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  1. Update: funny thing - the NCL-Amex offer is back on our Amex cards today. Guess Amex decided we haven't been abusing this offer previously after all and generously gave it back to us. 😕
  2. No, I didn't even open/click on the offer in any of the cards - I just read the title and recognized it as one of the Amex/cruise line credit back deals. Oh well.... I was just curious if anyone else had noticed the offer available then inexplicably gone later.
  3. Interesting thing about this: I noticed the offer on all three of our Amex cards over the weekend and this morning, it's gone from all three. Anyone else notice this? Or is Amex just tired of us using this nice offer every time they make it available and took it away before we could use it? 😁
  4. Related to this, though not directly relevant to Princess (not yet anyway), Carnival announced today the cancellation of all US cruises through the end of the year with the exception of some itineraries out of Port Canaveral and Miami. They posted a list of some ships with certain sailings cancelled well into 2021 and as far out as 2022. ☹️ https://www.carnival.com/health-and-sailing-updates?icid=default_butterbar_health&safety_06032020 (Scroll down and click on "Canceled Cruises")
  5. This is very disappointing Chief, that the cruise lines knew what the CDC requirements to sail were but apparently just hoped the situation would evaporate. Given where the cruise lines appear to be today in documenting fully how they will meet the requirements, I agree that it's doubtful there will be any sailing from the US before December or even the end of 2020.
  6. This point has been on our mind as well - we're booked on the Royal repo in early May and if Canada still has the quarantine requirement for travelers coming into the country at that time, then our cruise will either have to be cancelled or some port switcheroos will have to occur. ☹️
  7. joepeka

    Engines are running.jpg

    Smoke? Wonder what they're burning as I thought Mardi Gras was LNG??
  8. We're currently booked on the Royal repo from LA to Vancouver in early May for it's Alaska season. I think I'm with you on the 50% chance of that cruise happening, especially if it appears that Canada will still have the 14 day quarantine/isolation requirement for in-coming travelers.
  9. There are travel insurance policies that have missed port coverage. I believe Nationwide is one of the insurers offering that option.
  10. True, I neglected to mention that the 2M shares represents less than 10% of that company's RCCL holdings and it's another reason I don't think it's a major deal.
  11. Not in my vernacular! 😉
  12. Not sure this is really much of a needle mover since it represents only about 1% of total RCCL outstanding shares but it is the company that founded Royal Caribbean so you may wonder: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23430-major-royal-caribbean-stakeholder-unloads-2-million-shares.html
  13. Agree. Like I mention above, that included article from benzinga is very poorly worded.
  14. Here is a link from the Princess web site noting the only 2021 cruises cancelled thus far: https://www.princess.com/news/news_releases/2020/08/princess-cruises-announces-early-2021-world-cruise-cancellations.html?cid=dm_affiliate_affiliate_awin_Skimlinks_brand_na&awc=12208_1598567185_0f150c80e8e6be618848cb18e4333b1e
  15. The story you linked appears to be poorly worded - Princess has not cancelled it's cruises "through next year" but a few of it's 2021 world cruises only (so far).
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