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  1. Sounds like things have improved. I sent mine for renewal (non-expedited) this past January and it took a full eight weeks from the time the State Dept web site indicated they received it until I got the new book and card in the mail.
  2. No, our cruise isn't until next Spring but I was just wondering what pax, who cannot complete check-in via the app, are using right now when they show up at the port. As to the Medallion, we're far enough along that the Medallions are ordered and should arrive a few weeks prior to embarkation.
  3. As far a printed documentation, in the absence of a boarding pass (because the worthless app is... well... worthless), what are people using during this twilight zone of the Medallion app? The travel summary? We always carry printed backup copies of virtually everything but have never shown at the port without a boarding pass (paper or digital).
  4. The PTZ webcams (including the Tampa cam) are quite good at following the cruise ships up to and during port departure. Perhaps you missed the sail away?
  5. The only time our cruise had the fuel surcharge added, it was removed/credited back prior to sailing. And yes, that was like 10-12 years ago.
  6. Thank you for the photos! With luck, we will be on Majestic when it calls on SF in late April next year.
  7. I agree. Vaccination is no problem for us (getting the booster in fact very soon) but the 2-day lead time for testing is stressful and costly if you want to go the home test route a few times in the 7-10 days ahead of your "real" test in a lab/pharmacy/etc. to have any peace of mind.
  8. I have stepped away from the Medallion app threads for a while but it appears that very little has changed in the 4+ months since Princess shutdown the web Personalizer in favor of this aptly characterized "crap app." I am running a back level version of the app from early June and it seems to work fine though there's some items I cannot complete because our next cruise is too far out and I have been waiting for positive reports about app/back-end updates to correct the issues. But after reading the posts here and in other threads recently, I doubt that I will ever update the app and just hope the web Personalizer that is supposed to come out next month actually happens as announced and works when we need to complete our check-in. My sympathies to the OP - I know he's a long time Princess fan and treatment like this is beyond unacceptable.
  9. True and we know we can always rely on consistent answers from the reps answering the phones. FWIW, RCI's web site mentions nothing about U.S. state/county health department certification as acceptable, just the easily counterfeited CDC card or a detailed document from the provider that administered the vaccinations.
  10. Not having sailed since the resumption of cruising by the lines but I would hope that an official certificate from your state or county health care system showing the vaccination details would really be better than the cards. I know some (from reading other CC boards) have taken both the card and those health department certs but don't know which the cruise lines would honor, one over the other. Perhaps you'll get an answer from someone here, I would like to know as well.
  11. The developers of the app are Global Experience Innovators (per the info on the app in the Play store). Their web site link takes you to a Carnival Corporate site so.... I "think" they are just a set of developers within CCL who may or may not be off-shore. I could be wrong on that assumption.
  12. If this two day testing requirement extends into early 2022, I may be with you in cancelling our Majestic cruise in the Spring. Like you, we've done all the right things here at home (vaccinated and will get a booster if recommended) and continue to follow other mitigation protocols. The stress of getting tested two days prior (which in our area means the rapid test as the PCR turnaround is 48-72 hours) and "hope" there is not a false positive may not be worth cruising for now. We will see I guess and we will remain hopeful.
  13. You can download the app and begin the check-in process (including ordering your Medallion(s)) any time after you've booked, no need to wait for final payment. Some of the check-in items (arrival/departure groups, dining, health status, etc.) cannot be completed until closer to sail date. "Closer" seems to vary by ship and itinerary. Hope this helps.
  14. Welcome back to AZ! Really appreciate all your reporting during your cruise. 😉
  15. It is not an idea without some merit but in practice probably would ultimately prove untenable. Thinking back to Carnival's experiment with a totally non-smoking ship (the Paradise) back in the late 90's, it worked for a short while then proved to be unprofitable so the non-smoking policy was dropped.
  16. The expected next step has been taken: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25655-florida-to-appeal-ruling-on-vaccine-passports-for-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings.html
  17. I am so jealous but please keep the updates coming.... to us back here in Phoenix where it's 107 degrees!!
  18. This is an incredible shame for the OP and her family. It sounds like their symptoms are mild (due to the vaccine, I imagine) so that's a bright spot in the disappointment. Hope they get a prompt refund and can rebook another cruise sometime soon. Try to stay positive! 😉 This situation is one that really adds to the stress level of preparing for and departing to a cruise vacation right now. We have two cruises booked in the 1st half of 2022 and we can only keep fingers crossed (and do the right things in the interim) that a lot of this will be behind us by then.
  19. You're most welcome, I'm glad you were persistent and you can both now relax and enjoy your cruise. I mentioned we're on Majestic next Spring so I will be anxious to hear what you think of her. I learn so much more than I'm able to share on CC so it's gratifying when I can pass along information that members here find useful. Thank you! ☺️
  20. Our Liberty sailing next year is showing a 30% discount today, $50/pp/pd.
  21. The Google Play Store does not have a similar version history option that I can find. All it shows is the currently available version and some high-level details about it (version number, release date, size, requirements, etc.).
  22. What a difference two hours makes in the life cycle of this bizarre MC app! 😁
  23. I was going to ask you about that comment but assumed you probably meant a compatible tablet so I didn't bring it up. 😶
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