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  1. I don't even mind if the crackers (or chips) are still in the packet - still tastes the same 😮
  2. I'll be down in Feb & will bring the Crownies. I will be expecting some Jatz & Bega cheese for Happy Hour!
  3. Saw on the news this morning that people lined up from 6pm to shop at K-Mart, and to go to bars & restaurants when the lockdown was lifted from midnight. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I fear for you all in Melb
  4. Thanks for reminding me of them - often had one for smoko. Yes whatever happened to them??
  5. Talk of jam doughnuts brought back some great memories for me of hooking into one, or two! Also reminded me of a valuable lesson my first boss taught me about microwave ovens & how they heat the liquid from the inside. Before there were domestic microwaves, the company bought an early commercial model for some trials in our manufacturing process. My boss decided to warm up the jam in his smoko jam doughnut in this new fangled microwave. Just warm to the touch on the outside, he took a full bite into the doughnut & then launched into a full on attack as the 'red hot lava' as he described it burnt the hell out of his tongue & rest of his mouth. Never forgot that one!
  6. Sort of the same as Eddie McGuire calling Collingwood games I guess. Gould is well known as a big know-all, who will say anything to remain relevant, or at least in the limelight, & is a legend in his own mind. He was a very average player (still much better than me 🙂 ), who made his name as a coach & ended up in the media, writing for the SMH & on TV. For some he is a guru, for many he is a goose. Anyway, I see things are on the improve down there so hopefully some sort of normality can return to Melbourne.
  7. Thanks for reminding me mate! At least now that Melbourne looks to be opening again, the $torm players can go back to where they belong, where no-one will care that they even played apparently.
  8. And I thought we were mates 🙂 It is pretty exciting here this week in Penrith. No cruises in 2020 for us, but the Panthers have buoyed spirits here the the west. I'm leaving home shortly to go to the game, hopefully to watch the Panthers bring home the trophy. Maybe a pie & a beer??
  9. Sorry to read of this. Condolences to you & please take care of yourself and remember all the good times. And please continue to join us on here.
  10. I agree - have not come across any Australian crew on RC, Carnival or Princess cruises, save for some entertainment & activity people.
  11. Not sure. From my understanding we were a long distance from Australian coast, and sighted numerous islands, but they were small. We did see several small boats, fishing and perhaps carrying out some other activities. Someone told me that the boats that sail towards Australia sometimes get into serious difficulty when the weather changes on them, as they are used to very calm seas.
  12. On our Singapore to Sydney cruise [Voyager OTS 2013] it was as if we were on a lake for many days. We just couldn't believe how calm it was.
  13. Always have wondered about the conductor's role. Can the musicians not read the score or have practiced the music, or at least know when to start playing? If this orchestra manages a good job, maybe 2020 COVID-19 will be the end of orchestra conductors 😮 Disclaimer: all my knowledge comes from THE MAESTRO in Seinfeld 🙂
  14. I hope not mate. We've had a good year & here's hoping we can make it thru to the decider next week.
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