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  1. Yes, our agency kept $100 but will use it toward a future cruise deposit if we book within one year.
  2. Not cancelling! I've been on a cruise ship with more people sick than current US cases of Corona virus.
  3. Be prepared for BAD weather. We hit a 24hr storm after leaving the Falkland Island. We loved it but many were cabin bound for the duration of the storm. My one suggestion is to take a ships tour at the Falkland Island. We usually never book ships tours but glad we did here, as the winds forced the ship to move. Also, this port does get missed because of the winds. Despite the weather, it was one of our favorite cruises!
  4. Personally, I would never book an international flight with only 1hr 45min layover. Over half of my flights back to the US from Europe were delayed for more than an hour!
  5. I'm concerned also, but one is banned and the other one isn't. My fears were eased a bit after a bridge tour in which the captain showed us the "heat sensing" board that monitors every room. It is so sensitive the alarm has gone off for a cabin and a call was immediately placed to that cabin, only to find out the guy had been in a super hot shower for an extended period. 🙂 They are ever diligent for our safety!
  6. I would be more concerned about the newer flat irons that use more power than a travel iron. And yes, girls leave them plugged in!
  7. I think I went on at least 10 cruises, with a travel iron/steamer, before I learned they were a no, no. I was never called to security and it was never taken. Now I laugh at my old self worried about a few wrinkles!
  8. Enjoying your review and awesome pics!
  9. We (four of us) flew on Icelandair last week and had no problems. All our checked luggage arrived. I did not see anyone having any carry-on luggage issues. None of ours was checked or weighed. We were served drinks and food could be purchased. We only had a 2 hour flight so not an issue for us. The flight attendants were so nice on our flight! I would use them again.
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