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  1. As Uncle Les said.😎
  2. NSWP

    Stay cool folks

    Thanks David, a balmy 34C outside in shade at my place, Batemans Bay. Would be much hotter inland, we are 700 metres from ye olde Pacific Ocean.
  3. Maybe the daily hold of US$60 on your card, not yet released?
  4. Retire? But you are only a young bloke in real life, not a day over 40.
  5. Noordam Verandah (Balcony) Cabin which we have in April, has the same set up, bath with shower over. I prefer a walk in shower, but don't like those curtains either. Celebrity Solstice has the best bathrooms, a real shower door.
  6. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were the shipbuilders, if I am correct.
  7. Royal Class ship, Majestic has the bath with shower over.
  8. NSWP

    July getaway

    Triple Glenmorangie Malt on the rocks for Uncle Les. Bowl of complimentary peanuts on the side. Thanks Gut.
  9. Crap port, but interesting shorex. Was there on QM2 in 2017 and there on Sapphire, March 2020.
  10. NSWP

    July getaway

    You are right on there old son. I just mortgaged my hacienda to pay the Canberra Diplomat Hotel bill, Dinner/Bed/Breakfast for 2.
  11. Not interested in the bath, shower is fine, but cabin size is good in a mini. Have one on Majestic, Syd-Singa, but would prefer one also on Sapphire, shortly after. Gut, thanks for your words re NCL.
  12. NSWP

    Whos Cruising and When ?

    Good roll up for Majestic Princess from Sydney 12 March, 2020. Enough heads for an exclusive Aus/NZ Cruise Critic M&G.
  13. NSWP

    July getaway

    Not another party cruise Gut, you are a glutton for punishment.
  14. Send us a few shots then old son, we don't mind, but no thread hijacking with pies, Maccas, KFC etc. Pics of cruise ship tucker are fine. BTW how was Norweigan Jewel, you were just on? Any Freedom Dining food pics? Anyway back to the topic, I phoned up Princess this morning, ask for an alert/notification if Mini Suite prices go down on Sapphire 12 March 2020, Grand Asia. I am slumming it in a balcony cabin currently. I am a mini suite man these days, I like the 2 tvs, one for me and one for her.🤣
  15. By jove you are right, have to get a new one.