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  1. We love the Canaletto. It always seems to get lost in the shadow of the other two. (Pinnacle and Tamarind)
  2. At work, they make us wear the KN95 mask. The ironic thing is KN95 masks are made in China! It's like going to war and buying your ammo from the enemy!
  3. Welcome to CC. We don't have a whole lot to talk about these days so things might be a little weird for awhile. Hang in there!
  4. We parked at the terminal lot (Cruise and Fly) and it was good.
  5. It seems as though the tape is superfluous, if four people are in the elevator, where else are you going to stand?
  6. Not so fast. The latest "news" is that immunity is only "temporary". Oh, and don't forget, they also told us that your dog can give it to you. Sheesh.
  7. I wonder if the PCC's use dynamic pricing on their clients too?
  8. Several road trips. Our Airbnb in Oregon tried to cancel on us but we wouldn't let them!
  9. Found this on Google. Says it's a fold out on Niew Statendam.
  10. "Breaking Even" is not making a profit. Companies who can only "break even" will definitely go out of business.
  11. I've been fired many times myself. The first cut is the deepest.
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