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  1. My first cruise was on the fantasy. crying a little bit.
  2. We are booked for Panorama in November. This is the first time that I have ever booked paying only the deposit and insurance up front, We ussually pay the entire cruise, including tips and some excursions when booking. We don't want to take a chance of losing alot of money, but decided that taking a decent chance of losing deposit and insurance was worth the gamble.
  3. I hope Panorama isn't moved as I am planning on a combo Las Vegas/ Shark fishing/ cruise in november 2021. it will be our first time in the Havana area. As an Autistic group, the havana area will help some of us with sensory issues.
  4. I would still cruise on Carnival if buffet is eliminated, but I am so relieved that will probably not be the case.
  5. I don't find these restrictions unreasonable. I am hoping that here will be a vaccine before next May, so I will be waiing until then. If there is not a vaccine by next May, as long as there are restrictions similar to Costas' I will probably book for a cruise then.
  6. We live in a tiny mountain village in Southern Colorado. We actually live in the mountains on the side of a mountain [with goats and chickens and bee hives] We have been here a little over 3 years and I am still incredulous that we are living in a "Christmas postcard. Since Covid, we have purchased an acre of land next to ours and have been doing some work there. We have also been building a raised patio behind our house. Tons of work with leveling, retaining walls, stairs, and dragging tons of building supplies up the mountain to our work site. Bobby and I are both old with serious health issues, so this was heavy-duty work for us. So, no cruise this year [a cruise would have been less expensive!] but we are starting our "rest of the summer STAYCATION" next week. Just relaxing on our new patio, sipping drinks, throwing food on the grill for dinner, playing with our chickens and goats and dogs, [ and not worrying about them, as I always do when on a cruise] laughing when the hummingbirds stop for a drink from my hat with the hummingbird feeder on it, and just chillaxing. I am SO excited to go on a cruise again, but for now it doesn't get much better than this.
  7. I love all these pictures so much!
  8. As mentioned before, I am Autistic. Clothes are always uncomfortable for me, but I sill wear them. Flashing lights can trigger seizures. I have literally fallen on my butt from a sudden loudspeaker message. I often have to quickly leave an area of a ship because of the ridiculous ammounts of artificial fragrances some are so fond of. Sensory issues can be devastating, Sometimes, because of the crowding, I will spend the rest of my day chilling on the balcony, the rush to the elevators terrifies me, so I almost always use the stairs. There are many other things i have to do to "workaround", not just on a cruise but everywhere. And with all of that, I doubt anyone loves going on a cruise more than I do. I cannot understand the big deal about a mask. Some of you people are too delicate and need to toughen up.
  9. I am Autistic. Like so many other "creatively wired" people, clothing of any type can be from mildly irritating to excruciatingly painful. The mask, to me, is no big deal, but maybe the masks will help people understand why so many Autistic people would prefer to never wear clothes. But we do wear them and none of my autistic friends can understand why such a big deal is made out of the whole mask thing.
  10. I have lOVED every ship we have been on, but I probably would prefer not to go on a Fantasy ship. My first cruise was on the Fantasy [a free 3 day cruise] and I was instantly hooked. three days after coming home we booked the Elation for a week on the mexican Rivierra. I cried so hard when that cruise ended. So, a couple of days later we booked the same ship with the same itinerary. Next cruise we booked was on the Conquest. I tried to prepare myself for a letdown, but OMG, this ship was even better, so we did it again the next year. Then twice on the magic. It took a lot of convincing, because I loved the farcus touches, but we finally booked the Breeze. My last 8 cruises have been on the Breeze and I have heard so many negatives about the sunrise and the Vista ships that I may stay doing the Breeze until I die. I look back on the fantasy ships, and when I read any mention of the fantasy or the elation, I still start shaking in excitement. I read all of the complaints, but then see pictures of the elation and it's beauty still astounds me. So, I guess I would pick the fantasy ships because their is no way they can compete with my memory of them.
  11. I am a big Sea Days fan. I would be fine with only 2 ports on a 7 day cruise. Even with only one. I wouldn't even care if a couple of those extra Sea Days had no special activities on them in order not to overburden the crew. And if were able to go on a one port cruise, and was able to choose the port, it would be either Roatan, because I think it is the most beautiful place in the world, St. lucia, because I think it's the second most beautiful place in the world, or else Cozumel, because I don't even know how many times I've been there, but there is still so much I haven't yet experienced there. To tell the truth, I wouldn't care if there were no ports. I just want to go on a [safe] cruise.
  12. I'm not spending as much time here simply because there are fewer posts for me to read. I am tentatively planning to cruise on the Panorama to Mexico in November 2021. It will be my first cruise in over 10 years that is neither a B2B or a Journey cruise. We will be driving, [southwestern Colorado] and will stay a week in Las Vegas after the cruise.
  13. I am glad to hear no COVID in Roatan. I think that is my favorite port. it is so beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly.
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