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  1. In newspaper here today : ex staff are accusing Viking of not sticking to contractual and legal working conditions. Crew incl officers and captain are expected to work a lot more in addition to their regular working shift : additionally an average of 5-6 hours up to 8 additional hours per day.
  2. Don t know anything about maritime law,but my friend Google says this: Starboard: If any vessel approaches your boat from the starboard sector, you must keep out of its way. You are the give-way craft. Stern: If any vessel approaches your boat from the stern(from behind your boat) you should maintain your speed and course with caution. You are the stand-on craft.Feb 4, 2019 PASSING A BOAT Your vessel: If you’re following another vessel in a river, narrow canal, or marked channel, you’re the give-way vessel, meaning you have the greater burden of responsibility should anything go wrong when you try to pass. Your vessel, in this case, is also called the burdened vessel. The other vessel: The vessel you want to pass is the stand-on vessel. It’s privileged and the skipper can deny you passage if she thinks it’s unsafe (or doesn’t like the color of your paint).
  3. Viking Cruises is not getting good press in Europe ; this is at least 4th serious incident in last couple of years, and not first accident with death toll. Previous accidents clearly caused by Viking, and strong suspicion this time Captain ignored right of way of other ship. Cruise ship in trouble off Norwegian coast with passengers being evacuated by helicopter was also Viking ship.
  4. Just be careful with excursions on sale. We booked one with 25 pct off before our April sailing. Same excursion was sold on ship for almost double our discounted price. However On board a day before the excursions we received a cancellation notice. They gave option to rebook to a lot more expensive excursion with 20 pct discount.
  5. My daughter was travelling air canada from ZHR to Toronto to St Maarten and back a couple of weeks ago. The flight Toronto St Maarten disappeared. Long hour wait on helpline and they said did not know if and how this flight was going to be replaced, just monitor on ‘my bookings’ ! Several days later (and only about 8 days before departure - can you imagine the stress for my daughter if this complicated trip - with all arragements and accomodations booked was going to work or needed to be cancelled ?) she was then rebooked to a flight that left 3 days before the previous flight would have arrived in Toronto !?! Another One Hour holding time on their helpline, but they rebooked to a connection that worked via Newark with overnight (no compensation at all for airport hotel) and then on United to St Maarten. Another flight on the return trip was rescheduled to Air Rouge. All related to the Boeing Max problem. When questioning why no email or other notification was made since it was booked directly with airline, response was that they had thousands of changes for next months and this could just not be done. Advice was to regularly consult ‘my bookings’ for further changes. Can t imagine what if we had not checked ! Could your reschedules also be related to the Max ?
  6. Stupid pricing choices ; We are looking at 14day South America cruise. Cheapest veranda 7600 non refundable, 8800 for refundable with 2 perks per cabin. Difference 1200 for 2 perks. Gratuities would be 400 for 2. Leaves 800, to cover either 300 ObC (!!) or the classic alcohol packages which for us is not worth it as one of us does not drink alcohol and the other one maybe max 1-2 glasses per day (and you can not even exchange for premium non alcohol). btw internet package no use to us either as we are elite plus. Only reason I am hesitant to book non refundable is that I am worried that this rate would not allow us to take advantage if prices go down (as they probably will seen last and this year experience for that itinerary) or to upgrade free or cheap within 90 days of cruise date.
  7. Don t bother trying to book this. We did, however on cruise 2 days before were told this tour was cancelled without any good reason. We figure it was because the price we paid beforehand with 25% off was half of the price for the tour as charged on the ship
  8. LH reimburses taxes and fees on non refundable tickets, which on cheap tickets sometimes make out more than half of ticket price
  9. According to what I read here, Elites now get free drinks in all bars between 5-7 pm as per Cc drink menu. Is this also true for outside aft bar (think called sunset bar?) and on first day for sailaway as well? (I never got info from Celebrity and had drink package last couple of cruises so never found this out)
  10. My experience is that for years it has been handled same ; if booking made thru travel agent, Captains Club will not get into issues relating to booking, cabin, upgrades, changes, etc but will refer you back to agent. Whereas if thru glitches in system no online bookings for drink packages, excursions, etc. they will do it for you over phone directly.
  11. We could choose seats on major European airline when booking with Choice Air, but against fee as for checked bags. I expressly asked for rate which would include this, bus Choice Air rep said they do not have this on offer. This was different in past.
  12. I don t like this new system as I prefer to book with no perks. However don t want nonrefundable rate either. So I am stuck with booking 2 perks or not at all.
  13. We are from Switzerland and use USA TA to book with US conditions and $. Directly on phone with Celebrity US won’t work, even not through Captains Club as they can not give in a different country from US. Same problem online on Celebrity.com : I can give in resident country USA to be able to get in website and can go through booking until very end where you have to give in address and credit card and am then thrown out when country is mentioned. However am able to put booking on hold for 24 hour with Swiss email address and can then phone US TA.
  14. Yes that was also my experience on last cruises. Not bad, although I question the efficiency and net result of this charge for Celebrity ; enter and print receipt for this small amount, have it signed, etc
  15. On Solstice last November it was very obvious that staffing was either down or badly managed.
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