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  1. At various times over the years I have been involved in discussions about what services are best provided by the government & what are best provided by others. Mostly there is a degree of disagreement.
  2. That was what was stated - 1 with heart complaint & 1 with damaged femoral artery?? Seems that the respiratory aspect came later.
  3. Yes, it works for you then mate. I actually cannot recall the last time I watched ABC-TV. Maybe an Australian story episode that caught my attention.
  4. Yes, you are correct, the word the doctor used was chaotic - thanks for clarifying that. I think from the hearings it had become 'chaotic' based on the surge in respiratory illness presentations 'after' the report was supplied to NSW Health. 36 had somehow become something like 170 & the NSW Health lady said that the restaurant where the boarding party were to check those that had come forward was crowded with people. The evidence given by the ship doctor & the Carnival port agent was that the ambulance transfer was arranged for non-Covid related issues, from memory a heart condition and a leg injury, but they were suffering from respiratory conditions also.
  5. It is an interesting point. Clearly if there is an increase in cases it will surely reduce the likelihood of easing of travel restrictions, including cruiseships. If the cases fall ie we have it 'controlled' , then it presents possible options: 1. be cautious and not do anything too drastic in regards to lifting international travel restrictions 2. open up the borders, including ports, with the associated risks Right now, if it was my call, I'm really not sure which way I would go. Leaving aside all the media hype over Ruby, I don't think that public health officials, and public servants in general, will be inclined to make 'risky' decisions with no personal benefits to them, and I don't think for the pollies they see many votes in the 'petri' dishes (not my description).
  6. Following along from home, it looks a little more complicated than that, although there was testimony that she did forget to update, where in her email update with Health she said that things have been hectic (or similar word). The ship was required to provide NSW Health a listing of presentations for respiratory symptoms to the medical centre during the voyage on the 18th, broken up into various categories like acute & mild, with or without fever etc. This was the basis of Health's classification of risk and subsequent actions, based not on Covid19 of course, but on other viruses. The figure supplied for the category the assessment was based on was recorded as 36. If this had been 38 it would have exceeded the low risk category criteria, and would have changed Health's actions as per their protocol. Of course by the time the ship berthed, there were many more than 36, but the decision had been made & so low risk it was. I will leave it to the Commission to determine the findings, but there are no winners. I won't be watching 4 corners. The sooner the ABC becomes user-pays the better. Those who want to watch can pay, those that don't won't. We all pay now, well at least those that work & pay taxes 🙂 I am old enough to remember (as a child) when you had to buy a TV license to watch TV, apparently to fund the ABC, so it would be like back to the future.
  7. At that point the ship had no means to test for Covid19. The Carnival 'Port Manager' admitted in the enquiry that the only reason he had told port authorities there was no Covid onboard was that he knew that they had no way to test for it. One of the first matters upon arrival was to collect the swabs the ship had taken to be tested onshore. The ambulances were arranged for other health matters, but the Carnival Port Agent did warn the Ambulance of respiratory concerns with the two patients &, as I understand it, the paramedics were using PPE. And yes, one of the 2 patients did subsequently pass.
  8. There are reports of the ships expecting to have to cruise with less passengers onboard - an option is to not take bookings for the cheaper cabins under these circumstances, hence maximizing revenue.
  9. I saw a report where RC said that they will focus on the larger ships as it is viable to sail at 1/3 capacity, whereas the smaller ships would need 50% to be viable.
  10. and is paid for from the public purse. The ABC struggles for relevance in the modern world & so to justify it's existence, and the taxpayers dollars, has moved to position similar to the commercial media, albeit with a holier than thou attitude.
  11. First signs of a degree of normality returned for us yesterday here in Penrith. We had both our adult sons & their lovely partners come over for lunch, together with my Mum, who is 85 and lives nearby in retirement village, very independently. It was her first time out of the village since 13th March! It was a triple 'celebration' as during the 'lockdown' we had not been able to get together for Tracey's 60th, Mothers Day for Mum & Tracey, and it will be my birthday on Wed. We all had a good catchup with a few drinks, KFC and salad for lunch and a cake! And then we all went back to our semi-isolation, all agreeing that we should go easy for a while longer. Now back to getting our house on the market as we move forward to our next move (after 26 years here at our 'family' home). Stay safe everyone.
  12. Won't be before 17-Sept 2020 https://newsroom.abf.gov.au/releases/cruise-ship-prohibition-extended
  13. As keen as we have been on cruising & all that that encompasses, even if there is a lessening on social distancing etc as exists on land now & on-going, I think we will all quickly tire of the constraints that will exist onboard, until a vaccine is available.
  14. would an airbridge be held up by skyhooks? It isn't, just a made up term like bubble etc.
  15. OK received an email from the TA which I quote from here with some notes added by me in blue font : Yes, I understand your frustration with all of this. At this stage they are still planned to go head for October. Cruise Co and Royal Caribbean, will be waiting on the Australian Government to decide if “Cruising” restrictions have been lifted. They need to work with the Governments of the other countries that they will be visiting also. So this includes New Caledonia & Vanuatu, although I guess an option would be to make it a domestic cruise??. Personally, I don’t see it going ahead, which is why they have extended the final payment as they have. Original final due date was 16-Jun, now by 24-Jun, so not a big difference. Right now if you cancel as you know you will be up for the normal cancellation policy. So that will be loss of 50% of fare. So, I do recommend that you sit tight right now and see what the outcome might be over the next few weeks. Royal Caribbean are not in charge of the refunds, as its Cruise Co who have chartered the ship, they ultimately will make the decisions here. If I do hear of anything, I will certainly keep you posted. Let's see what happens in the next 4 weeks or so.
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