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  1. Thank you, that is very kind of you but totally unnecessary, I am just lucky that my fun,part time retirement job gives me an insight into the other side of cruising and enables me to pass on helpful info to fellow cruisers who otherwise would not neccessarily have access to .


    The limo bit could be a bit of a problem as I am normally upstairs in the terminal doing check in and not able to get away but I can organise the red carpet square if it makes you feel "special":D:D:D ........See you on the 4th


    Well that's a shame on both parts gbenjo , we should there about 11-11.30 so skip the carpet patch and we will settle for the pipe band welcome:

  2. You need to drink 6-8 cocktails per day to break even, most cruise line require all adults in the cabin to purchase the package, easy to do with a lot of sea days, not so easy on port days. happy cruising


    It is no longer required for all adults per cabin to buy the package

  3. Unfortunately for you MY budgetary restrictions may prevent the ongoing practice of complimentary bubbly for cruise critic members, however you will be provided with the red carpet if that is what you wish.

    I could get you a "magnum"but as we have no refrigeration at the OPT it may melt before your arrival:D:D


    Sorry to hear about your budgetary restrictions so therefore we wont put you under any pressure to present us with the red carpet and bubbly but if you could just be there to open the door of the limo and escort us threw that will do

    What we would like gbenjo is to give you a bottle of red or white or what ever you drink as a small thank you for all your helpful information not sure if you are allowed but anyway . We are on the Radiance on the 4th jan hope to see you then

  4. Considering we have no idea what actually happened I believe that all the allegations about suicide and class actions should be put on hold.


    I suspect that those making such comments have never had a loved one take their own life, or themselves been in such a position that they believed they and/or their loved ones would be better off of they were dead.


    Well said totally agree

  5. Hi Avalon007

    Been reading about your experience at Lifou which has been helpful

    We will be there in a few weeks and just wondering If you could help out with a couple of questions?

    Frist up I wouldn't say we are experienced snorkelers but we have done it twice at the Great Barrier Reef where they had sort off a floating rest areas just wondering if there is something similar at Lifou

    And also what did you do with your possession's eg: seapass card , wallet etc while you were in the water


  6. The reason I said it would not be expensive to go from Yorkeys Knob to the Skyrail terminus is simple - it isn't expensive. :) The skyrail goes from Smithfield not from Cairns and I think the taxi fare of $45 quoted would be from Yorkeys Knob to Cairns. As far as I can estimate, it is only about 10-12km to the skyrail terminus.


    Another option is the public bus that runs every hour from Yorkeys Knob down to Cairns. That would be much cheaper but also much slower.:)


    KarateMan's photos of the Barron Falls look good, but I haven't seen it looking like that on any of our trips. When we were there a couple of weeks ago we were told that they let the water out of the dam at 3.30pm every day to run the hydro plant. Maybe the photos were taken at this time.


    Yes that is the price to Cairns forgot OP was wanting to go the skyrail ,you are right cab fare would be minimal , if you look on the link I gave you can see how much closer it is than Cairns but if the OP gets the chance to do the train it is worth it

  7. Hi, DH and I (first time cruisers) are on Top End Australia Cruise on 25/2/2015, we were wondering what sort of climate to expect, I know it's the end of Australia Summer around then, and wondered what sort of wardrobe we would need. Thanks


    Hi Kate

    You will or should find the weather still quite warm , we did this cruise last February and beside Brisbane and Sydney the temps were mid to high 30s (Celsius) and sunny (plenty of sunburnt bodies ) . If you like you can have a look at Gaes thread she has just finished this cruise , enjoy


    Radiance Sydney to Perth 20.10.14 (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... Last Page)


  8. When is the best time to book a cruise. We want to go in April, but the prices are outrages now, when's the best time?


    Thanks !!


    Some say early is best not sure about that here is how pricing has gone for upcoming cruise in Jan 2015 . These prices are for a D1 balcony on Radiance for 2 people,January 2014 $3700 February 2014 $7500 May 2014 $5200

    September $4600, Current price $3250 with at least 5/6 Aft balcony's still available

  9. Could you go to your roll call and ask there? We are on Voyager, sailing on the 29 Dec.The All Access Tour was definitely available in August but sold out fairly quickly. I hesitated and missed out. Next cruise, I am going to book it as soon as I see it advertised online.


    Haven't asked on the roll call only 6 members but I will ask , our sailing is 4th jan so not much longer after you but RCI tell me to wait till we reach the 50 day mark , I was looking to book some specialty dining cant do that either , doesn't matter just do that onboard but I would like to do access tour see what happens when we get to the 50 day mark

  10. Hi everyone again, getting close now...!


    Just a quick question, as I haven't been on a cruise with a 'stop-over' before.


    When we're in Cairns for the night, do we have to be back on the ship for a certain time, or do we even have to get back on at all? Just that I'm trying to make the most of the first day in Cairns without having the worry of rushing back to the ship.


    Thanks, Dale :)


    You can do what ever you want, as in you don't have to be back on board for the overnight stay as long as you are back in time on departure day, enjoy Cairns

  11. mfeld

    Came across this review


    The Radiance of the Seas

    I am not going to give a detailed description of the ship and our time aboard as there are many reviews already that do that. I am, however, going to list some practical information that may answer some questions.

    Cabin 7092.

    · This was a ‘hump’ cabin and had a large balcony with a table and 2 upright chairs.

    · It did get windy when the ship was moving but we managed to eat breakfast out there most mornings even though we needed to wrap up in our warm clothes and a blanket I had requested from our steward!

    · The cabin is very convenient for the atrium and the lifts (elevators).

    · There was some noise from the atrium in the evenings but it didn’t bother us and the entertainment stopped at 11ish.

    · The cabin had a double bed, small bedside tables, a dividing curtain, a 2 seater settee, a small coffee table, a fridge which kept things reasonably cool, a good hand held hair drier, an adequate amount of drawer and wardrobe space, a flat screen interactive TV, a safe and air conditioning.

    · The bathroom was small with a circular shower and the dreaded curtain. There were 2 bars of soap and a shampoo dispenser in the shower cubicle, Water pressure was good and there was plentiful hot water.

    · We asked our room steward for ice to be delivered every evening, 2 extra pillows and a blanket. He dealt with our requests efficiently.

    My wish list

    · Tea and coffee making facilities in the room........UK cruise lines have kettles and tea bags/instant coffee sachets etc. RCI has them on ships sailing out of the UK.

    · Passenger Laundrettes.....this is why I would choose Princess, P&O, Fred Olsen etc before RCI.

    · Proper shower cubicles with Perspex shower doors.......NCL manage this!

  12. I hope you reconsider and look at booking this one! Some great ports that I've never been to! Quote;




    Hi Gae you are right this cruise has pretty nice itinerary but we haven't dismissed it completely , what I meant was skipping the reduced deposit deal and the early final payment ,but we are also looking at the Sydney to Hawaii cruise on Solstice in April 2016 just have to decide

  13. Was planning on walking to our cruise at the circular Quay however just got the announcement about the change to the White Bay cruise terminal.


    Are there any hotels within walking distance of terminal or is there any transportation options other than a cab to get there??


    Very strange that the Celebrity Cruise line is not helping us get to this remote terminal.


    This is from gbenjo on the Wharf extension thread he works at the OPT to a question about White Bay



    Originally Posted by RumpunchGirl View Post

    Thanks so much for this info. We're on the 28th Oct. Rhapsody sailing. I have to say, this makes me a little anxious. We have not received an email from Royal yet. Hopefully we get one before we leave home on the 21st. I'm not sure how much access to the internet we will have once we land in Sydney. I'm sure it will all work out, but being so far from home in a city I'm not familiar with, navigating to a place I was not expecting to go to,(White Bay) is a little unsettling.

    Quote; from gbenjo

    Do not be too concerned about it. There will be shuttle buses provided to take any passengers who come to the OPT in error and will be taken to White Bay for check in I believe you may be able to drop your bags at the OPT as normal but if not it will just be a matter of them being transported on the bus to White Bay with youso at worst if you cannot get to White Bay yourself just go to the OPT as you would have

    There is also the bonus of getting a free ferry ride from White Bay and sailing under the Harbour Bridge:

  14. It serves me right I guess!


    I found a great price on a cruise to Hong Kong that I've been looking at booking but it's not until April 2016.


    I've spent the past hour looking at different websites and downloading information then printing it all out.


    I decided to put down a deposit on an ocean view guarantee as it was showing at just $10 each (deposit) but INSTEAD OF DOING IT ONLINE I called the company and between the time I placed the call and the operator took all my details, the price per person had risen by $550!!!! :eek::eek:


    I declined to proceed with the booking but then went back to their site and found that an ocean view was still available for a great price, just a little above the original guarantee category price that I'd first seen. STILL $500 below the newly priced guarantee!!:)


    So, yes, I booked the ocean view cabin with just $20 deposit for two, and have until tomorrow to confirm my booking!


    MORAL OF THE STORY? If you find an amazing price - book it straight away! You can always cancel later and in this case that would only be $20!!




    Hi Gae

    Not sure but it sounds like a cruise we were looking at on the Legend from Brisbane to Hong Kong , also with a TA asking for a $10 deposit but it turned out that final payment was due 9 months before departure so we gave it a miss

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