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  1. Some years ago we did a fishing trip up the Talkeetna River with a group. They took us up the river and dropped us off at a sandy beach. We caught salmon, cleaned it and baked it on an open fire in a pit we dug into the sand. Fresh salmon is the greatest tasting in the world.
  2. We naturally have been to the Alaskan Brewery. We bought tickets from their store front and they transported us to and from the brewery. They do talk our language when before the short tour we were told to fill our mugs for the experience. About half way through the tour, the guide told us he had run out of suds and took us all back for refills! More beer at the end of the tour while we waited our transportation back to the store front. Love their brew.
  3. I imagine the business owners are very much in favor of overturning the rule as it will certainly impact their bottom line. I would believe that the employees of these businesses would also have an interest in the subject. As for allowing only one ship in port at a time, imagine one of the gargantuan ships being that ship. We will see if KW is open for cruise business or not.
  4. Club class tables have grey tablecloths and napkins as opposed to the usual white table cloths and napkins.
  5. We were on the Sapphire in 2019 and CC dining is in fact in the Santa Fe dining room. Sapphire has the MDR on deck 5 and 6 divided into two rooms for a total of four dining rooms. The MDR on the aft deck 6 is the more familiar one room. We dined in the Santa Fe room and were not CC due to a mix-up in our MDR requests. Thanks goes out to the Maitre'd who assigned us there for the 4 weeks.
  6. We had 2 cruises booked through the PVP for this year which were canceled and they finally dropped off our personalizer. The money paid for these cruises, actually from 2020 canceled cruises, was put back into our Princess account. Now to move it to cruises scheduled for 2022.
  7. For Christmas my partner gave me DVDs with the first three years of Love Boat. Now to binge watch Love Boat minus the commercials.
  8. I believe I was on that cruise. It was something like the cruise out of hell. In Texas they must serve only alcohol purchased in Texas (wonderful liquor laws here) and had to charge sales tax on all purchases including alcohol, soft drinks etc. This included any in the beverage packages. To add insult to injury any bottles of liquor brought back and taken off the ship are subject to a tax. Princess has once again left this port (Galveston) but most likely will return in the future.
  9. Texas is allowing 65 and over to receive the vaccination by appointment. Partner received the first vaccination today with a follow up in 4 weeks. I have an appointment for tomorrow. They are giving out plastic cards with a CDC approved logo testifying the vaccination was received with the date and agency administering the vaccination. In our case it is the public hospital outreach program. They posted the availability of the vaccination, rules (group 1B) and opportunity to make an appointment. Within 5 hours the slots were all filled until they get another shipment.
  10. Carnival stock dividends have been suspended for the time. CCL today is selling at $20.40 falling $0.20 today.
  11. Agreed. The vaccination does not have to come from the US. The UK, China and other nations have vaccinations and only one has to be held at subzero levels. It would not be practical for ships to use the Pfixer version.
  12. I do not know how they obtain their medical supplies but assume it is done from a central office and distributed to the different ships. They probably contract for it. I doubt they pay US prices like we pay at the drug stores/pharmacies.
  13. Looking at today's (1/5/2021) exchange rates: 1 GBP = 1.3616 USD or 1 USD = .735 GBP 1 CAD = .7888 USD or 1 USD = 1.2679 CAD 1 AUD = .7756 USD or 1 USD = 1.2901 AUD 1 EUR = 1.2284 USD or 1 USD = .8138 EUR CAD exchange rates to USD has fluctuated as they all do during 2020 from a high of 1.45 USD to current 1.26 USD for each single CAD. For Princess to use the 1.30 USD exchange rate gives the advantage to those using CAD to pay today. Tomorrow is another story. Be careful using credit cards as some charge a fee to convert currency some as hig
  14. The stockholder OBC has been around for decades and is counted on by loyal cruisers. It is a fantastic program with many benefits to CCL. 1. It encourages brand loyalty. 2. It makes it more difficult for other entities to do a hostile takeover of CCL. 3. It costs little to CCL (or other cruise lines) to grant the OBC as all funds must be spent on the ship. It is a fantastic program that costs little compared to the other methods the cruise lines use to get new cruisers and retain the ones they have already attracted. While it is awarded from year to year it
  15. The ships all have an onboard medical staff, fully equipped ER etc. They could easily vaccinate the entire crew quickly if they can get the vaccine. I would think that wherever the ships get their medical supplies, they can also procure the vaccine for their crew. This is not a challenge and does not depend on a particular country or state like FL.
  16. It depends on the location of the ship. Some states do tax cruise ships the sell alcohol when in their waters. Texas is one of those states although Princess no longer has a ship ported in Galveston. I have heard of other states also charging sales tax on ships in their territorial waters or port. Maybe someone from NY, MA and ME or other maritime ports can comment.
  17. We are scheduled for our first shot the end of this week. They have started to give vaccinations to group 1B which is this state is for 65 and over. In our city they announced a website to sign up for the first round and it filled up in 5 hours.
  18. Usually mid MDR deck 6 enter on port side. However it can change. I was on one cruise pax asked specifically where a sit down lunch was served, the crew member told them where to go. Almost always they say lido deck buffet
  19. Pirated this from a post on FB and thought it fit this disaster of a year Christmas 2020 Twas the night before no cruise; And all thru the house; Suitcases sat empty; Covid's the louse. No Medallions were shipped; Passports in the safe; No hopes of a great cruising Christmas escape. The adults were not nestled all snug in their beds; while visions of beaches danced in their heads. They were scrolling through past cruise pics; Eyes sad and big sighs; While taking anti-depressant meds, and trying not to cry. When out of
  20. Elegant night does not mean formal wear or even suits/cocktail dresses. Elegant night requires pants and button up shirt for men. Not sure what the OP is wearing in the MDR on regular nights. The other comment is that CCL does not strictly enforce dress standards.
  21. We had three cruises canceled for 2021 and they are still on the list on our personalizer page. We are still waiting for credit for the last two to be posted to our reservations for 2022. The first one did give us a credit and it is posted on one of our 2022 cruises. We have four booked for 2022 and will spend the most time ever at sea on Princess scattered through four cruises in 2022.
  22. Not necessarily. The computer could be coded to allow the user's OM access two staterooms with a time limit. This would be particularly useful if a family had two staterooms with older children in one room and the younger ones in their room. One advantage to using OM is that it is software that utilizes a central database that can be changed on the fly by authorized ship personnel. This would be an easy code fix that hopefully was considered when the database was set up initially. Stateroom attendants have access to rooms for the purposes of daily cleaning. The OM that they u
  23. We have done a number of b2b and always had the same cabin. In the days before OM we would be given a cruise card that listed the first and last day of our combined cruise. We never had to change cards mid-cruise. We did a OM cruise on the CB and again the OM worked for the entire time. I would expect that with the OM even though one is doing the b2b in different staterooms all the ship has to do is change the data in the ship pax database to allow one to enter the new stateroom at the appropriate time. Nice feature of the OM is the ability of ship authorized personnel to change data in t
  24. Ships with enclosed pools (Grand class et al) are covered with a glass dome that allows the sun to beam down on the pool while the heated area helps to sustain that warming making the pools appear to be heated. As a scuba diver one quickly learns about the thermocline where the water can be warm and then all of a sudden it is cold. The sun can only reach so far into the depth warming the water. A pool is not too different in that the more shallow the pool, the quicker it will warm up. The other point is that the more warm bodies that in the pool, the warmer it will become.
  25. Drinks alcoholic or other available anywhere on the ship under the package. Good warning though alcoholic drinks take time to arrive in the MDR so plan ahead or wait. We do TD and after the first night the waitstaff is ready to take our drink order as soon as we sit down.
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