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  1. Coolcruise02

    HAL vs Royal (thoughts on changing)

    I don't think you mentioned your age. We are in our early 60's and know when we take a HAL cruise it is going to be an older crowd and the late night dancing (10:00) will be dead!! But, that is ok on some itineraries. We are not loyal to any cruise line. We pick the time we want to go, the ports we want, and a good price. We have never had a bad cruise. They all have their good and bad points.
  2. Loving your trip report and awesome pics!
  3. Coolcruise02

    Voldendam vs Niew Amsterdam for Panama Canal

    I just did the Panama Canal cruise on Volendam and loved it! But, we like the smaller ships that are less crowded, easier to get around and less of a wait to get off at ports & tendering.
  4. Coolcruise02

    Recent Volendam Cruisers - Laundromats?

    I just got off the Volendam and did not see a laundry facility.
  5. Coolcruise02

    stamping passports

    Did you get your passport stamped? Passport stamps are my favorite souvenir!! I'll share a couple pics of the ones I got this month.
  6. Coolcruise02

    Passport question

    They always say to take your ship card and a "government issued i.d." when leaving the ship, at a port. I could take my drivers license but I choose to take my passport. It's a personal choice. I don't take ship excursions and take my passport just in case. I also try, at all ports to get my passport stamped, so I have another reason to take it with me. If I'm in a place I feel more security is needed, like crowded train stations, or cities like Barcelona, I wear a pouch inside my shirt, but usually I wear a cross body bag with money & passport. I do keep a copy in my ship room or hotel safe and on my phone. So far, so good.
  7. Coolcruise02

    Capt. Mercer and his Amsterdam 2019 GWV blog

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. Coolcruise02

    AMAWaterways Rhine River Christmas Markets blog

    Loved your blog and all the helpful info!
  9. Coolcruise02

    Volendam notes

    We also just got off this cruise and we had a great time! I agree with most of your observations but will add the following, in response to 5, 6 & 8. #5 & 6 We loved the Lido buffet for dinner and setting outside on the back deck, with beautiful sunsets. We only ate one evening in the dining room and we were disappointed. My husband loved the steaks, prime rib and filet mignon that were served in the Lido. #8 We actually enjoyed the entertainment. We loved the Adagio group and the Oceans Lounge Trio. The stage shows were decent and the comedian was very funny! Frankly, we passed on the piano guy.
  10. Coolcruise02

    TSA calling in backup staff, due to absentees

    I agree! That's why we were pleasantly surprised. It's like they were bending over backwards to help everyone.
  11. Coolcruise02

    Why would people go to Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta

    Because it is right across from the ship and we forgot an item and I bought some soda!
  12. Coolcruise02

    Bringing soda on board

    We brought a 12 pack of cans on at embarkation but brought a 2 liter on at one of our port stops.
  13. Coolcruise02

    TSA calling in backup staff, due to absentees

    We just recently went through TSA in Fort Lauderdale and they were the nicest, friendliest group we have encountered in years!
  14. Loving your review and great pics!