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  1. It was an awesome cruise and Captain Johannes made it even more special. So much so that we've booked another cruise with him back to Norway in 2021. That's a great video and one I'll cherish. We can't wait to go back. Garry
  2. I think on a cruise ship, no matter your age or physical condition, grab bars are needed. The seas are not always calm and I can remember even in my younger days, grabbing on to one when on rough seas. One of these days, there's going to be a bad accident in one of these showers. I just hope it's not me! Garry
  3. We just got off of the Millennium transpacific and had a Royal Suite. There is a tub that is deep and a separate shower. Unfortunately, there are no grab bars in either and I found the shower very unsafe, especially since we spent a few days crossing the Bering Sea. I did not try the jetted tub since it also had no grab bars of any kind and would have found it difficult to get out of. There were a lot of not well thought out things, including the towel racks. They were so high, that a short person (me) couldn't reach them to return a towel. Garry
  4. Captain Jose, If you're reading this, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for making our voyages with you so much fun. We sure are going to miss you and hope that whatever endeavor awaits you is a huge success. Also, congratulations to Captain Pelle. He's going to have large shoes to fill. Garry
  5. gkm

    Azamara Pursuit

    Here's a link to an interview with Captain Carl that was on FaceBook this morning. There's nice camera work on areas of the ship, including the Sunset Veranda. It might be the same one that's on BBC but because I'm in the U.S., I can't get it. Garry
  6. Bob and I will be on the transatlantic cruise and will certainly let everyone know how things are on-board. We're keeping our fingers crossed that everything is better than it sounds. We leave Friday for Miami and will update things when I can get internet. Garry
  7. TakeMeWithYou, since you were on the Quest in February, I'd like to know how things were with White Night? I'll be leaving on the Quest transatlantic cruise next Saturday. Boy am I going to miss Max! Did the music start late on your cruise? Ann, thank you for your reports. I'm glad you're having such a good time even if the entertainment is not up to par. Garry
  8. I also think they messed up when they let the dancers go and will be keeping my fingers crossed that they have a change of heart and bring them back. I'm also disappointed that Max, Ed and Simon are no longer on board. They're going to be hard to replace. Garry
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