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  1. The email Royal sent said passengers 18 and older must be vaccinated but those under 18 must have a negative covid test.
  2. Totally agree with you. It’s going to take time but I believe cruising can happen in some way next year.
  3. Maybe they can use the two months to do test sailing and prepare for fall/summer cruising
  4. Plainsstormchaser have you felt any side effects? If you can’t share I understand. I read one article where an individual mentioned feeling like he had a severe hangover with body aches after his vaccine.
  5. I agree. I read today they will do short 3/4 day test cruises with employees only to try out protocols and get ships ready for cruising in the US. Can’t wait to see how it goes. We have to start somewhere.
  6. I see November 8 and 12 cruises are showing as sold out so I’m sure soon they’ll announce a cancellation
  7. This seems reasonable. You have to start somewhere. The great thing is if you don’t like it you don’t have to go.
  8. Thanks for starting what is hopefully a positive thread. Love the potential new look of the ship. 👍🏽
  9. I cancelled my November 12th cruise on 7/28 and today I received my refund. I was very surprised to receive it so soon.
  10. CLIA has now extended the suspension until October 31st. Edited to add link https://cruisecritic.com/news/5513/
  11. I chatted with an agent today who said October cruises are frozen while NCL talks with WHO and other agencies. She said maybe an announcement would happen today or tomorrow. Impatiently waiting...sigh
  12. I noticed there’s a “new” promo today that includes kids sail free. It says for cruises April 2021 and beyond. Maybe they are preparing for more late winter cruise cancellations.
  13. I have a final payment due for a November cruise on 7/25 so I’m guessing the announcement will happen after my cruise is paid. Last night the website kept showing the uh oh message and they took away a couple Bermuda cruises. I’m hoping they cancel the season officially for those of us waiting.
  14. To keep it positive...it’s nice to see some familiar faces and reminisce about happier times spent on a cruise. Thanks for sharing!
  15. I completely agree. The prices are somewhat shocking. I’m wondering if more people will make last minute bookings especially because of the uncertainty of everything going on. I hope to catch some decent last minute bookings next year.
  16. I have a cruise to Bermuda out of New York November 12. I’ve been watching the website in hopes they cancel the cruise before final payment
  17. I noticed Carnival and Royal have cancelled Bermuda cruises for the rest of the year but Norwegian is still selling cruises to Bermuda in October and November. I wonder when they’ll make that announcement.
  18. I’m curious as to what was covered in the meeting because I just saw an article today that said Disney is making some dates in August available now. The cruises will sail out of Florida. Of course that can all change quickly.
  19. “People who exhibit psychopathic traits are likely to ignore lockdown restrictions” That’s the best part of his post. Very telling
  20. I miss all the questions about lobster on the menu.
  21. Thank you. I just looked at the website to read it. I didn’t know they posted this information.
  22. I would like to know about closet space, how much space there is for luggage and what the drink prices are,
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