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  1. OM accessories were sold at a desk near the photo lab. I chose to simply put it in my pocket where I used to keep my cruise card. No problem and it worked great in unlocking my cabin door every time.
  2. It all boils down to the law of supply and demand. When the demand is high (Alaska) and the supply is low (getting into Glacier Bay is very hard) the price goes up. The Caribbean is the other way around in that there are many many ports and itineraries with dozens of ships competing with each other so the supply is plentiful and the price goes down. Princess like all companies price their cruises so that they can make money. Princess is as it always has making a very handsome profit on AK cruises.
  3. In all our Princess cruises I have never seen them give out water when exiting the ship in a port. As others have said they are quite happy to sell you some at the gangplank. We order water before the ship sails to be delivered to our stateroom and use it to take water off the ship. You can also bring a container, fill it up on the ship and take it off with you.
  4. So far we have asked for a table for 2 and received them. When Princess announced the new TD times we went to 2cd TD and in November we again received a table for 2. Due to my hearing loss I simply cannot hear even with the hearing aids so I would reject a larger table. We eat lunch in the MDR on sea days and will agree reluctantly to a table for 6. Luckily the DW can hear but has to keep telling me what they said at the table. I have been taken to a larger table at lunch and I refused. They have always seated us at a smaller table.
  5. We almost never eat dessert when dinning out here at home. Occasionally we will have an apple or cherry cobbler at home and when it is hot have vanilla ice cream. On the ship we like the creme brulee as well as any dessert with apples in it. Last cruise we ate one time in Steamers/Planks and passed on the key lime pie. Their ice cream served in the MDR can be really good depending on what flavors are being offered each night.
  6. The grounding of the 737 Max 8 aircraft has created a huge problem to any airline that uses those planes. I can see Air Canada trying to pass the ball to Princess and Princess trying to pass the ball back to Air Canada with the OP in the middle. One possible suggestion is to cancel the flight and book another one not on Air Canada! With the grounding of these aircraft that puts the pressure on the remaining aircraft where they have sold more seats than they can deliver and are taking care of their direct customers first. The OP really needs to lean on EZair to resolve the problem.
  7. Sadly happy hour as we knew it is gone forever. I really do not see anything in the near future to replace it.
  8. We were on the CB last November. All we received in the room were invites, the patter and any special notices. We were not deluged in junk flyers. Everything was either left on the bed or small table. Before the cruise we went to a business supply store and bought a folder with magnets. We put it on the door and it was never used. Not all of the patter is online for our smart phones so we did end up reading it at night before bedtime. Also at every port stop we received the usual map of approved shops (jewelry) and a map and short synopsis of the port as per usual.
  9. We booked on the CB cruise to Greenland as soon as it was announced last year. We have sailed on the QC to NYC cruise a few years ago and did a west bound TA from the UK visiting three ports in Iceland in 2016. We wanted to visit Greenland and have little interest in revisiting the Maritime provinces right now. It sounds like we may be on the last sailing to Greenland on Princess. There is a roll call for the 2020 sailing.
  10. We were on the 14 day CB sailing in November and we had the OM as well as a cruise card. The OM opened the room, used to purchase things onboard and when leaving and returning to the ship. They had not yet turned on the ordering from your seat/table yet. I really liked what the OM would provide particularly unlocking the cabin when I approached and the ease to leave and return to the ship instead of using the cruise card which one still could do. We liked the WFM layout as it was not nearly as crowded as the older concept and did like the choices but only ate there at lunch. We did Steamers for lunch as they had a mongolian grill several times. We did Steamers one night ($12) and found the seafood to be good and we love seafood. One can order from Steamers at night and your companion can order from Planks. Anyone who complains the food served at buffets is not hot enough needs to realize the food is set out and usually sets there for some time cooling. We had a cabin just beyond the aft elevator bank and had no problems with the cabin. We have been in that cabin on prior CB cruises. We had 2nd TD seating in the aft dining room and had great waiters per usual. The internet access was fantastic such that I only used my elite minutes and did not have to buy additional time. I was measuring over 100 mbps up and down similar to what I have at home. We liked the cruise on the CB enough that we are scheduled again on the CB next year.
  11. Club class dining is a perk for a select set of minisuites in the mid section of deck 9 and all suites. It is a section of the MDR on deck 6 mid set aside for their use and pax enter in the starboard side door rather than the traditional port side door. It is open seating and they promise little or no wait. Most tables are 2 tops. There is one additional entree offered each night to club class pax plus the maitre'd always prepares something special in the area. There are other perks but if you are elite they are already available. The waiters quickly remember your name and what you like to eat etc. All this for $$$ of course.
  12. We will be on the Sapphire in a few months so thanks for the information. I had seen that the ship had an Alfredo's and had assumed it was like the Alfredo's on the Royal and Regal but now understand it is not. We did several cruises on the Island and occasionally on sea days they would open the Sabatini's for lunch serving only personal size pizza. It sounds like the Sapphire has the same menu. We usually go to the MDR for lunch on embarkation day as it is much quieter and a whole lot better than the lido deck offerings.
  13. When we did the partial transit, we tendered to a nearby small dock after entering Gatun Lake where we boarded a vista train car and went to PC. While the train did indeed follow the canal most of the time we were not able to see the canal. In PC we transferred to a tour bus that took us to several locations including the Miraflor locks where we were able to watch the locks from a balcony. It was in a tourist oriented building with a small cafeteria. We returned to the train back to the terminal we had left earlier and then a bus to the ship which had moved out into the Caribbean. It was really a nice day. At dinner that night (2nd TD) a couple was late in joining us as they had just got off the canal boat tour. Their boat had to follow a cargo ship through the canal both ways! The Island Princess left port that night right after they boarded as the ship had waited well over an hour for their return. They were not all that happy and I have heard on here other cases where the ferry through the canal was a bad idea. BTW the train excursion usually sells out long before the cruise so don't wait if you want to do it.
  14. Yes I check the US State Department advisories for any port we visit. While I have not changed a cruise because of the advisories, I have seriously curtailed my adventures in that port or in some cases simply stayed onboard the ship. Last cruise I went to Port-of-Spain and elected to take a ship excursion that was predominately on a tour bus which turned out to be a smaller bus. The guide warned us not to stray from the group when we were off the bus. I know that many simply stayed on the ship. I will continue to read advisories and curtail my activities in certain ports.
  15. The board has to approve this every year. I can imagine the screaming and whining if they ever decide not to approve the SOBC. Actually it can be a great benefit to Carnival to have all these small investors which may scare off any take over attempts. I have no idea what percentage of all the stock that pax now hold. It is a great benefit to all of us cruisers on CCL cruise lines.
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