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  1. Loving your review and great pics!
  2. Coolcruise02

    Catamaran Ferry in Cartagena

    Please let us know how it goes. I don't go until January.
  3. Enjoying your review and great pics!
  4. Coolcruise02

    Sewing machine in your Cabin for a quilter.

    I was on a cruise and saw a couple women with sewing machines in a public room. I'm not sure if it was a conference room or one used for classes but the door was open. I quilt, so I stopped in for a quick visit.
  5. In Europe, I don't eat at McDonald's but I do get my Coke and lots of ice! I don't drink coffee and Coke is my caffeine. Also, the have restrooms! :)
  6. I agree with you and usually just ignore those folks and scroll on. We have had awesome cruises on Carnival and I don't understand why some feel the need to bash them. That being said we enjoy all the lines. They all have good and bad points! I find it particularly sad when people bashing Carnival have never even sailed with them. Personally, I think the food is better on Carnival than Royal. JMHO I really have enjoyed your review and glad you had a great cruise. Nice that Owen had fun before starting back to school. :)
  7. I gave up on trying to have nice luggage! :)
  8. Coolcruise02

    very disappointed with Equinox guest services

    THIS is what every employee at guest services should be able to tell a passenger!
  9. Coolcruise02

    Place saver sign for Lido restaurant

    I would not rip up your sign or take your table! It has never bothered me if I see a personal item on a table. I move on, no problem.
  10. Coolcruise02

    Place saver sign for Lido restaurant

    I don't understand why her sign is any different than a book, sweater, hat, sunglasses etc. left on a table. Those of you that said you would throw away her sign, what would you do if a book or bag was on the table? I guess, in the past, when I've seen personal items on a table, I move on. No problem for me. If hubby or I get up for seconds or dessert I leave something on the table. Is this wrong?
  11. Coolcruise02

    Passport Stamps

    When the ship collects your passport, you can go to guest services and check-out your passport when you arrive at a port stop. That's what we do.
  12. Coolcruise02

    Passport Stamps

    Yes, once was in USA and the other time was London. I love the countries that have original stamps and not the generic box! :)
  13. I could not go with 4 days notice but good for you! Have a great trip!
  14. Coolcruise02

    Passport Stamps

    I totally disagree! Twice I have had immigration officials make complementary comments about the stamp in my passport from Machu Picchu and also my "bottom of the world" Ushuaia stamp. NO fines or invalidated passport! Every port I go to, I find the customs/immigration office (every port has one) and ask for a stamp in my passport. Most of the people are so friendly and happy to do it. In all my travels the only port I was turned away was Kiel, Germany. Or, the office was closed. (lunch hour, etc) I try and ask a guard where the offices are and some are very hard to find. Most are in unmarked buildings. So, if you don't mind taking 30 minutes out of your day, hunt the office down. If one country turns you down keep trying. Good Luck! ps....one time I had to wait behind a man with 15-20 passports in his hand. He was the captain of a container ship. Great experience for me.