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  1. Not being nasty, nor am I the CC Fun Police, but one is not permitted to mention travel/cruise agents on Cruise Critic.
  2. Noted, you should try Dos Equis then, another real Mexican beer sold by Princess, but more body than the watery Corona. 32C here today, going to have Pabst Blue Ribbon beer soon, also tested as lower gluten. Big American pint can.
  3. But you have to play the yuppy and drink it that way Mic.
  4. NSWP

    re meat pies

    Crikey, those baked beans have some movement. The hash browns and black pudding have already gonzo.
  5. Thread hijack, sister is doing her first cruise ever and is on Pacific Dawn, ex Brisbane, 4 nights Airlie Beach and return. Currently in a 3-4 metre sea enroute to Brisvegas and having technicolour yawn. 🤣 Not funny, I know. 1st and last cruise. We were on Pacific Dawn in 2007 when she was ye olde Regal Princess, 12 metre seas off bottom of NZ had her rockin' and a rollin' but we got to Sydney, albeit a bit damaged. She is a decent sea boat.
  6. You must have the wedge of lime or lemon in the neck of the Corona bottle and it must be ice cold.
  7. Indeed you would reasonable prices. Although I am Coeliac, a Corona now and then, one a day perhaps, is ok, for me anyway, low gluten content, below 20 ppm. Coeliacs who are super sensitive to gluten should avoid. Thank goodness that awful word FourEx or XXXX was not mentioned, they can keep that for the Queenslanders on Pacific Dawn.🤣
  8. NSWP

    re meat pies

    For luncheon today I had Mersey Valley cheese, Blue Banner pickled onions from Tasmania, with Relish crackers and Branston Pickle. Lubbly Jubbly. So now you blokes have hijacked the thread with all this hat/cap business. Here is a ridgey didge one from Uncle Les.
  9. NSWP

    re meat pies

    G&T ? are you a 'Cunarder?
  10. NSWP

    re meat pies

    A Harry's at home, do you get them home delivered mate?
  11. NSWP

    re meat pies

    Now I know why you are a pie addict, runs in the blood.
  12. NSWP

    re meat pies

    That's a bit 'saucey.'
  13. For the North Americans only Mic. But what's new?
  14. Must have been a nutter doing the pricing on the beers, VB same price as premium beers like Grolsch and Matilda ? Actually the premium beer price is acceptable, you pay more than that in some Sydney establishments. A 'Crownie' is $8.50 at my local golf club. A schooner of VB is $6.
  15. Perhaps even Walmart people. Do Walmart have a cruise line, some interesting people on that.