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  1. Thanks for your detailed account on this case. I hope your amicus brief did tip the scales. I'm sure you feel your work was well worth it.
  2. Not sure the CDC has the manpower or budget to do what you describe. If they do, then all I can say is our "tax dollars at work" and how they are wasted.
  3. We may never know the reasons the cruise lines chose not to join Florida's initial lawsuit, but we do know that at one point they were very vocal against the CDC -- as the FL appeal before the Supreme Court states: "The cruise industry immediately condemned the April instructions as “unduly burdensome, largely unworkable, and . . . reflect[ing] a zero-risk objective rather than the mitigation approach” taken with the rest of society. Dkt. 25-9, at 2. Some cruise lines began moving sailings overseas, stating that they were “fed up with waiting for the CDC to allow [them] to cruise.”
  4. Reminder: The topic of this thread is the Florida case against the CDC before the Supreme Court. Let's not get sidetracked please.
  5. Getting back to the topic of the court case, what will happen to scheduled test cruises now that they are no longer required? Only five ships that are set to sail from Florida out of at least 65 have been currently approved under the CDC’s protocols -- does this mean that all 65 can sail now without a test cruise and certificate? Some law professors are saying the court of appeals reversal decision is surprising because the Friday decision came from the same three judges who ruled in favor the CDC just days before. Actually 2 were in favor and one dissented before and n
  6. Question to the attorneys on this forum. What happens next? Will the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta still hear the full CDC appeals case? Or is this case going directly before the Supreme Court? Too many courts and lawsuits to keep up with.....help!
  7. Florida has taken the CDC case to the Supreme Court https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/564615-florida-asks-supreme-court-to-block-cdcs-limits-on-cruise-ship https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/21/21A5/184803/20210723134720313_Application.pdf
  8. Checked in for September 10th Freedom and got all my docs. Luggage tags are not available yet -- doesn't give any date for when they will become available.
  9. The CDC back in May changed its guidance for the return of the cruise industry and it includes a major revision—it will allow guests on vaccinated sailings (those with 95% or more vaccinated) to forgo any mask-wearing onboard. "Sleep with masks on" "forever" ROTFLMAO.
  10. Exempted are hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, ambulatory surgical centers, physician offices and ambulance providers, among many other health care providers. The lobbyists for FL healthcare state they didn’t ask for the exemption but it obvious why they got it.
  11. I’m on the Freedom Sept 10th sailing out of Miami originally scheduled on Navigator. My price stayed the same, as it should have. Checking today’s pricing and the fare has gone up but yours should have remained the same as when you booked on Navigator. Point this out when you call - I’m almost certain they will readjust the fare for you.
  12. I agree. Florida has made exemptions for certain industries and could make an exemption for cruise lines as well. I hope Florida backs off and allows cruise lines to do their business as they see fit.
  13. Key West is challenging the State of Florida's preemption. "But the city of Key West is pondering a challenge the state’s preemption -- and it may not need to do so in a protected, expensive legal battle. It can simply encode the three approved referendums as ordinances, maintains the Committee for Safer Cleaner Ships, which sponsored the referendums." https://www.thecentersquare.com/florida/key-west-ponders-response-to-florida-preemption-nixing-voter-approved-ship-restrictions/article_74a9b5cc-e357-11eb-9824-6b5e4886a98f.html
  14. Thank you. It is indeed a tragic event and one that personally affects me as I have a friend underneath that rubble and live in a high-rise on the same barrier island. It will also affect everyone who has property on the ocean, to some degree. As it will take many resources and time to get to the bottom of what caused it, I don't believe cruise line protocols are of any major concern to the State of Florida at the moment.
  15. The cups look small. I saw one of the robots spill a few inches of a drink once, which isn't the end of the world if you have a drink package, but the main drawback is the bartenders can't listen to your woes. 🤣 IMHO, the Bionic Bar is a gimmick that takes up a lot of space and will probably not last very much longer.
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