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  1. Amex won't "charge you another $100 for the airline ticket" per se, they will/may just put a $100 debit back on your card account.
  2. I have had Amex take back statement credits when I returned merchandise I purchased for which I had received a dollar back statement credit. But I've never had it happen on a cancelled cruise.
  3. Encouraging news for sure. Hopefully the cruise lines can jump through enough hoops in the interim to satisfy the CDC - certainly by spring of 2022 (our next booked cruise)!
  4. I am going to guess, strictly a guess, that on the side of high caution, the cruise line would require all passengers to isolate regardless of inoculation status in the OP's scenario. I'm also going to guess that any cruise this close in (August of this year) will require all passengers to be vaccinated or (for minors) proof of a negative test.
  5. I've not seen this personally but have read several times that this is true. The cruise lines will serve liquor within the Texas territorial waters but it was the low end, cheap stuff that they paid low taxes on. Once outside in clear ocean, the good stuff was brought out.
  6. FWIW, I too had to send for a passport renewal a few weeks ago and I used a mobile app for my photo. You simply take your photo with your smart phone, submit it to the company and they will respond within an hour if the photo is State Dept. acceptable and then clean it up, e.g. add a pure white background and email it back to you to print yourself. Or, for an additional fee, they will also (in addition to the emailed photo) snail mail you two photos sized to passport requirements and ready to attach to your application.
  7. True and glasses can also reflect camera flash or ambient lights and block the eyes in the photo.
  8. Yes, no eyewear is the rule and has been for some time. When DW renewed her passport in 2015, we got conflicting info from the photo services we talked to about her photo and eyewear (one said it was a government requirement to not wear, another said it was OK), ultimately we went with a photo 'with' her glasses and it passed State Dept. muster. Since then, I know that eyewear on the photo will be rejected, it's in their current instructions for photo requirements.
  9. It can take up to five days for the credit to be posted. This time of year (with Amex charge volume running high) it might take just a bit longer. Hang in there. 😉
  10. Something we've noticed on this Amex offer in the past, if you have two or more cards with the offer available and use it on one card, it might disappear from one of the others (or all of them). It hasn't happened like that for us every time but it's probably 50/50 in our experience.
  11. Our early May cruise (7-day, CA Coastal) has a 90 final payment date. We were surprised at that when we booked but weren't terribly concerned.
  12. I've never had a login on GoCCL but the Knowledge Center portion of the site is available (I just checked). Not sure this helps however.
  13. Yes, I think (as the story alludes) that maybe Arison's past (and maybe current) relationship with LeBron was a major factor in dropping the legal proceedings.
  14. All of Royal's sailings in April from San Pedro (Mexico, CA coastal) have been cancelled, except the LA-Vancouver California Coastal repo on May 1. We're booked on that sailing but also holding our breath on whether it will happen (either a Princess cancellation or we cancel depending on conditions).
  15. Same with us. We're on a California Coastal/Alaska repo cruise in early May on Royal and this is one of the items that will be a show stopper for us.
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