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  1. Well.. it was interesting proposition. I thought it would be a convenient way to identify them (I feel whole thing is some kind of sick experiment), but of course testing would be anonymous. 🙂
  2. I am sure it can be thought through. As long as a person is not coughing sneezing at other people , nobody should get sick. We had BLM demonstrations and even riots in Boston and Mass recently .. people were very close, but no spikes of COVID since then. And people were given numerous places to get tested free of cost. (I have my doubts about whole story as in our hard hit state I know exactly 3 person who got sick.. 69, 75, 81.. All recovered... and nobody else.. Yes.. I religiously watch numbers, but many things seems strange). Anyway we adjusted to use masks, so they are not as bad. Especially non medical.
  3. Main point of masks are not to allow your droplets to travel to other people. For this it works fine. We kind of used to it by now. People don’t walk, run in them, they only wear masks when they approach other people. Maybe in restaurants arrangements could be made not to put people too close to each other. Also tests could be done prior .. temperatures taken
  4. I would. Going from 5-6 full cruises a year for 4 years to 0 is unbearable. Masks are only enforced when social distancing cannot be kept and on the ship we rarely in large crowds. Also .. cruising in masks for us is better than being stuck at home.. even though we live pretty close to the ocean.
  5. As for COVID19 I have this feeling that we are greatly over-reporting as any death is count as COVID19 death if person was infected. In most of other countries not all dead people even checked for COVID19.
  6. We visited NF twice from US side when we and then our friends did not have green card (or was it passport?) yet and then several years ago we went to Canadian side and stayed in Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa. Of course it was amazing to have such a close view of NF, but it was fun all three times. You will see it anyway and also you can take a boat trip to get almost under the falls.
  7. That's my fear. We are not cancelling and waiting for RCI to cancel our Grandeur cruise which as of now is sailing without ports so I assume we also can have 12 days cruise to nowhere (although as of now Baltimore port is closed).. but what if RCCL goes bankrupt?
  8. It doesn’t have to happen every time. 🙂
  9. We also have highest loyalty status with one and can work on several others, but DL among some other nice things RCI has is a key factor very often.
  10. I guess it makes sense to cruise around holidays. We usually do Christmas & New Year, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving week, Labor Day and sometimes Independence Day (to maximize our vacations 🙂 ) and as a side effect we get less crowded lounges. Ships though are usually sold out.
  11. We also too busy enjoying whole thing to pay any attention. Loved Elite HH and lounge on Celebrity Summit recently. Btw they do unlimited drinks in almost all bars during HH. Sky lounge was so uncrowded.
  12. The only crowded place for us was Anthem for the first cruise as Diamond. Since then they added overflow so not a problem. We find a table near the window in DL, in overflow or adjacent lounge (VCL) and enjoy view, snacks, drinks for 1-2 hours, then use other coupons in Schooner or Bollero's before our dinner.
  13. Maybe I don't pay attention or just lucky, but we never experienced this. Only read on internet.
  14. Well.. my husband is not a non-drinker, but he always orders Hennessy or Courvoisier brandy (whatever particular ship offers) I do not like strait up drinks so I see what people are ordering and ask Lemon drop is a Martini with lemon juice. Cosmopolitan is a vodka with cranberry and lime juices served in martini glass. I cannot drink gins, scotches as they dry me up. I do not drink much at home at all lately, so for us 3-4 cruises with Royal out of 5-6 a year is a nice tradition in terms of DL. Not only drinks, but snacks and views. Love DL near VCL, but alspo Grandeur's with overflow to South Pacific. On Anthem they recently created a nice overflaw to Music Hall.
  15. In posted menus there are no mixed drinks, but if ingredients are from that menu they accommodate most of the time. We had margaritas, bloody marys, version of chocolate martini, cosmopolitan, lemon drop etc.
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