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  1. We always get a Signature Suite. We like the extra room and sometimes we do spend extra time in the cabin, especially on sea days. Trying to get a seat in the Crow's Nest or elsewhere with a view can definitely be challenging sometimes.
  2. You can just go ahead and stand in the priority boarding line, nobody checks until you are at the counter and by then it's too late. We always get Signature Suites and I never remember priority boarding being officially included.
  3. The last time we were at the airport I was astonished at the amount of dogs in there. Most of them had generic red vests on that read "Service Animal". I guess it's a thing now.
  4. We've been on all of them and we like the Nieuw Amsterdam best. It's hard to finger why but it is a close call nonetheless.
  5. Opening the veranda doors is a great way to share space with traveling partners. We've done it many times. Much better in my opinion that adjacent rooms with a door between them inside the cabin.
  6. We did this cruise in 2018, possibly in the very same cabin. It was great and I do recommend it. BTW, I wrote an extensive review of the cruise and it is posted. Have fun!
  7. I'm glad the $10.00 surcharge for an extra entree is now history but those who say the person who thought of it should be fired are being a little harsh. Maybe this person has had many more good ideas for HAL than bad ones? I'm guessing more than one person was involved in the decision. Getting fired for attempting to help your company's bottom line is a sure way to lose good people.
  8. We were on a cruise during Halloween night once and two couples came into the MDR dressed to the hilt as 60's Hippies! They were a big hit.
  9. Was the scan problem for an Alaska Airlines boarding pass by chance? We've had that same problem.
  10. The best deal is the Happy Hour extra drink for $2.00
  11. Well, cash would be on top of the automatic 15% added to every drink charge. So, if you had poor service, you are still going to be tipping 15% whether you want to or not.
  12. Yes, but, on the ship, the tip is automatic so you don't have the discretion
  13. I suppose an individual Beverage Manager might make the decision to do so on a particular cruise to increase his profit margin and his standing with management?
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