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  1. Which screen should it show cabin number ? We go in Feb and I can’t find it on new personaliser either. although it clearly shows on my booking documentation that has been emailed to me ... so not unduly worried ... at this point
  2. Thanks david didnt work for me perhaps our feb cruise on Britannia not loaded up yet ... or could just be the usual PO technical issues
  3. Hi has anyone received the link for the new system (replacement for cruise personaliser) yet?
  4. It maybe depends on the time of year , we’ve done quite a few xmas & New year Caribbean cruises when certainly id say more than 50% wore long dresses. Also in January and February there were enough long dresses worn for them not to look out of place. Lots of good advice already... wear what you feel suits you best and fits the theme of the evening and you won’t go far wrong😃
  5. Hi Jean That was the one on P&O advice centre today
  6. Here’s a link to the wine list https://carnivaluk.metafaq.com/resources/carnivaluk/life-on-board/Wine_list_2018.pdf
  7. Ditto! I also like the quieter pool area (can’t remember if it had a name)
  8. Maybe worth emailing P&O to advise the link isn’t working
  9. We are currently on Oceana and beach house is £8.50 pp
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies . I’ve also found the Facebook group which has lots of info too ! 😀
  11. Maybe not worth me expecting much then 😀
  12. Thanks.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for when we get back from next cruise and then give them a call
  13. Hi does anyone know if P&O still send out the welcome home offer? we came back from a cruise mid January and not received anything yet. we are of on the gulf cruise mid Feb and thought we'd take advantage of an offer on our return once the winter 2019/2020 itineraries had been announced
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