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  1. Yes - my boarding time was 12:30pm. I arrived around 1pm and after showing my passport, cdc card and negative CV19 test result umpteen times, I boarded. Got the muster drill on the deck as I was entering, proceeded to my cabin, sea pass cards outside the door and cabin ready. Extremely smooth embarkation. Have fun on your cruise!
  2. For me, the $78 UDP (which includes Giovanni's Kitchen) on a recent FOTS sailing was well worth it. You can even have lunch at GK on embarkation day. Then Chops, GK or Izumi for dinner every night as well as Playmakers and Johnny Rockets during the day. I didn't notice had much it was for a single dinner onboard but I think buying the single dinner or the UDP pre-cruise in the planner, especially if there's a sale, is a much better deal.
  3. At some ports, i.e. Nassau, if you want to go off on your own, they require that you carry the original CDC card with you. So even if the cruise lines had the card on file, the port cities don't, so the answer is you need your original CDC card every time you cruise.
  4. Was just on Freedom out of Miami last week (Coco Cay and Nassau) right before they changed the test from 3 days prior to 2 days. Other than testing prior to boarding and providing proof of negative results, no additional testing required.
  5. On my recent Freedom cruise last week, there was line dancing by the pool, dance contests in Olive and Twist, lots of games and trivia in the Schooner Bar and Star Lounge. None of these did you have to sign up in advance. It was possible to sign up for the shows in the theatre through the app or by phone once onboard but I was able to go to the Ice Show without a reservation with no problem.
  6. They sell face mask landyards on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/12-Pcs-Adjustable-Comfortable-Multicolor/dp/B08K8MLNN6/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=face+mask+lanyards&qid=1632138845&sr=8-13
  7. I got the regular wifi recently and it was slow as molasses. Have you tried the wifi + streaming? Is it any faster?
  8. On my recent cruise on Freedom of The Seas the regular wifi was so iffy and spotty I really needed the more expensive wifi + streaming. I'm not sure I'm willing to pay the additional fee. As I get one free wifi day with my C&A benefits, I think I'll stick with that for now and leave my devices in the safe for the non-wifi days.
  9. It's better to wait until you have something concrete to complain about. For example, what if you get a 11:30am boarding time instead? Or the same 12:00 noon time? Did they specify the date and time the new check-in will be? Do you know someone you can trust with your username and password, such as a family member with internet access, who can login and choose your boarding time upon re-check-in?
  10. You mean the toasters the banks gave out when opening an account? Yep - they need to add those to the list. Coffee makers and irons are covered.
  11. Coffee machines are on the list of prohibited items. From RCI website: Prohibited items: Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas. Sharp Objects, including all knives and scissors. (Note: Personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed. Scissors with blade length less than 4 inches are allowed.) Illegal Drugs & Substances CBD Oil / CBD Products Candles, Incense, Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, Travel Steamers & Hot Plates. (Items that generate heat or produce an open flame. This includes heating pads, clothing irons, hotplates, candles, incense and any other item that may create a fire hazard. NOTE: The only exception to this policy are curling irons and hair straighteners. Matches and normal lighteners are allowed onboard. However ""torch lighters"" and novelty lighters that look like guns are not allowed onboard. Torch lighters emit a powerful concentrated flame, and therefore are prohibited. Hoverboards Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Sports Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks. Flammable Liquids and Explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks. Hookahs & Water Hookah Pipes. HAM Radios Baby Monitors Electrical Extension Cords Dangerous Chemicals, including bleach and paint. Perishable Food & Meat Products Alcoholic Beverages (Note: On boarding day, each stateroom may bring up to two 750 ml bottles of wine or champagne. Guests who purchase alcohol bottles onboard, in a port-of-call, or bring more than the two permitted bottles on boarding day, will have their items safely stored by the ship. These bottles will be returned on the last day onboard for enjoyment once home. Alcoholic beverages seized on embarkation day will not be returned.)
  12. I was on Freedom this past weekend and the internet was lousy there too. I just had the regular internet with no streaming. I guess they want us to pay more and get the streaming. ☹️
  13. I brought both passport and driver's license. Left the passport in the safe and used DL to get back on ship in Nassau. Just needed the sea pass card in Coco Cay. We were told by our tour guide if we wanted to hang out in Nassau we needed to bring our CDC card with us. I stayed with the excursion and didn't need to bring it with me on tour. As others have stated you also need your CDC card and negative CV19 test to board the ship in the US.
  14. Even two. I think Chops by itself was going for $55 plus tip. Tip is included in the UDP. Twice at Chops more than pays for the package. The rest is free.
  15. Freedom of the Seas Diamond Lounge was open this past weekend. I even scored a few free water bottles. They served a light breakfast in the morning and appetizers starting at 5pm. Coffee machine coffees served by attendant. No more happy hour with unlimited drinks but you can use a voucher for a drink. Lovely view and nice outdoor terrace.
  16. I got the UDP for my 3 night cruise on Freedom this past weekend. It was $78. I had lunch at Giovanni’s Kitchen (Chops was closed). Dinner at Chops. The next day was Coco Cay and all restaurants closed for lunch - Day 2 dinner at Chops. Day 3 lunch at Playmakers and dinner at Izumi. Could have gone to Johnny Rockets but that was enough for me. All in all it was worth it for me - I would have paid much more had I not had the package.
  17. I very much enjoyed my JS on FOTS this past weekend. There was no CK so no knocking required. ☺️
  18. Transporting, traveling, handling, out-of-stock and storage fees included. A collector’s item bargain for $10 🤣
  19. I haven't seen them in a while and they weren't on my FOTS cruise this past weekend, but you can buy them on eBay for cheap: RCI Swizzle Sticks on Ebay
  20. On my recent FOTS cruise continental breakfast was free, however, American breakfast comes with the $7.95 charge. So if you are okay with coffee, juice and sweet rolls, it is free. (included in the fare)
  21. I was initially given a 3pm boarding time. I checked a few weeks later and 12pm was available so I changed to the earlier boarding time.
  22. I was just on FOTS and on our stop in Nassau I took a ship sponsored excursion. Our tour guide stated that if we wanted to walk around by ourselves in Nassau after the tour we had to bring our CDC card with us, otherwise we had to go back to the ship. Nassau requires masks even outdoors but I saw many cases of non-enforcement.
  23. I just got back from a cruise (FOTS) and they accepted my rapid antigen test from my urgent care facility. It was free of charge and I got my results in 2 hours.
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