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  1. It's been nearly three weeks and the OP has not responded to your question but I too would like to know. Melandria's experience was at Langosta and I'm not familiar with Hacienda Tequila in the Puerta Maya or International port areas.
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    We have not been to either so the only advice I can provide is this: Maya Key is close to the cruise port and Turquoise Bay is quite a long drive to the northeast (about 10-11 miles as the sea gull flys). If travel time is a concern, then Maya Key would be the choice. I'm sure others who have visited both will have more info for you. ETA: just saw your other thread on this topic and it appears you chose Maya Key, albeit for other reasons than travel time.
  3. Thank you for the follow up Mike! Good to hear that you can still select an arrival time only in the app and do the rest later, at leisure.
  4. Could well be. I think I've always heard it's pretty much tied to final payment date for the sailing but perhaps that has changed.
  5. So I would say that you're within final payment date so the TA's likely would have already returned their unsold inventory.
  6. In addition to Mema's explanation above, without know how far out your cruise is, the web site won't show you all the truly available cabins in any category. There will be TA holds which may be returned about 45-60 days out plus, I've never seen the RCI web site show you more than about 10 cabins as available. If it's showing none available, I would be very skeptical at this point. We got an RU offer for all the suite categories but in checking availability on the web site, only one of the five suite categories were showing available but yet we could bid on all five.
  7. Shows opened yesterday, 64 days out, was able to use both the app and the web site to get reservations that we wanted.
  8. Yea, those "New" states... they aren't so new so maybe the AI generated software didn't think it was relevant any longer. 🙂
  9. Agree. And since your check-in window is a week from today (or a week from last night at midnight, port time), I would be interested in knowing if the app still allows you to select arrival time without going through the prior traveler info step. Some have reported recently that you cannot do that any longer.
  10. True, that screen does show our check-in date accurately, I just hope the option to start check-in actually returns on that date.
  11. I did notice one interesting update on the app after I updated it this morning, the "Check-In" icon at the bottom of the initial page is gone. Previously, it was there but when you tapped it, the next screen said (paraphrasing) "check back closer to your cruise date." I hope it comes back when our check-in window opens.
  12. I too have had no issues all this week, contrary to what others mention above... until today. The web site forced me to change my password this morning ("User name or password not recognized"). I also had to login to the app using the new password. Sure hope that's it. 🤔
  13. I am going to guess that your check-in window has not opened yet and thus the message you're getting? FWIW, I always use a TA and am currently outside my check-in window and can't do much on my booking except pre-cruise purchases, etc. but I don't get the message you're seeing.
  14. I'm sure I will be corrected if this comment is inaccurate but last we used it, the shuttle is only day of cruise and only from airport to cruise port. So if you come in the day prior and are at a hotel, that shuttle won't be an option.
  15. There's another thread this morning (below link, perhaps you've seen it) where it's being reported that the skip ahead to do arrival time only in the app no longer works and you have to do all the check-in info prior to arrival time selection. Don't know if that's a glitch because of the issues RCI has had with the web site and app today or if it's a permanent "fix."
  16. My apologies, I misunderstood biker19's comment, please ignore.
  17. We too are a little over two months out and get the "Where's the fun? Try pulling down for all of today's entertainment." Pulling down does nothing. I guess I'm confused by your suggestion to use the planner in the month before sailing. How do you do that?
  18. You're correct - Puerta Maya could handle four ships though I've personally never seen more than three. Just for grins, I looked at the Coz port schedule through the end of July and there was only one day with more than five ships in port and that's next week (April 11) when there's six. Most of the time it's 1-5.
  19. I know this subject has been covered, probably to the OP's satisfaction, but I want to give him/her a real time example of five ships in port in Cozumel. Here's a link to the Marine Traffic site showing five in Coz: three in the international pier areas (one CCL, one NCL, one RCI) and two at the pier near town center (one NCL, one MSC). I'm guessing the international piers of CCL could handle at least one more. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-86.937/centery:20.501/zoom:13
  20. That is pathetic. You're already checked in and on the boat for hours and they finally tell you "thanks for playing"?
  21. Definitely not on your end. I keep getting the "It's not you, it's us" error trying to just login. 😦
  22. Good info for the OP. I was just responding to the other comment about using Cruise Timetables - I use it as well but it does not provide any info as to Coxen Hole or Mahogany Bay for non-RCI and non-Carnival traffic.
  23. Quite true though in the case of NCL, MSC and Disney (referring to the OP's list), you can't know for sure which dock (Coxen Hole or Mahagony Bay) those ships will be at. Though as I mention, NCL usually shares with RCI.
  24. Without knowing which cruise docks NCL, Disney and MSC normally use in Roatan and Coz, it's difficult to say where they will be on the days you're looking at. I'm "guessing" that NCL will often use the same docks as RCI and that Disney and MSC will use the same docks as Carnival - but that obviously can change from itinerary to itinerary. Regardless, four or five ships in Cozumel (even with the docks separated by about a quarter mile) is a heavy port load. Four ships in Roatan seems less problematic give the distance between the ports. I'm sure others here who have been to those ports on heavy cruise traffic days (we've only been to those ports on light days) can provide more first hand insight.
  25. Are these all RCI ships? I ask because in Roatan and Cozumel, RCI and the Carnival family (Carnival, HAL, Princess, etc.) have separate docking areas. In fact, in Roatan, they are separated by several miles.
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