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  1. I've been fired many times myself. The first cut is the deepest.
  2. How much "work" do you think you will get if you don't pay a guy?
  3. The thing is, nobody is cruising right now so the only current cruise related topics to discuss are the negative ones.
  4. Ya, remember about a year ago when all we worried about was how bad the website was? Seems minor now.
  5. It stands to reason that not all ships will make it through this. Some will most likely be "retired" in some way. This whole thing has been pretty sad for our favorite vessels!
  6. Saving face is one thing...at this point, I think they will be satisfied with just saving the company!
  7. They are not "holding" it...they DONT HAVE IT. They used it to run the company, just like they always have. They never did have 100% of peoples' money just sitting around in case they had to give it all back at once.
  8. If HAL can't (or doesn't want to) borrow the money needed for refunds...they may have no other option but to file bankruptcy. That will forestall the requirement to pay back the money owed until a bankruptcy judge comes up with a plan. Bankruptcy will also keep the lawyers and lawsuits at bay for awhile too.
  9. Obviously they are keeping the money as long as they can. They don't have it just sitting around waiting to give it back to people. When you give HAL a deposit, they use it for operating expenses etc. They need people to pay for some cruises first so they can give back some deposits. It's kinda like a Ponzi scheme but it's all legitimate until something like this happens and then there is not enough money to go around. Sorta like a run on the banks, if everyone wanted all their money at the same time, the bank couldn't do it.
  10. Rebekah Law is awesome. Great video!
  11. I'm sure there is a charge for it. That is where your OBC will be used.
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