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  1. How do you give a room steward "the day off"? What about all the other cabins they are charged with...who cleans them? I'm guessing it is their supervisor who has the authority to grant "a day off" NOT the passengers.
  2. I have had this experience. I like to carry the printed "When and Where" with me all day that way I don't have to worry about taking my cell phone everywhere.
  3. Keep checking prices. When you see something you are comfortable with...book it. You can always change it before final payment. After final payment...don't look back.
  4. CEO's change often. Just wait it out awhile and somebody new will step in.
  5. Not really but I'm sure your cabin stewards will appreciate it. We do keep our cabin as tidy as possible though because it makes their job easier.
  6. True, the one and only time we did fly Red-Eye for day of cruise, I was so stressed about delays, missing boarding etc, that it just wasn't worth the savings. That being said, flying in to FLL in the springtime is VERY expensive and it was hard for us to find a hotel this time.
  7. I suppose that if it were economically viable, the cruise line would do it.
  8. Here is a pull from my recent review of our Oosterdam Alaska cruise in July 2019. We had Verandah Stateroom 4181 which is an aft facing cabin on deck four. This was a great cabin in some ways and not so great in others. It was plenty large enough for two people and the verandah was nice and spacious. It got plenty of sun and at times it actually got TOO hot out there. There really is no cross wind. We had no problem with “soot” as some people said we might. When we looked down all we could see was water and the ships’ wake... When you are at the rail, people on the upper decks can see you but you do have complete privacy if you sit closer to the cabin. It is very close to the MDR and the elevators to the Lido are not too far away. Getting to the Crow’s Nest and gym is a hike though, especially if you need to go up there to shower, which brings me to the not so good. This cabin had hot water issues from day one. It was hit and miss. Sometimes you had it and other times you didn’t and you could never count on it. Eventually, the ship became very responsive to the problem and it was finally resolved permanently two days before the cruise was over. HAL and the Guest Relations Manager onboard did make it up to us and we were satisfied with the end result but not before I had already trekked up to the gym on two separate occasions to find a hot shower. The cabin stewards were awesome as usual.
  9. I saw the same coffee "Deal". I figured the mug is $13.00+. I'm going to get one on my next cruise at the deck sale by the Lido Pool. I think they are only $5.00 then plus you can use your Mariner discount.
  10. We booked a 4 hour tour that picks you up at the ship and takes you all over plus a boat ride and then drops you off at the airport. About $56.00 pp from the cruise line.
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