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  1. We sailed the Fantasy for my mother's 80th birthday with about 55 of her relatives. It was a great time.
  2. Spirit Class ships by simple math. Take the ships tonnage (tons of water displaced) divided by the number of passengers to get an amount of room per passenger. No contest. Spirit Class wins, hands down. The Legend seems to be my favorite, based on the cruises I have taken.
  3. I own 3 blocks of CCL, 100 shares each. One at $44+, one at $48+, and one at $16+. I have collected shareholder credits on both of the first two on several cruises. What a ride it has been. I will probably sell the block at 48 for a tax loss before the first of the year, but am still underwater on the total investment. Invest at your own risk. Understand what you are getting into. Take responsibility for your actions. End of speech.
  4. My parents had been on several cruises and had enjoyed them. I convinced DW to try a short cruise out of Long Beach on the Paradise (first smoking allowed cruise) when they moved to the west coast. She asked a friend to join us, never expecting her to say yes. So, 3 adults to an inside cabin, off we went on our first cruise. Friend spent the entire cruise in the casino, losing big. DW and I were hooked on the cruise. 16 years later DW is platinum, I will be platinum on our next cruise. An Italy cruise was canceled, but I am planning another, also Alaska with our sons and a c
  5. What was the Freedom's previous name? What class of ship is this? Thank you for your responses.
  6. From northern Utah: Food places are starting to open, with restrictions in place. Last Friday, DW and I were 2 of 6 customers in an IHOP midmorning. Home Depot and Walmart are zoos. Local garden shops are worse. We are doing some remodeling at home. 35+ minutes in line at the dump about noon today, but out of there in 5 minutes once we got to the head of the line.
  7. We had a European (Venice to Barcelona) Sept 2020 cruise on the Legend canceled by Carnival canceled. It was booked through Costco Travel. I contacted them about a week after Carnival canceled the cruise. They stated that we had two options. 1. Full refund of money paid, 2. Full credit + $600 OBC for a future cruise. We chose the second option. I have had two calls from a Carnival PVP offering to help me rebook to another cruise. I only wish Delta Airlines Vacations was as eager to help us with the rebooking for the canceled trip.
  8. I should be Platinum on my next cruise. DW is Platinum already. Our Legend cruise in Sept 2020 has been canceled. Neither of us has seen the survey. I am going crazy trying to select our next cruise, soon enough that I can cope yet far enough out that I can be sure that it will happen. Everyone - Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.
  9. You brightened my day as well. What a great attitude! Thank you.
  10. I have always "snail-mailed" my request for the shareholder OBC along with a copy of a current brokerage statement showing ownership. I have never gotten any reply from Carnival saying that the credit had been approved, but it always has been. Watch the on-line statement showing what you owe/have paid for the cruise, it will show up. Even though they have suspended the dividend, I do not see Carnival suspending the OBC for shareholders. It costs them next to nothing, and creates much good will within the shareholder community. To the OP: This is an excellent time to
  11. Bummer. Not that I depended on the dividend, but it was an addition to my income stream.
  12. Look at the ship's stats: Take the ships tonage (tons of water displaced), divide by the number of pax, to get a number of pax per ton. This gives you an idea of how much room each passenger has on board. By this measure, the Spirit class had the most room in the Carnival fleet.
  13. I am in the same boat (bad pun intended) with my Legend cruise late September. Final payment due in June.
  14. My late September cruise was canceled. My initial response is to take the future cruise credit (FCC) and the $600 OBC. Does anyone know how FCC works? We have paid about $1500 of the $3000 cruise price. Final payment is due in June. Do we need to make the payment in June to fully pay for the cruise and $3000 FCC or will we get $1500 FCC without making that payment? I booked through Costco Travel, and their phones have been super busy. Thanks for anyone who has an answer. Dave
  15. Many Carnival, one Celebrity. Pro Carnival midnight comics (mostly, I do not like the f-bombs from some of them) on deck games bartenders faster with drink orders nightlife (lasted longer then Celebrity, which was dead after 10pm) Pro Celebrity fewer children and teens running wild (can you tell I am getting old?) afternoon movies in the theater more space in the buffet the sliding door vs Carnival's hinged door to the balcony About the same main dining room cabin service excursions embark / disemba
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