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  1. If it's noise you're concerned about, forward and aft on deck six should probably be avoided (main theater forward, lounges aft both below). The balcony cabins on deck 11 only have Camp Carnival and Serenity above, below are cabins so it's likely to be more quiet up there. Not having stayed in cabins in either of these locations, I cannot say from experience but that's what I see on the deck plans.
  2. Not to nitpick, but what you describe isn't an upgrade but an upsell. Regardless, I would have to ask where on deck 9 the cabin was located. About 3/4th of the cabins on deck nine are below two pool areas and the Lido buffet which could make for noise.
  3. I think maybe the "hot" might be what a lot of folks aren't aware of and that the cruise lines (not just Carnival) don't make readily known. Some clothing is fine in hot some is not and those that aren't, won't come back looking like expected. We had that experience on HAL a few years ago and haven't used a cruise ship laundry since.
  4. Noticed the three 110v outlets on the counter top as well as several USB charging ports. Nice.
  5. Yes that is true but the suite guests are also included with the D & P guests, followed by the FTTF guests. My experience is (depending on port and ship) that boarding for those high loyalty, suite and FTTF guests is around 11AM. Sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit later.
  6. Yes it's happened to us as well. As far as non-Carnival excursions, those providers in the ports will know (should know) about the itinerary change and adjust accordingly.
  7. Not so fast Jimbo. A Happy Meal in my part of the world is only $3.29.
  8. If I recall, when Carnival first made the bottled water available for pre-order a few years ago, it was somewhat less expensive than waiting to order it once on board. I believe the cost is now the same regardless if you pre-order and have it in your room upon embarkation or wait and purchase it after boarding. I'm guessing I will be corrected on that if I am wrong. Currently, the 12 pack of 16.9 ounce bottles is $4.50, only about 38 cents per bottle. Certainly worth not bringing on canned water.
  9. I will fully admit that we have pre-paid our grats for the last six years and can only rely on what our on board account reflected on cruises prior to those years when we allowed them to be added to our on board account. Back then, the gratuities were added for the full cruise on the second day in which case, guests were able to (if desired) visit GS and ask them to be removed. Maybe that has changed and if so, I apologize for my ignorance on the topic.
  10. Since the Mardi Gras hasn't sailed yet and no one has any first hand experience, I'm guessing the best advice you will get is from people that have stayed in similar cabins (under a pool area) on other ships. Generally, there will be early morning deck chair arranging noise and maybe late night likewise noise. In between, maybe relatively quiet. YMMV.
  11. The "list" that is being referred to is those guests that have gone to GS and asked that the gratuities be removed from their on board account. You're correct that it's doubtful the crew checks or even knows who pre-paid their grats but based on many, many threads here over the years, it seems those most inclined to remove the grats are those that did not pre-pay but have them automatically added to their on board account on the second day.
  12. Yeah I thought that's who it was, but didn't want to mention his member name in case I was mistaken.
  13. Check this out - it details the credit and debit card hold situation including the initial hold amount: https://help.goccl.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1138/kw/credit card hold
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