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  1. To us for 2 people it was much more adequate than on Silhouette. There was more drawers which we like to use for clothes that do not need to be hanged.
  2. Thank you. She is so pretty! We saw RCI Splendor (don’t remember new name) and Horizon (I think) in these colors.
  3. Century was our first cruise (in 2003) after moving to USA! First love. We sailed on her again in 2007 after balconies were added. I am happy she is still sailing. Do you have pictures?
  4. This cruise is amazing. Ship, service, food. Even England is still winning 🙂
  5. We were let in at 12:15. 45 minutes before. We needed to stand in line though. I’d probably spend time somewhere else, but it’s ok either way. Cruise is so amazing it doesn’t really matter. We waited for 1.5 year!
  6. We were slotted 1:00 - 1:30. We showed up at around 11 (we had hotel check out at 10:00). We were allowed in at around 12:15 after earlier groups were boarded. You will wait outside of terminal until you are let it.
  7. It’s like that on all my devices.
  8. I’m on Celebrity Edge and we have internet (surf) included with our fare. However I noticed strange thing. On all our devices 2 IPad minis , IPhone 8 when trying to login we get a page to create account etc. On my new IPhone 12 Pro after choosing Celebrity Edge WiFi I can go directly to the internet. (Phone is on airplane mode) Is something wrong? Will I be charged? Btw it looks like it is not only surfing , but streaming internet too.
  9. Cruiser from our sailing which is sailing on Edge now just reported that they cannot do the third leg of their sailing... after sailing Back to Back... I wonder why would they do it if they cannot fill the ship?
  10. We sail with 8 lines (well minus Carnival now) and have our pros and cons with each including X. We had not so stellar experience on Silhouette in 2016 followed by amazing time on Royal Princess. Princess usually is very good to great, but last experience on Crown featured somewhat run down ship and various issues... This was our 7th cruise with Princess (we have 6 with X) and it was unfortunately weaker performance than on Explorer of the Seas by RCI... RCI is our most sailed line, but it is rated lower in our books than Princess.
  11. Oh... Thank you. We are next... We were really disappointed by our last cruise on Princess which we considered top line together with X, hopefully X is keeping its standards. Please enjoy your cruise... learning from last year, who knows when the next cruise will happen and if it happens.
  12. You sound like a cool cruise mate. Yes , we are sailing on July 10th too. 🙂 On our last cruise with X (Summit) my husband bought me a really beautiful Swarovski jewelry in ship store. I hope you will find something special for you generous GF.
  13. Nassau maybe (although it has interesting places), but Paradise island is very safe. Beaches like Cabbage beach, Atlantis itself.
  14. People sailing on Celebrity Edge from Florida now are saying that they were able to get off the ship without visa.
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