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  1. satxdiver


    The stock owners OBC is awarded one per stateroom and has to be requested for each cruise. If both in the stateroom own CCL stock, only one can get the OBC unless the two pax are not related and just traveling together. The veterans OBC is for each veteran so if both in the stateroom are veterans then both get the OBC and is automatic once you provide your DD214 the first time.
  2. satxdiver

    Dismbarkation Checklist

    I check our folio several times a day. Now that I can bring it up on my cell phone, it is so much easier to watch it. I recommend that everyone check it at least daily to see what you have spent so far.
  3. satxdiver

    Sail Away Traditions

    We always board early in time for lunch in the MDR. For sailaway we have a bottle of wine ordered and some munchies from the HC that we enjoy on our balcony as the ship heads out to open water. It is nice to relax, put our feet up and enjoy the solitude while thinking about the carefree days at sea ahead.
  4. satxdiver

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    We were on the CB for two week cruise last month. Our late TD was moved to 7:45. The PES cocktail time was the normal 5:00 to 7:00. They did have theater shows starting at 6:45 PM for the late TD pax. I wonder what they are eventually going to settle on for dinner in the MDR.
  5. satxdiver

    Loss of Internet Rollover Benefit on B2B Cruises?

    We have been on several B2B cruises on Princess and have always had the internet minutes carry over to the new cruise. That of course was on the same ship and cabin. Our folio also carried over. When the first cruise internet allotment was used, we had to resign into the internet to use the second allotment of time.
  6. satxdiver

    Princes gratuities

    Once you board your folio will have charges on it for excursions and credits for money paid in advance and OBC. It works very simply. They treat all payments and OBC as positive additions and all charges as negative additions to the folio. At the end of the cruise your balance will either be positive causing money returned if it is refundable (most OBC is not refundable) or if negative would require more money from you. It is a simple balance sheet with no difference in either side. Princess does use non-refundable OBC first and refundable second.
  7. satxdiver

    Formal Nights on the Regal

    They do not have formal nights on the last night because pax have to have their luggage outside of the cabin to be picked up during dinner time. Look at your itinerary and look for a port call that is towards the end of the cruise where the ship leaves port early and that will be the formal night. When you board the ship a Pater will be waiting on your cabin desk and it will list the formal nights. Alternative is to go to the specialty restaurant soon after boarding and they will know when formal nights are and you can then make a reservation. Even though the lights will be out in the restaurant there usually is someone there you can talk to about reservations. This is one of my most important tasks once we board the ship.
  8. satxdiver

    You Better Tip at Port Everglades - Or Else!

    We were just at PE last month and did not have a problem as always. The porter was friendly and helpful. We gave him $5 for two bags per usual. We do have heavy plastic holders for our luggage tags which is attached to the luggage with a heavy metal wire so it would be hard to destroy it casually. Reading all these complaints is real eye opening as we have never seen it.
  9. satxdiver

    Panama Canal Excursions

    Some years ago on the Island we did the partial PC and took the train to Panama City. It was great but the train filled up months before the cruise so if you want to do it, reserve early. The ship entered the set of three locks early around 6 AM. They had ship photography people on the shore and took pictures of pax on their balcony as the ship made its way through the three locks. We were encouraged to made signs our of poster board to display on our balcony. After the ship entered Gatun Lake, it went to the port side and started letting pax who had ship excursions leave the ship in the tenders to an old dock where busses were waiting. In our case to take us to the train terminal. While we were gone the ship returned through the locks and we met it on the other side where on return to the train terminal the busses took us to the ship.
  10. satxdiver

    Cruising to Alaska in early June vs mid August

    We did our first NB AK cruise the end of May first of June and then spent time in AK on a self directed land trip. The largest problem we ran into was the season was just starting and a lot of places were either not open or just opening and had inexperienced staff. I have been to AK on land trips in July which worked out well. We have done AK cruises in August and September. The August cruise worked out fairly well but had a lot of kids aboard for a Princess cruise (not like a carnival cruise with thousands). The September cruise was at the end of the season and places were starting to close down for the season.
  11. satxdiver

    Broken Flag Rope on the CB

    Let's not get carried away here. a licensed engineer
  12. satxdiver


    We prefer lunch in the MDR. It is seating as available. When you arrive at the MDR door the hostess will ask if you want to share a table or have one just for your party. We do both depending on how we feel. There will only be one MDR open for lunch which normally is noon to 1:30 PM so check your daily Patter for location and time. As already stated the MDR is not open for lunch on port days. One MDR is open for breakfast on all days with the time depending on if it is a port day or a sea day.
  13. satxdiver

    Time to get to port

    We try to arrive at the cruise terminal around 11 AM plus/minus 15 minutes. We also like to board the ship as soon as possible and get the vacation started.
  14. satxdiver

    Live music onboard

    Entertainment changes by the day or week. We were on the CB in November. On the cruise we had two comedians one who arrived, did their gig and then left the ship for the next comedian. The guitar player who was quite good left the ship after several months to go home when we left the ship. The band which we have seen before was leaving after the next and current cruise. The singers and dancers also left the ship when we did and had been on the ship for 10 months. The entertainment changes by cruises.
  15. There is no difference in price whether you buy it before cruising or on the day you board the ship. I have sailed out of CA, TX and FL and never had tax added to the price of the package. However when I tried to use it to get a soda from a bar while still in port (TX) they wanted to change a tax for that drink (about 10 cents or so) which I declined. That was after they had the drink in their hand. I was told that in port or TX coastal waters they had to charge and individual tax per drink. I just waited until we were in international waters as it was a personal issue.