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  1. NSWP

    Priority embarkation

    Would be nice, there are a couple of cruise lines that do give priority tendering back to the ship. Cannot recollect who they are.
  2. NSWP

    Princess Alcohol Policy

    Level of enforcement re byo booze does vary from ship to ship, like this year on Sapphire and Royal, no problems bringing on a couple of bottles of wine on at each port. They were only confiscating bottles of spirits at the security points. My experience is that Princess are more stringent with their byo alcohol policy on Australian based ships than on their ships operating from Europe/USA.
  3. NSWP

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    I reckon they will just about fill it Rome to Sydney then might not have any cabins left for sectors.
  4. Three ships up in Moresby re APEC, Good business for Carnival Corporation. Mostly accom for journalists I think.
  5. Sad but good for you Mic, hope the offer was to your liking.
  6. NSWP

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    I am tempted re Singapore to Sydney. Not bad prices, but not mad about Princess Royal Class ships, prefer Grand Class, but such is life.
  7. Perhaps David fixed it, Bridgecam Guru, man of many talents.
  8. NSWP

    Staying logged In.

    You hijacking the thread again Mic ? What sort of pie did thee devour?
  9. NSWP

    Staying logged In.

    Same, but it's not the Germans doing it, you know dropping us out of CC. It's the Martians.
  10. NSWP

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Send the big ships to OZ, the Aussies will fill up the cabins, no worries and alcohol sales targets will be exceeded, lol.
  11. NSWP

    Booking with a TA

    Indeed, did that recently on Sapphire Princess and Royal Princess in Europe, I noticed price reductions so went from Balcony to Mini Suites for original fare, Princess lady fixed it up on the phone, no problem at all.
  12. NSWP

    Priority embarkation

    Smart cookie Mic. Way to go, wait for the rush to end. I think we might wait until 3pm to embark Noordam in April, no priority on HAL for us. My son can meet us and shout us a real smart lunch around the Quay/Rocks. But it will not be a full embarkation anyway, half the pax will already be on the ship after doing the Aus/NZ bit and going back to USA/Canada, judging by the roll call thus far anyway.
  13. Geez, what happened to the 'Western Nights' and 'Island Nights' on Princess ? We had them on Princess in Europe this year, Sapphire/Royal.
  14. Just keep in mind that '3 hour window' of airport transit time - check in - baggage, immigration, security etc and you will be fine. So say 0900 leave the ship, gives you one hour to go through bag collection/immigration/customs and half hour to travel by taxi from Circular Quay to Sydney Airport. Above all enjoy.
  15. NSWP

    Booking with a TA

    We always book direct with Princess and have got many 'refares.'