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  1. How on earth do you spend $1500 on flights from Melbourne to Sydney and one night accommodation? Flight is only an hour and should be $400 or cheaper, where do you stay to cost $1100 for one night?


    Would like to see how you get flights for 3 adults with checked luggage for $400?? and there is more than likely return flights included in the $1500 the OP stated

  2. These are inside prices


    Ovation of the Seas on Sale!


    30 DEC 2016

    ex Sydney 10 Nights

    New Zealand Cruise

    Ovation of the Seas

    from $1,849


    New Years Cruise


    23 JAN 2017

    ex Sydney 14 Nights

    Sydney to Singapore

    Ovation of the Seas

    from $1,799


    Relocation Cruise


    9 JAN 2017

    ex Sydney 14 Nights

    New Zealand Cruise

    Ovation of the Seas

    from $2,229


    School Holidays


    15 DEC 2016

    ex Sydney 15 Nights

    New Zealand Cruise

    Ovation of the Seas

    from $2,829


    Christmas Cruise

  3. I think that saying "family size" room could confuse things, since 1864 isn't a "family panoramc oceanview", but just the "panoramic oceanview". It's a vry cool room on Freedom, a bit bigger than the other pano OVs, but it's not the BIG family ones.


    (we have it in March, whee!)


    On Voyager 1864 and 1814 are called Large Panoramic Ocean view cabins 283sq ft

    1854 and 1804 are called Family Panoramic Ocean view cabins 406sq ft

    The rest OVs on deck 12 are called Panoramic Ocean view 191-215sq ft

    This might help with any confusion you can view them on this deck plan



  4. The 136ft beam for the Quantum class is the waterline beam. The max beam is 162ft. also there is about a 1,000 passenger difference between Voyager and Ovation although it can be hard to quantify due to definitions of max. capacity and double occupancy.


    Not sure where you are getting your info from but the max passenger on Voyager is 3800 Ovation 4180 (380 more)

    The max beam of any ship is its widest point




    Beam (BOA) - The overall width of the ship

    Draft, Loaded - The depth of water necessary to float a vessel fully loaded.



    But I am just quoting the stats, I don't really care what size it is and that it should be able to go most places Voyager goes.

    But it would certainly be disappointing if it doesn't go to NZ

  5. I registered my pre interest with a travel agent for the 26th november solstice cruise it's showing $1015 which includes taxes , don't know how much grats are on top of this? I rang the agency today they are flat out but said I have a confirmed booking but won't get an email from them till tomorrow so fingers crossed that this really is confirmed. I tried to find the deal on celebrity site but it won't give me the special price the veranda price is not showing as reduced it says there's a special offer but won't show me what that is... I'm wondering if it doesn't like my ipad ! Trying not to get too excited till I get my email from the agent .. ( then have to find my $800 deposit :eek:)


    Your grats will be $12-$13 per person per night

  6. For the record the Quantum class is wider than the Voyager class.


    Also the traffic and people flow at the OPT in Sydney, which could already handle Voyager class and QM2, has been improved with the works and the extension of the wharf.


    Beg to differ but Voyager is wider


    Stats for Ovation

    Gross Tonnage 168,666

    Length 1,141 ft

    Max Beam 136 ft

    Draft 28 ft

    Cruising Speed 22 knots



    Stats for Voyager

    Gross Tonnage 138,000

    Length 1,020 ft

    Max Beam 157.5 ft

    Draft 29 ft

    Cruising Speed 22 knots

  7. One wonders what ports it would fit in round Australia. Not only do you need a big wharf but you would need depth and turnaround capability. It was quite an interesting exercise on how they turned the Solstice round in Newcastle when we were on board recently. Tug one side aft, tug the opposite side bow and they literally pushed us round 180 deg in a circle. Sydney harbour for instance hasn't got a huge turnaround space, I always think we are going to back into the bridge :D


    Ovation needs less depth of water than the Voyager and is 21feet narrower than Voyager so that shouldn't be a problem but it is 121feet {36.8m) longer so maybe that is a problem? And the extra 380 passengers wouldn't cause to much more strain on the ports you wouldn't think?

  8. Hi All,


    I know there is lots of info on drinks packages, but I thought I saw somewhere that it may cost more if you pay for your drink package when you get on board, opposed to pre paying before you go? Can anyone confirm this?


    We are first time cruisers on the Celebrity Millennium in May 2015.






    Personally we pay before we go just to have it paid for and out of the way but seen how you are cruising soon I would wait till you get on-board there is not a great deal of difference if any . Just wondering though didn't you get the drinks package included Celebrity having been running that offer for a while now?

  9. Just one more thing Ellie I noticed in your selections you haven't included the Celebrity Solstice this is a true five star ship and prices aren't much different , it is a bit more of a layed back ship we spent 17 days on it last year and it was the best cruise we have been on, a very classy ship definitely worth a look.

    Celebrity is a sister company to RCI so all the same conditions apply sorry to give you something else to think about but worth a look:)

  10. Another thing to be aware of Ellie is the AUS dollar against the US dollar which is what RCI use for example at the current rate spend $100 onboard RCI and it will cost you $128 aus approx. also when you are onboard you pay 18% gratuities on everything you spend onboard ,and if you don't prepay gratuities you will be charged $13 per person per day .

    I am not trying to scare you away from RCI, that is who we mainly cruise with but to let you know so you are aware of these cost as I said before which ever way you go enjoy

    Interesting chart QzKiwi shows they certainly don't need to take 3 days to get there

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