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  1. Hi all, we're sailing on Radiance in a couple of weeks and I've just been reading some shocker reviews. Anyone sailed on her lately? We're not so concerned about the ship itself (even if she's tired Radiance class are still gorgeous with all those windows), more concerned with the attitude and efficiency of staff. We had a great cruise on Radiance just over a year ago and we had only great experiences but from what the reviews seem to be saying things may have gone downhill since then. We're going to have lots of sea days so hoping to have lots of activities to keep us occupied too. Can anyone shed some light?:confused:


    We got of the Radiance a few weeks ago and I admit we did not give it rave reviews but let me assure you on the whole the staff go out of there way to help and it turns out that they were understaffed on our cruise and they now have full amount of crew so put to rest any concerns you may have and have a great cruise:)

  2. We cruised twice last year on Carnival Spirit. After cruising on Celebrity Solstice I was a bit hesitant thinking it would be a massive downgrade but honestly once you get used to the over the top decore on the Carnival ships, you will have a great time. There was plenty of entertainment to chose from, food was good and both times we cruised with an extended group and everyone enjoyed themseles. Pity you won't get to see the band on the Carnival Spirit, Music Manilla, they are most entertaining. Your balcony cabin would be fine, it is midship and I can't see a problem. No gratuities as mentioned above. We found a variety of ages on board, mostly Australian, and both cruises were plenty of fun. Hope this is of assistance to you.


    Thanks for the replies but as you Parko I also sailed on the Solstice we loved it and tend to compare others to it , and recently got of Radiance and that is why we are looking elsewhere and Carnival seem to have good prices for the one we are looking at, our other option is Voyager but haven't heard many positives about it lately so not sure which way to go but Carnival is sounding good thanks again

  3. Thinking of trying Carnival for a change wonder if anyone could tell if balcony cabin 7170 category 8K is a good choice and do they charge gratuities and have drinks packages also is the currency onboard $US OR $AUD

    Have only cruised RCI and Celebrity before so not sure what to expect with Carnival


  4. Wondering if someone could help with some questions ,we are looking at doing our first cruise on Legend out of Australia we have cruised RCI a few times and looking for something different

    First , looking at balcony cabin 7170 is this ok location and size, next Will the currency onboard be $US OR $AUD And is there compulsory gratuities and finally are there drinks packages available


  5. Have to fly one way though and last week we flew to Melbourne [against my better judgement] and you know who just didn't handle it at all so we have really decided that other than in absolute emergency no more flying, it really will have to be life or death to get her back on a 'plane unless the Dr's can come up with something.


    That does present a problem with no flying as the Solstice only seems to do one way trips? Diamond seems to do a few return NZ trips, but I am sure you will find something that fits good luck

  6. Unfortunately due to some family expenses, plus our daughters next graduation clashing with the timing, it is probably not going to happen at Easter.


    But do appreciate everyone's feedback I suspect it will make our choices a bit easier, also it confirms what I was sorta thinking already.


    With your changed plans maybe you could look at the Solstice beautiful ship ,just got of the Radiance never again , never been on Carnival but you would miss out on Graham checking you in. What ever you decide enjoy

  7. Hi Chez I am sure you will have a great cruise and don't let our experience deter you as I said before maybe it was because of our previous trip on Solstice by the way when we got off yesterday we noticed about 30 or so new crew members boarding so it might be better as far as the staff or lack off

  8. I understand what you are saying Goodycruising about kids we had 700 kids on board and to be perfectly honest did not worry us at all , on the whole they were very well behaved and just being kids and was nice to see them enjoying themselves

    Besides the ships condition we did still enjoy the cruise just not our favourite

    also maybe because our last trip was on the Solstice and we were told that the Radiance was comparable to the Solstice nothing could be further from the truth the only comparison is they both float.

    But I am not telling anyone not to go on the Radiance but just letting them know what they can expect we certainly wont go on it again

  9. We have found the staff tell you all sorts of things about the next ship coming or those going, and some have been right, but was that just coincidence?Sometimes I wonder if it is a bit of a game for them to bait us with all the changes they say are going to happen. Many of them don't even know which ship they will go to after coming back from leave.


    It wouldn't surprise me if they are changing things around, but Radiance has been one of the more expensive ships when we have researched cruises the last few years, so it would seem they should be earning good money with it?


    What didn't you like about Radiance on your trip?


    Hi Goodycruising Basically we found the Radiance overrated and in desperate need of a refurb when you sit on your balcony and paint is falling onto to your breakfast from the rusted out ceiling and varnish from the handrail blowing into your coffee at over $500 per night I don't think this is good enough.

    The bathroom is tiny as is the shower, the public restrooms were disgusting

    The ship seemed very under staffed the rock climbing wall was closed as there was no trained staff to run it?

    One of the glass elevators was out of order for the whole cruise I realise this can happen but there is no excuse for lack of hygiene no wonder there was a gastro outbreak

    I don't understand how RCI can justify their over inflated prices for the Radiance when it is in such poor condition????

  10. Anyone have a problem getting a refund from Royal. Cancelled a cruise on Nov 1st knowing that we would lose the £300 deposit. The cruise is 6 months away. We had made a further payment to reduce our final invoice amount and this is refundable. A month out and we are still waiting despite our TA contacting Royal several times. I'm getting a little impatient now.



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    It took RCI 12 weeks for our refund no help from the TA

  11. Hi, we just booked a cruise on solstice. Really looking forward to it.

    We booked verandah cabin on deck 9.It includes all drinks OBC &gratuities..... A good deal....nice to have something to look forward to in 2015.Anyone sailed conceiege class on ?Your views would be appreciated.





    Hi Col pretty sure you will love the Solstice we spent 17 nights on it earlier this year and loved it . We had a C3 balcony midships on deck 10 which was great , we did get this concierge cabin at a good price but if it was any dearer than a standard balcony cabin I would not pay for it ,cabins are the same size the only difference is basically is the afternoon nibble tray in concierge and a bottle of bubbly.

    But once again cabins are nice and the Solstice is a gem enjoy:)

  12. But I think I may have been the first Special Person to have the red carpet thrown at them, so just how Special must i be?:cool::rolleyes:


    I wouldn't say that having a red carpet thrown at you is special? ,when Mic had his placed for him now that's special , but I think when gbenjo has that pipe band welcome for us on Sunday now that's special:)

  13. Just received our "E" Tickets from P & O for Pacific Pearl, and noticed we are departing on Saturday 21 March from WHITE BAY but returning on Sunday 1st March to the "OPT". I checked Sydney Ports Cruise Schedule and nothing is booked in for Sunday 1st March at WHITE BAY, what is going on?.

    "Silver Spirit" is booked in at WHITE BAY on the day before, Saturday February 28th but is due to sail at 10.00pm that night, maybe that has something to do with it.

    It complicates our disembarkation as we prefer WHITE BAY for ease of short term parking when being picked up.

    Not much we can do about it but, sit back and enjoy the cruise to Kangaroo Island and return.


    Deutschland Sat 28 Feb 2015 07:00 Sun 01 Mar 2015 18:00 Rozelle White Bay Cruise Terminal

    This is why

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