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  1. Appears as though the credit we received for the two cruises canceled this year and applied to the two we had reserved for 2021 is about to be recycled to 2022. It is my hope that someday in the future we will be able to sail again on a Princess (or other cruise line) cruise.
  2. Amazon to the rescue from higher ship prices!
  3. Other countries even Canada is having a much less infection rate than the USA for the simple reason that their citizens follow health rules. Until we do here in this country we will continue to have high rates of infection and be denied entry in other countries even our neighbor to the north. Sad but true.
  4. So now we wait again until the CDC changes their rules.
  5. Just checked both the military cruise program which listed me as verified and the Captains Circle Savings Account which has me approved through 12/31/99. It lists my veterans OBC earned date at 9/6/2011. I was one of the first to apply for the benefit. Perhaps later pax who submitted their DD214 have a different outcome. I do know that the veterans OBC has been applied to all my cruises since that time including the one I have signed up for in spring 2022. A great big thankyou to Princess for doing this for the veterans.
  6. I have always been able to bring bottles of wine at various ports back on the ship. Sometimes they have the alcohol table set up and I had to pay the corking fee and other times no table so off to my cabin with wine in hand I went. Bottles of liquor (scotch, bourbon, etc) will be held until the last night of the cruise but again I have found the table not set up and took it to my cabin. Those bottles were left sealed and taken home with me.
  7. I was a scuba diver having dived in many world spots. So I took that name and appended it with our location when not sailing or diving. Due to age I no longer scuba dive anymore. 😟
  8. We have a cruise scheduled for 1/7/2021 and paid. Will it sail? I seriously doubt it right now so we will be getting the usual "refund" to be applied to a later cruise along with a bonus for holding our money for perhaps a year the way it looks.
  9. We are scheduled for a cruise on January 9. As long as masks, social distancing and real health checks are required we will feel moderately safe to sail. The three ports of call we have been to many times before and usually stay on the ship or leave the ship staying in the port area. Any requirement to only take cruise line tours is not an issue with us. The fun is sailing, watching the seas go by, sun rise and set and the ship options onboard.
  10. Getting out my Ouija Board and checking for the probability of a cruise occurring in 2021. Hmm, the board must be broken!
  11. We have completed several cruises out of Seattle and one north bound AK cruise out of Vancouver. We have never had a tender port and all three ports (Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway) have been visited. We did try to do Tracy Arm once and was not able to go all the way in due to the ice floating in the water (it was in September). Just looked at the options for 2021 and it appears they now use Endicott Arm located next to Tracy Arm. I have heard on here that some ports get overcrowded and some ships are required to tender.
  12. Never is such a nasty word. Perhaps maybe never is better as things do happen depending on who is paying the congressmen.
  13. Yes and from what I have read it rivals the stop in Ensenada, MX for being worthless maybe more so.
  14. Conditions will never return to the days before the pandemic. We will be living in a new world of changed conditions and attitudes. I believe there will be a return of the cruise ships but with new and different rules regarding personal safety. We are currently booked on 5 cruises in 2021 and 2 so far in 2022. Whether any or all will actually set sail is yet TBD. The rules mentioned so far are not a determinant to our cruising and necessary to ensure our safety. We certainly will miss the "way it was" but not totally. There is hope for a better future.
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