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  1. Good man, the mushy peas will do you and Maxxy good.
  2. Princess ships use the liquid egg mix in cartons to make the omelettes and scrambled eggs and for baking etc. A Princess Food & Beverage Manager told me direct when I enquired if the liquid egg was gluten free for coeliacs like me. No it is not GF, evil things in the thickener. Of course they are limited in the number of real eggs they can carry. Hence the liquid egg in the cartons. Probably from China or Japan.😂 The cartons of liquid egg that is.
  3. Is he in the pound then with Brisbane41, Karateman and Sutho?
  4. Yes the US travellers in the Barossa Valley visited a few cellar doors and stayed on a wine estate, cannot recollect which one. They were not from the Ruby but on an independent tour.
  5. I see, perhaps there is a female religious Detective of Egyptian descent in the strike force. 🤐 Yes an expensive investigation, the Commish will be wanting a few big cheques written by the NSW Treasurer. ScoMo may pitch in. Ching Ching, where are the overtime and meal allowance forms.🤩
  6. A stupid statement and that is being kind.
  7. And I recollect Donald T saying two weeks ago, it will be all over by Easter !!! He forgot the year...2021.
  8. Then she says the rules could be relaxed in May. What is going on with this woman?
  9. I have lost count of the Ruby casualty lists, what is it now? 15 dead, 600 confirmed cases and 200 odd sick crew still on board? Our friends down here confirmed positive who disembarked Ruby on 19 March, I mentioned them before, decided to stay quarantined at home for 3 weeks not 2, have had another test a couple of days ago, now clear and have a doctors certificate to prove it. His words to me today were 'I am off to Dan Murphys and Bunnings.🤩'
  10. Sound like your husband is on a grand grocery shopping cruise, good man, you have him trained well.🤩
  11. But David one problem, many dinosaurs don't have mobile phones and/or cannot master the text facility. Smoke signals perhaps?
  12. Hope you got some TP and Long life milk, soak the TP in the milk for brekkie if they run out of Weetbix up there. I have family up at Currumbin and Nerang and my late mother lived at Tweed Heads for 30 years, been up to the Goldy a million times since the mid 1970's. I used to love one of the Qld national dishes up there for brekkie. 'Savoury Mince.' They still have it on the menu up there I do believe. Yes I shop at IGA now a bit, 5 of them within 30 minutes from me, got most things although scarce on TP. We have a brand new Dan Murphy's too, I'm happy.
  13. Some NSW Pollies have holiday houses down here, going out on patrol shortly.🤩
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