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  1. The Ruby Princess will become Princess MedallionClass on January 27, 2020. When is the OP sailing on the Ruby?
  2. Thanks for the pictures. We will be on the Enchanted in 2121. We have several Princess cruise before then to occupy our time before we board the Enchanted in Barcelona.
  3. I have had incorrect charges in the past but not very often. The PSD has always taken care of it but sometimes some investigation is required. I have had similar problems on other cruise lines some of whom like to argue. Years ago I was on a RCL ship and was charged for a trip to the salon. The PSD wanted to argue with me but I pointed out that what little hair I had left was kept very short so then they said it was my partner who did it. Finally they relented and removed the charge. I have been on one OM ship so far and did have to contest a charge which the PSD removed. Now that we have our folios on our cell phone via Princess@Sea or the newer OceanReady, I check my folio about every few hours and after every purchase. Quick to do and I can find any extra charges almost immediately. This is a lot easier than having to print out my folio every day. Moral is to watch your folio all the time and not at the end of the cruise.
  4. Always go to the airline webpage after booking on EZair to check on the flight details, select seats if available and leave your contact information so they can contact you in case of changes to the flight plan.
  5. We had a balcony state room on the Sapphire in June and the room did not have a barrel chair. All we had was the desk chair and two people cannot sit in the same chair at the same time. I solved the problem by bringing in one of the balcony chairs which is larger and takes up more room. We were on the Baltic and Norway cruises so it was colder outside and sitting on the balcony was not very appealing.
  6. The point being that the OP had to pay for two to get a cabin by alone and felt that since the OP paid for two, one should be able to bring two bottles of wine without a corkage fee. I agree.
  7. Very sadly HH has been eliminated. They promised a substitute but we are all still waiting.
  8. Non-formal nights jeans are allowed which is what I usually wear with a collared shirt usually a polo shirt. Similar for females. I have been on many Princess cruises and have never worn a suit on formal nights. Dockers and a collared shirt will suffice for men. Women wear black pants and a sparkly top (their words). I would encourage you to rethink not going to the MDR on formal nights. I have never felt out of place in the MDR.
  9. Doing that should confuse the situation even more. Princess is notorious for giving out erroneous information. The wine policy seem to vary by ship and who is or is not sitting behind the alcohol desk either at initial boarding or returning to the ship. To the OP, bring two bottles of wine and be prepared to pay the $15 if they ask. The upside to this is that the bottle with the corking fee paid can be taken to the MDR or any place else on the ship while the first bottle without the corking fee is supposed to be consumed only in your cabin. I do agree however that if you pay for two to get a cabin, you should be able to bring that extra bottle on.
  10. Elite laundry is unlimited. So far the last few years our laundry has been returned 72 hours later. We send out laundry every 2 or 3 days. Taking a picture of your laundry is a good idea and so far they have only lost a printed tshirt (from my alma mater ). They are hard on zippers as they have returned pants twice with the zipper pull missing. Ever try to close a zipper with the pull missing? The laundry is done in very hot water so be aware that some items you may want to think about sending. My only complaint is that they insist on ironing my jeans which I do not like. My partner views free laundry as a big plus and was looking forward to it as we neared elite status. We usually go on cruises that are 10 to 28 days long so laundry is a must.
  11. Europe 2021 booking opens at 9:00 AM PDT today for elite. I have in mind what we want to book and have the FCDs ready so now I wait.
  12. We are both light complected and have problems with being in the sun too much. On the CB lido deck along the sides under the sun deck above are tables and 4 chairs in both pool areas plus at the forward area of the main pool where the pizzeria and grill there are tables under the sun deck. We have always been able to find a table to sit at. There are several tables in the aft by the pool and bar also under the above deck. For nightly entertainment CB has the Wheelhouse bar with usually a two person group singing soft rock to jazz, the piano bar, Explorer's Lounge with a rock band, Club Fusion with various music and the piazza with different entertainment during the day and at night. Later at night (10 PM on) is the disco at Skywalkers which is a venue on the upper deck aft with an excellent 180 degree view of the sea with plenty of comfortable seating both near the disco and away where one could carry on a conversation. I love to go there and just watch the sea and ship wake. The theater at night can be crowded (most of the time) for the first show requiring one to be there one half hour early. The second show is generally not that crowded but later usually 10 PM or so. One popular show in explorer lounge is the marriage show fashioned somewhat over the TV series. Dress on the ship is casual. Swim suits are not allowed in the buffet (HC) or MDR. Shorts, pants, dresses etc are all allowed all over the ship. MDR at night requires pants/jeans and a shirt for men and something similar for women. On a 7 day cruise there are two "formal" nights where men have to at least wear pants (not jeans but dockers will work) and a button shirt with collar. Women can wear dark pants and a top. Pax will be wearing suits with/without a tie, sport coats or simply a tie without the coat. Women will be wearing longer dresses, cocktail dresses or pant suites. Don't avoid the MDR on "formal" night just because you do not want to wear formal.
  13. I have seen it listed in the Patter a get-together for the 18-21 group. Pax in that age group or even younger ones who want to hang out with the older group will manage to meet each other on the ship. All the OP will have to do is be in public areas more appealing to that age group (hanging out in the IC drinking coffee with the senior group is probably not the place to be). It is not quite the same of course but we took our 11 y/o GD on an AK cruise last year. It was not the first time for her to go with us but in the past cruises she liked to go to the age appropriate kids club. Not this time she turned it down after the first visit. It certainly did not stop her from socializing with her age group. I was not surprised to read about the 16/17 age kids that did not like the club and prefered to hang out on their own. The ship knows the age of all the pax as it is on their documents they have to submit to board the ship and satisfy international law. One cannot simply "change their age".
  14. We are sailing on the Star to HI this November. We did the club class last year when I managed to snag a deal that was a few hundred over our mini in the aft section. It was online only over a weekend which has led some to believe it was a mistake in pricing. Several of my fellow pax managed to score the deal. With that then the club class is simply a section of the mid deck 6 MDR with a separate entrance. Tables have grey table cloths to signify the area. Service is better as the waiters have less tables to attend to but the menu is the same as the regular pax in the MDR. What they do is offer one special main course and sometimes one special dessert from what the regular pax are offered. We are elite so the other perks that come with the club class are included in our elite perks so nothing gained there. In short is not in our best interests to pay the extra fee. When they first offered ATD we jumped on it but after a few years decided that TD was actually the best for us. We had TD back when that was the only choice and enjoy having the same waiters, table, MDR and set time. The waiter quickly learns our likes and dislikes and is quite friendly since we get to know about them. We have been on the Star before so nothing new there but this is our first voyage to HI. We have been by air to HI before and spent time on three of the islands. Kauai will be new to us. I sometimes post while on board and may this time as well given the large number of sea days which both of us really enjoy.
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