruise has been canceled. At this point all we had was a FCD ($100 each) down so expect it to go back into the unused category. Someday we might make it to Greenland (I hope).
  5. Sorry to hear your cruise ended so abruptly. We were scheduled to be on the Ruby on 4/4 in Sydney for a cruise back to San Pedro. We were within days of boarding an airplane to go to Sydney when they canceled the cruise but no surprise. We have been reading about the Pacific Princess and your posts. Take care and be safe. Terry & Debi
  6. They have moved crew who no longer have duties to pax cabins to help with the distancing required by the pandemic. Since they are not working, they can wear whatever they want. Princess has been consolidating crew according to their country of origin and taking them home.
  7. Looks like HAL is looking for some hard cash right now. I don't know of any similar offer from Princess right now but maybe in the future.
  8. I could not imagine Princess leaving all 70+ on shore as they are a significant presence on most cruises particularly the longer ones. They would be leaving a large amount of revenue. My doctor told me a few years ago that 70 is the new 60 due to better nutrition and living standards.
  9. Not to rain on your parade (and ours) Dr Fausi et al are saying that a second wave bigger then the one now is coming this fall/winter. I hope they are wrong but since they are in the pandemic business, I fear they well may be correct meaning no cruises until 2021. 😞
  10. When we bring our DS and his family with us on a cruise, we book the two cabins one in my name and one in DW's name. That way if he cannot come the other DS could take his place. We just go to GS and get the sea passes changed (DS and DW switch cabins). We do it soon after boarding. We pay for both cabins of course.
  11. Stock market is down today possibly due to unemployment figures. CCL closed at $15.90 down $0.79 or 4.73% from yesterday. Still a great buy if you bought at $8.
  12. Normally you would not get the deposit back but these are not normal times. Therefore you would have to contact Princess to see what their policy is today and could change tomorrow. The cruise industry is in a state of flux with no one really knowing when they are going to offer cruises in the future.
  13. I have seen it offered on cruises where they use the sport court up on top deck. Since it seems to be offered only on sea days there will always be a stiff wind (the ship is most likely moving at 18 or more knots). That makes it difficult to play I believe. Some day I will have to make the effort to go see who actually shows up.
  14. A lot of speculation about who can and cannot cruise in the future. I will wait until the ships actually start cruising and then read the medical requirements. I would think that Princess is well aware of who their base is and would not want to impact their bottom line. They are under pressure from the CDC and others here in the US as well as WHO requirements and foreign government requirements to use their ports. So now we just set back and wait. I have a medical doctor appointment coming up (if the stay at home is lifted) and intend to ask him about the form that RCL is using. My guess is that he will refuse to sign it.
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