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  1. Is that British, Strayan or Kiwi Pounds, young Brian ? 🥰 It has long been debated who actually paid the balance of the migrants fare, the UK Govt to get rid of them or the Australian Govt for wanting them. Having researched the issue, I believe it was 50/50. If the migrant returned back to UK before they had 2 years here, they had to pay back the full freight for the trip, whether they came solo or family. Imagine emigrating with 10 kids and going back early, having to repay the fares. Yikes.
  2. I would have given him a run for ye old 'Drive Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor" (DUI) then. He would have had to have some symptoms at least, gait, breath, eyes, etc, etc. Convicted, fined $2000 and disqualified from driving for two years your worship.🤣 No 556A or Section 10 Dismissal.🤬 Now Mr Gut, are you going to lodge an appeal on behalf of the defendant ? 🤣
  3. Was he big, like 7 foot tall and 300kg ? 😮. 20 scotches should blow at least .20%. Lke 4 times the legal driving limit of .05% in NSW. One of my skills in my previous life was a Breath Analysis Operator.😎
  4. Holiday Inn near the water is good, stayed there a couple of nights a couple of years ago. But all the hotels chains really beef up their prices in Southampton, they have a captive audience, like no 29 pound Premier Inns there, more like 129 GBP.
  5. Good luck, printers are not an expensive item these days. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. They are lucky that they are not sailing between NZ and Sydney this week with 10M seas off NSW coast today. That would be a real rock and roll party to end the adventure.
  7. Thanks for update Wendy. Yes, no doubt some on board have had enough. Enjoy the remainder of your adventure.
  8. Too many quakes there, then you could fall over the edge when the 'big one' hits.
  9. Baxters make some nice chutneys too. Bought a jar of Baxters Tomato Chutney from Woolworths the other day. About $3.50. Lubbly Jubbly.
  10. I am sure you will enjoy it Leigh, with an appropriate adult beverage, drop of nice wine. Yes it is on special at Woollies for $4.80, I purchased a couple of blocks last week.
  11. Princess ships play that on leaving through the Venice Canal. Lovely.
  12. A very tight window. You would need to be off ship @ 7am, processed, travel to Sydney Airport in heavy traffic, always heavy traffic to and from airport and be there by 9am at the very latest. I would not attempt it, but some might. Good luck.
  13. Fray Bentos products like canned corned beef were also manufactured in Argentina. Not sure if the tinned pies were.
  14. 'No worries' a good Aussie term. You have probably realised by now, some of us on here are a 'little cuckoo.' 🤣
  15. Perhaps they were in flight mode, a very modern ship is ye olde Sea Princess.🤣
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