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  1. Ridiculously uncrowded, very different from many other ships at sea. There are moments when crowds form, such as in Reflections when there is super-popular enrichment speaker, or in a lounge right before a dinner seating, or in the Pub at lunchtime, but generally there are lots of quiet places where one can get lost, and there are usually lots of empty chairs in the bars and lounges. Oh and there are usually plenty of seats available in the theater for a performance, except when there is a headliner, such as when we were on a jazz crossing with special performers.
  2. You're correct Phil. We did get our money back from Seabourn, but it took 4 months and a lot of hassle. Better experience from Cunard, but still slow.
  3. Oh and here's another thought...Usually a Verandah on Seabourn costs less per person per day than PG on Cunard. And the suite size and features are comparable (maybe better?) than PG on the Victoria or Elizabeth.
  4. Actually here is someone who does agree with you. I do love the QM2 and we usually travel in PG when on the QM2, but we vastly prefer the Seabourn experience because, as you indicate, the whole ship is a step up, not just when you are in the Grill. But we will run back to the QM2 as soon as we can. No experience with P & O, although we have been warned by an ex-captain from P & O to avoid the line completely. Am I a snob?
  5. Saminina: This little sentence was meant to be a silly joke. Of course one can choose to be alone on Seabourn. I guess jokes are not allowed on CC.
  6. This topic is of great interest to me and I have enjoyed reading the responses. We have spent many, many days on Seabourn and it is our favorite line. We've sailed Crystal twice and had one very very bad experience, so we many never return. First to some of vslyko's questions: We often like to dine alone in any of the restaurant venues and usually have no problem doing that on Seabourn, especially in the Main Restaurant. Lots of 2-top tables, lots of room. We found service to be excellent on both lines, but more personal on Seabourn due to the smaller size of the ships. Staff get to know the passengers quickly, remember their preferences, and often address them by name. Seabourn staff go out of their way to find requested food products on board or to make special-request dishes, if at all possible. Now to my big issue with Crystal: We found our fellow passengers to be extraordinarily unfriendly. We felt absolutely shunned. When greeting fellow passengers in the corridors (a simple "good morning") they frequently just did not respond or even smile. Smiling and looking friendly in the bars and dining rooms got us nowhere, just ignored. On a 21-day Crystal cruise, we made no friends with the passengers, only with the staff. This is a complete contrast to Seabourn where we find the passenger mix to be especially friendly and outgoing. Cocktail hour in the Observation Bar is always great fun. Seabourn is not a good line for an introvert who wants to be alone. Never say never, but I doubt if we would return to Crystal, even though I think they have a good product. The passenger mix was just too toxic. We will indeed return to Seabourn once it is safe, considering the pandemic. In fact we submitted a pre-interest in the 2022 World Cruise, but sadly decided against making the big deposit since it just does not seem practical at this time, considering Covid. Happy sailing, eventually, and hope to see you on board a Seabourn ship. Tom
  7. We heard about these cancellations in a conference call with our TA today. All I can say it that this is all very very sad. We long so much to board another cruise, especially a crossing on the QM2 But the future is not bright. We are facing a decision whether to book a huge World Cruise on another line for 2022. Will spend some time over the next couple of days deciding on this as we have a few days before making a major deposit. As of tonight we are sadly not optimistic. We note Blue Riband's concerns of how cruising has to substantially change. Do we want to spend 145 days on a ship with all the restrictions, plus the restrictions in port? As of tonight this does not seem to be how we want to spend our money. But still so sad.
  8. 145 days! That may set a record. NOT luxury cruising.
  9. Jenni: We too are amazed at how long we have been confined chez nous. Would love to board a long Seabourn cruise, but that is just not practical right now. And sad that these cancellations have happened. Yes, a haircut is an adventure these days. On the agenda is a car trip to the Napa Valley where we will probably not get out of the car. What?
  10. Chances of this cruise sailing? Zilch, sadly. We are all restless.
  11. I'm afraid you're going to have to be very patient to wait for your refund. It took 4 months for us to get the refund that we requested March 15. We did get all of our money, but it took a long time. Cunard took about 60 days to refund another cruise that we had booked. And others have reported that other lines have been fairly responsive. Seabourn is indeed completing the refunds, but they have been very slow.
  12. To JP & all you lovely supportive people: Finally some good news for us...and some money! Yesterday, July 18, we received the full refunds that we expected. This includes the refund for our March 28 cancelled cruise. This refund was received 125 days after we requested it on March 15. We also received refunded deposits for our fall cruises that were cancelled. These refunds were received 79 days after we requested them on May 7. So now we have finally settled up. Still not ready to schedule anything for the future, given the pandemic. Thanks to everyone for your support, especially Mauzac and Paulchili.
  13. I too have been thinking of this issue daily. When we return to cruising it will probably be on a transatlantic crossing either on Seabourn or the Queen Mary. And I have been thinking about that for Fall, 2021. I would also consider an extravagantly long time on Seabourn, but have not found anything inspiring in their current offerings. But we have nothing booked. I won't go on a ship until there is an effective and widespread vaccine. And I also await the cruise lines' new systems to ensure the low risk of virus transmission. Finally there is the issue of crossing borders. Right now US citizens (like me) are banned or quarantined in so many places and I don't expect that to change as the pandemic is far from contained in the States. So for these reasons, I don't anticipate making a booking for a long time. Alas.
  14. Made another phone call to Seabourn today. They are now predicting that it will take 3 more weeks, which would make 140 days after my March 15 request. Not happy and will probably pursue another route to get satisfaction. NOT luxury cruising.
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