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  1. I am a retired IT type and certainly knew what an IDtenT was along with the familiar RTFM. I like the PICNIC but find the PEBKAC to the point but hard to remember. Although we usually book minis but not CC, I have never seen the STEC used. My guess is mini or suite club class. The phrase minisuite is a misnomer since it is simply a larger balcony cabin with a bathroom with tub/shower. No more shower curtain stuck to the posterior. At least they left the barrel chair (for now).
  2. We took our DGD and her parents on a RCCL ship when she was 4. She loved the youth program and several times wanted to go to "school" which she called the program. Since it was early December before the holidays, there were not a lot of kids aboard. When she was 6 we took her and her parents on the Royal Princess in February and she did not like it as well. Most times she refused to go to the youth program and mostly stayed with us. We have cruised on all three cruise lines and are planning to take her with us next year most likely on the Carnival Vista to see how she likes it. A lot mor
  3. I emailed request for 3 cruises in 2022 and one in 2023. I checked two days later last week and the credits were posted. I like email much better than fax which I did not totally trust and therefore snail mailed the requests in prior years. I am glad they finally agreed to accept email requests.
  4. Some vaccinated people do get the virus as it is 90+% effective meaning there is room to get infected which has been already found to be true. nationalinterest.org/blog/coronavirus/cdc-fewer-6000-fully-vaccinated-americans-have-contracted-coronavirus-183276 https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210417/The-shock-and-reality-of-catching-Covid-after-being-vaccinated.aspx https://abc7news.com/sonoma-county-california-covid-testing-vaccine/10513618/ There are other websites reporting vaccinated people being infected by the virus.
  5. I have wondered many times why Princess stays with number of cruises when most if not all the other lines went to days cruised. It makes more sense to do it based on days cruised and hopefully Princess will see the light and change. Also I could see a level above elite which seems to have become very bloated. No matter what there will be complaints and people moving to other cruise lines.
  6. Even though we did get the vaccination several months ago, we are seriously considering canceling the cruises with RCL. Do not want to be on any ship that bows to every tinhorn governor.
  7. I am also out of FCDs and my first purchase on board will be at least 2 FCDs for each of us. I have not been on a fully ready OM as yet. We were on the CB when it first was introduced but a lot of the functionality (ordering drinks etc) was yet to be implemented. Nice though walking up to the cabin door and having it unlock. Sure miss the loud bing when leaving and arriving at the ship door and putting my card in the slot.
  8. When you book onboard they give you some OBC depending on the length of the cruise. A 7 day cruise for example will get you $50 in OBC for each person booked. It can go up to $250 for the longer cruises (16+ days). The other advantage is that you can reserve the cruise with a $100/pax payment instead of the usual $500 or so. You can also buy a FCD (future cruise deposit) while on board for each pax and use it at your leisure sometime in the next two years to book a cruise getting the same benefits as booking on board. The $100 is refundable if you don't use it within two years. Many of u
  9. It has been awhile since I have seen the show. Perhaps 2018 is the last time I saw it.
  10. Princess does not know the answer to the OP's question so they are not able to respond right now. I imagine we will not know until after they start cruising again and the CDC settles on one answer. Then there is the problem with the FL government that keeps wanting to be the spoiler while encouraging the ships to return.
  11. The whole pandemic and CDC response are fluid as this is unmarked territory. Things are changing daily and the best solution is to simply stand by for the latest pronouncement. If it comes down to it, it will be an interesting court battle in federal court between the state of FL and the CDC et al. My money is on the CDC in this fight. FL can talk big but they are most likely on the losing end. BTW NCL and RCCL have announced that only vaccinated pax will be allowed on board (95%).
  12. It was my understanding that only one ship would be Princess Cay at a time which is all it can handle. I seriously doubt that Carnival and Princess has violated this rule. Check the itinerary for the two ships, one on Princess and the other one on Carnival. I would not trust any source other than the Princess and Carnival websites and itinerary.
  13. Carnival Corp allows their individual cruise lines to operate independently up to a point. They still get direction from the head office in more than financial matters. I am vaccinated but do not want to be confined to my stateroom due to some ignorant adult who refused to get a vaccination and is now spreading the virus on the ship. I sincerely hope that Princess and the other Carnival Corp cruise lines require the COVID vaccination before being allowed to board the ship. Duffy is president of Carnival Cruise Line. Arnold Donald is president of Carnival Corp and Duffy's hig
  14. I see we are getting back to normal with silly clothes posts. Now if the ships would just get back and start to sail with live pax.
  15. I have been a bit gun shy with all the cancelations and have not requested my upcoming Carnival cruises. I need to get the information together and request them now that the likelihood of the ships actually sailing, It is going to be fun finally able to plan a cruising vacation.
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