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  1. If they took 3 sea days each way to New Caledonia it sounds like they were padding the itinerary by cruising slower.


    Our fist cruise was 13 nights, 2 sea days to New Caledonia, 1 sea day to Fiji, 1 sea day back to New Caledonia and 2 sea days back to Sydney, so 6 in total on the itinerary. Our last port stop in Fiji was cancelled so we ended up with an extra sea day and a slower trip back to New Caledonia.


    The second cruise was 9 nights - 2 sea days to New Caledonia and 2 back.


    Hmmm, must have a look at some current itineraries and see what they say.


    I suppose it depends on how many ports there is that last one we did was 3 days to Noumea next day Lifou next day Villa then 3 days back to Sydney would have preferred a sea day in between one of the ports but that's how it was

    Our next one to Fiji 12 nights there is no more 2 consecutive sea days as I said 6 all up

    So it is just a matter how many ports you have or if they have a sea day in between ports

  2. Ozkiwijj I think you will find that cruises to New Caledonia and Vanuatu with 4 sea days would be cruises no longer than 8 days .We did these ports this year on a 9 night cruise and it was 6 sea days ,our next cruise which is to Fiji for 12 nights has a total of 6 sea days . You could do a 7 nighter and that would be 3 sea days, so with the shortest cruise the op is looking at (9 days) it would be safe to say there would be at least 5-6 sea days

  3. She could dock at Noumea. (I think:confused:)

    Where else in the South Pacific?

    Even NZ ports could be limited.:eek:


    However , a ship like that is a destination in itself.



    Don't really see why it cant go where Voyager goes David The length of Ovation is 37m longer than Voyager but its Draft is .300mm less and Beam is 6.6m less than Voyager Bit of a difference in tonnage Ovation is 30.000tons heavier so iam no expert but by those figures it should be able to do the same as Voyager I think .Nice to have a brand new ship down under

  4. Hi,


    I was on Voyager a couple of years ago and really didn't like it but due to an absolute bargain price and the refurb I've decided to give it another go. Are the E3 balconies on the deck 12 new cabins standard size? I figured there must be something about them that makes them an E3? Got it cheap so don't mind, just curious. Also, is there still a mini golf course?






    All the E cabins are the same size including the ones on deck 12 as on this deck plan



  5. It is not just AUS there is a certain TA that will do AUS and USA and they claim to have a certain % discount but first they double the price ,when I asked about a cruise I had enquired about with them and with there discount that why was there price the same if not more than others so where is the advertised discount there was no reply ?

    But I have been told that all TAs get around there advertised price by simply adding the word FROM so that makes it all legit?

  6. Well I have read many of the recent reviews about Voyager and was a bit worried about our 16 night trip.

    We have been on board now for 7 days, lots of changes on the ship.....,feel free to ask anything so I can try to reply or get some photos for you.....


    Hi OzKruser hope you are enjoying your cruise just wondering if you happen to be in a E2 balcony if so are they good size


  7. We did have this sale which includes the drinks package in Aus but the prices jumped dramatically nearly $1900 more for E2 cabin we had booked before the sale . The sale was supposed to go till 11th April but RCI stopped it last week and replaced it with a sale called Next Summer sale where prices dropped by about $1000 , lots of people are over RCIs sales and going elsewhere cant they just go back to no gimmick pricing?

  8. We have been getting some quotes from a TA today for a Voyager cruise in Dec 2015. The price we have been quoted for an inside cabin is $2892.00 per person, this includes pre-paid gratuities and the Premium drinks package (the Royal Wine and Dine deal).

    I have also gone direct to RCI website and the price for the same category cabin there is $2849.00 per person, this includes pre-paid gratuities, a $300 per person discount and $100 OBC. No drinks package.

    For the extra $43 per person to get the drinks package, it seems like an alright deal to me, after reading through this thread tho I am questioning if I have missed something. Granted I don't know what the prices would be after the sale finishes...or what they were before the sale started.


    The drinks package deal is done it is only available on the US site and no AU travel agent should be trying to sell you it

  9. Yes, great cruise. It is a nice ship but I still prefer the Solstice and then the Diamond though.:D


    Glad you had good time Mic would you go on the Voyager again?

    We are big fans of the Solstice but trying Voyager next time just have to stop myself from comparing

  10. As much as many of us don't like them, the reason you're seeing this introduced is their initial marketing of them has increased sales, not reduced them.


    Also note how these 'sales' with increased prices have been extended and extended and this new 'sale' is initially set for 6 weeks. Again, it shows they expect it to be the new norm, rather than a short term promotion that they're only hoping will encourage some short term specific buyers.


    Just like the beverage packages which isn't financial value for most passengers, but has still been a popular marketing tool that attracted some customers, this promotion also has so far.


    I do agree with what you are saying Big M but it just frustrates me with the sales that aren't sales but I suppose that is the way is it and no one is forcing me to book with them , not during sales at least

    I saw on another forum of an example which was identical cruises at almost same time between Voyager and Solstice both balcony cabins both with Drinks packages and gratuities expect Voyager is $1471.00 dearer?

    So before any loyals jump on me yes I know the answer is go with Celebrity

  11. Looked at the price of cruise we booked 3 weeks ago, so with the new sale the cost is $1841.00 dearer for same cabin category so the Free Drinks package and Free gratuities are easily covered with there new prices (nothing is free) RCI you are starting to become a bit of a joke with your so called sales just get back to normal pricing with no gimmicks, I do believe you are starting to lose customers

  12. Wondering if anyone could give me a bit of info about connecting rooms , we have never been in one before but for our next cruise our cabin is a connecting one .

    I have been reading a few reviews and some are not so good about connecting rooms ie noise etc , the cabin next to us only sleeps 2 so I am supposing it will be fine, any experiences with this type of cabin would be appreciated


  13. This is appalling. Surely they should have told you to pack into suitable luggage that can deal with all weathers or at the very least provided you with plastic packing cubes to keep you things dry (the same thing happens all the time on flights)




    Sadly lacking, surely they should have just removed to smoking verandah under someone else's balcony. How dare they suggest a solution and ask you to move.


    once again a huge failure by celebrity surely they could have organised an island between Australia and New Zealand for your convenience, and transplanted some cities into coastal NZ and Aus or at the very least retrofitted turbo boosters and jet engines to the ship. Huge failure.


    i do feel sorry for you on the buffet and getting ill front but it could easily have been from another passenger and not the buffet. Did you confine yourself to your cabin for the next 48 hours?



  14. Just back from NZ cruise. This was our first Celebrity cruise, although we have been on many cruises I the past,


    Who have you cruised with before?

    It is normally 2 sea days to NZ how many was your trip but you would think you would know this before you go?

    No good with wet luggage pretty slack on the baggage handlers efforts

    As said before you were offered another cabin because of the smoke issues pretty fair I would say as long as it is the same category (not sure what else you want them to do) not there fault you could not be bothered to move so couldn't have been to much of a problem

    But maybe do a bit more research next time

  15. Hi guys and gals !

    Also waiting for an excursion suggestion.

    Any snorkel tour ?


    We were there in January and did a half day lagoon snorkel trip at signal island which was great got to see turtles couple sharks heaps of fish and nice coral , but we did this as a ship excursion RCI so not sure if your ship offers this, also being a half day we then had time to go to lemon bay for a bite to eat very nice.

    One bit of advice watch out for coral cuts 4 weeks later I am still on antibiotics

    not sure if you are going to Lifou is so go to Jinek bay

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