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  1. satxdiver

    Super Bowl on the Crown Princess?

    They also may show it in the theater. Last time we were on a ship for SB they showed the game on MUTS and the theater. They set up several tables near MUTS with finger food for us. We had a lot of fun as we were neutral but fans from both sides were in attendance and provided a lot of fun watching their antics.
  2. satxdiver

    Ruby Oct. 2018 drydock

    We received the same email from Princess regarding the changes to the Ruby even though we are not booked on the ship as yet. Appears that all of us will get the email. Question then is what is being changed on the Ruby configuration. I suppose more information will be posted on here in the future.
  3. satxdiver


    Yes. Platinum/elite pax get 150 or 250 minutes each depending on the length of the cruise.
  4. satxdiver

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    It is my understanding that reserving a table in ATD is at the discretion of the maitre'd. I know in the past when we did ATD, we were told the earliest to reserve a table in ATD MDR was 7:30 pm. We also have been told no reservations. We were on several South American cruises with natives from that part of the world. We found out they eat late like after 8:00 PM. The usual lines to get in the ATD MDR earlier like 5:00 PM did not exist but the lines at 8:30 PM were long.
  5. satxdiver

    Anytime dining reservation question

    Reserving ATD tables is up to the maitre'd and varies by ship.
  6. satxdiver

    Princess’ new (?) alcohol policy

    You can order alcohol from room service. The vodka will be in a 375 ml bottle. Some beers can be bought in a bucket of 5 for the price of 4. There is a limited number of beer varieties available through room service and you may want to get your beer from a bar. Not all bars carry the same kinds of beer so you may want to look around.
  7. satxdiver

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    We have gone back to TD for the last several years because we like the fixed time, table and waiters. I have noticed though that a lot of tables are empty each night some never had anyone there while others had pax that come and go over the cruise. They are eating their dinner meal somewhere else and that place may well be ATD. I wonder how many do have TD and use ATD at their convenience. We moved our 6 PM (actually 5:30 or 5:45) to 7:45 after learning about the new times. I wonder if the 7:45 will slip like the earlier ones to 7:30?
  8. satxdiver

    On the Caribbean Princes......

    Following your review of the CB. We will be boarding the CB three weeks from tomorrow.
  9. satxdiver

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    23 days until we board the CB and 239 days until we board the Sapphire
  10. satxdiver

    CB internet

    Great report Eagle_and_hawk. We will be boarding the CB in three weeks plus a few days. The internet speed that you are seeing is better than what we have at home so no more waiting for a page to come up or be sent. Our 250 minutes will last a lot longer. We have an open mind on the changes to the ship so it will be nice to experience them to form our opinions. We do like going to Sabatini's and the new menu should prove interesting. The old HC format really needed to be changed more like the royal class ships but remodeling space was limited so it will be nice to see what they have done.
  11. satxdiver

    Cruise Certificates

    If you do not use the FCD in two years, Princess will refund the money. I have heard that you can request a short extension but I use my FCDs long before the two year life.
  12. satxdiver


    On out shore excursion a group of us went with Overlord Tours which was a bit cheaper than the ship's tour and not nearly as crowded. We would do it again in a heart beat. We went to Omaha Beach, the American cemetery and a WWII museum. It was nice not having to deal with a large group and the guide was quite knowledgeable.
  13. satxdiver

    Shareholder request form

    I have never used the form. I just send them the required information on plain paper and the stock report from my broker. I have never had a problem.
  14. satxdiver

    CB internet

    We board the CB next month and was looking forward to the unlimited internet. However we have always been able to live within the 150 or 250 minute perk so not much will have changed. With the faster internet our internet minutes may last longer.
  15. satxdiver

    Are jackets really required for men?

    I asked the maitre'd one time and he said that women can wear about anything. I have seen a number of women on formal night in a black pants and a top with some sparkles glued on and flip flops again with some decoration. So when will women start following the rules.