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  1. tv24

    How fast is the WiFi on Queen Mary 2?

    On Oceania a year ago we had good experience with the internet, not as fast as at home, but still way better than Carnival Corp. ships. And I seem to remember somewhat improved speed on Azamara.
  2. tv24

    How fast is the WiFi on Queen Mary 2?

    Sad to read that there has been no improvement. This may be a Carnival Corp. wide problem. We are currently on board a Seabourn ship and the internet is lousy here as well. We are using our phones while in port. And it is true that other lines have upgraded.
  3. Thanks for the update, Mark!
  4. tv24

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    We are on the Quest right now and have enjoyed Earth and Ocean several times. The menus are interesting and the execution has been excellent. On the other hand, we were underwhelmed by the TK Grill. The quality was excellent, but we found the menu to be old fashioned. I suppose you could call the dishes "classics," or the usual features of a high-end steak house. But this is not the way we eat when we go out on land. I would have preferred something more ethnic or challenging, perhaps pan-Asian or even Italian. Actually I would prefer something more obscure that that, but unusual ethnic food is not going to happen on a cruise ship. We will be back to TK tomorrow night and may form a somewhat different set of opinions.
  5. tv24

    The return of Cunard Pens

    Hotels and other places love to give away their pens as a form of advertising. Mont Blancs cannot be expected on any cruise line, even the fancy pants ones. I would guess that Cunard is happy that their pens travel around the world as a form of advertising. Don't you think?
  6. tv24


    Thanks for the report, Deck Chair. We are booked on the Victoria for February and are looking forward to a Pacific crossing. But now I am more than a bit disturbed by the removal of the old Chart Room. The Chart Room is my favorite space of the QM2. I love the design, furniture, and especially the terrific jazz music. I had mistakenly assumed that would be replicated on a smaller scale on Victoria. I guess not. Well I won't slash my wrists, but this is a disappointment.
  7. tv24

    Red Hooked

    We love Brooklyn and now prefer to stay there rather than in Manhattan. So much to see and do, terrific food and coffee and so full of street life. Makes Manhattan feel a bit dead.
  8. tv24

    The return of Cunard Pens

    OMG, cheap plastic pens! NOT luxury cruising!
  9. tv24

    currency exchange on QM2

    Yes, you can exchange cash on board but as others have written, the exchange rate is absurdly horrible. I'm not sure why you would need UK currency as you are continuing on to Dubai. But if you are just spending the day in Southampton, you can use your credit card to buy things or lunch. If you really need pounds, go to an ATM in Southampton, such as at the shopping mall where the Cunard shuttle takes you.
  10. Very nice perk for CC to be able to eat in the Specialty each night. We also like the bar at the entrance to the Prime C as a good place for a glass of wine before dinner while they make our table ready. Discovery is fine; look into the special Indonesian Rice Taffel dinner if it is available. I do think the Specialties are great, food, service, atmosphere. All good.
  11. tv24

    The return of Cunard Pens

    I love my Cunard Pens and take home as many as I can without crossing the line.
  12. At Christmastime there will surely be lots of families and young people on board. It's a very big ship. And surely lots and lots of folks in their 50s.
  13. tv24

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    Very much looking forward to trying TK on our upcoming Quest cruise. We are Northern Californians who have long read and heard of the expertise of Thomas Keller, but have never been able to dine at the French Laundry due to the formidable drill required to get a reservation. Not to mention the high prices. So it will be fun to try out his cuisine while we are a captive audience on board the Quest. Roast chicken, eggplant parm, Napa burger? It all sounds good to me. We enjoyed the old R2 concept, but found it somewhat unrealized, and a bit too precious, so we welcome the change and hope to report our experience somewhere down the road.
  14. tv24

    QM2 TA advice needed.

    The Carinthia is a much, much nicer space than Kings Court. Prettier design, better furniture, and much calmer.