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  1. We have been to Mahogany Bay 2 or 3 times. Never a problem with sand flies. Looking at my signature, I think all of these trips were in April or May.
  2. I think I paid the fuel surcharge on one cruise back in the 07-09 time frame. There is a local radio talk show host who goes off on the oil companies from time to time. He gets an oil executive on, rants and raves about the apparent disconnect between the price of crude and the local price of gasoline, and gets the answer "Doug, you just don't understand the oil business". I don't understand it either. My county, and the one to the south have 3 or 4 refineries. The county to the north, south and southwest have gas prices 7 to 15 cents cheaper than I do. Taxes are within 2 cents per gallon. I guess I just don't understand the oil business either.
  3. Tell your son to wear the uniform with pride. Although the ship may be foreign flagged, the passengers with be primarily US citizens, sailing from and to a US port. And please, thank him for his service for me. And thank you for raising a young man who serves. From a former Air Force officer (11 years active duty).
  4. In Grand Cayman, do the Stingray City trip. We prefer Capt. Marvin's trips to the ships excursions, but do any of them. If you are not comfortable in the water, you can stay on the boat. In my opinion, one of the best excursions we have ever taken (done it 3 times, 1 with Carnival, 2 with Marvin). We have done the dolphin swim in Cozumel, through Carnival, in the port area (not the park with the long name). I would not call it natural in any sense of the word. Concrete swimming pools, captive dolphins, lots of pics, etc. All of that said, we did enjoy it. Bought one pic (DW being kissed by a dolphin), it is in a frame on our living room wall. Any of the live animal experiences (monkees, dolphins, stingrays, fish while snorkeling) all may have opportunities for abuse. A snuba (helmet dive) trip in Montigo Bay was wonderful, until I realized a swimmer was above us spreading food to attract the fish. Captive dolphins is probably the worst. Please watch the animals closely, and let their appearance be your guide to buying photos and rating your reviews. Dave
  5. Don't forget that your ship will probably have both European and US style outlets. No converter needed. But double check first.
  6. We (couple, 67yo) are embarking in Venice in September 2020. The ship (Carnival Legend) departs at 10pm. We will be arriving in Venice a day or two early. 3 questions: 1. What is the normal checkout time at the various hotels? 2. What do we do with luggage between checkout and cruise check in? Is it possible to take luggage to the port and return to the city? 3. Corfu is a port on our voyage. What to do there? Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. I have similar questions. We will be in Kotor in October 2020. DW does not like walking tours. Any suggestions? Thank you for any replies.
  8. The Salt Lake City area has several travel shows once or twice a year. I have picked up these brochures at those shows. Often they are a year old (show in July, last cruse listed is Nov of same year), but they are nice for dreaming, advance planning, etc.
  9. I have not done either of these excursions. I would recommend bringing the beach towel from the ship. Not sure what to tell you about lunches or lockers.
  10. We have been on the Legend several times. Love the ship and the Spirit Class. We will see her again in Europe in Sept/Oct 2020.
  11. Why did my post above underline everything? My confuser is acting up again.
  12. I agree with the poster above about a shopping bag. I always use them (when I remember to take them into the store. Celebrity gave us one on our first cruise with them.
  13. I have always found this formula handy for calculating the amount of space per passenger on any given cruise ship: ships tonnage (tons of water displaced) / number of passengers at full capacity. The higher the number, the more room the ship seems to have per passenger. On Carnival, the Spirit class ships come on top.
  14. We are spending a few days in Rome, then a train to Venice, spend a night, then cruise out of Venice (late Sept 2020). Travel agent says to wait until November/December 2019 to book hotels, ground transportation, etc. Roughly a day and a half prior to the cruise in Venice. Any advice?
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