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  1. I was upset with a shape of Crown. I understand there was mechanical problem so we missed one port and were late to some others. I do not usually experience this on cruises, but it is unexpected. However peeling paint and fuel smell was not something we ever experienced on Princess ships. This was our 7th cruise with Princess. And we cruise on ships of similar age of various lines. Just to give you an idea why I am saying this. Lately we sail more with Royal Caribbean. It is a happy medium for us, but we till now considered Princess to be a superior line. On par or near Celebrity
  2. There were some other things like fuel smell on promenade often. We love promenade and often spend time there on all ships with open promenade, but that was strange. Also I just remembered .. although this might not be even important for majority. I exercise in gym daily, at 6 AM. On Royal class gym is not located above passengers' rooms so it is open even before 6AM. On Grand/Caribbean class it is at 7 AM which messed my plans a bit. Princess still provides more elegant experience that NCL, which I like for other things (but only 90K ships, not Breakaways and su
  3. We sailed with all of them. If it was a year ago I'd say Princess was overall my first choice even though I like/love all of them. We did not have a very good experience on Crown for New Year. I mean it was good, but we were surprised with a maintenance and upkeep of the ship. We liked this class (sailed on Caribbean, Grand and Ruby prior) .. how it is partitioned to give you smaller less congested spaces with pools. But ship showed her age with paint peeling off the walls in elevators. Princess offers amazing and cheap internet. I think flying internet for 4 devices for a week w
  4. Not sure about Grand, we sailed on her in 2012... All Princess ships have one story restaurants. Even Royal class.
  5. We do not have young kids anymore, but to maximize number of cruises (last year it was 6 .. from 5 days to 14 with average 7-8) we schedule them around holidays, and this automatically brings number of kids up... but I'd still rather cruise more. We learned how to avoid crowds pretty well. 🙂 When to exercise, when to attend pool, when to dine. Works pretty well. I do like from time to time seeing lively crowd.
  6. Only smaller Holland America ships Maasdam, Veendam etc, but think they are being sold too. We usually do 7 dayers to Bermuda and for this purpose sailed there with Celebrity (Summit) and NCL . However they only dock at West end.
  7. Absolutely.. In last 4 years we had 2016 Celebrity Silhouette/Royal Princess 2017 Grandeur of the Seas 2018 Grandeur of the Seas 2019 Explorer of the Seas/Crown Princess For Christmas and New Year. We cruise year around, but these were probably the best! So festive, cozy, beautiful, events filled
  8. We walked through Boston this Sunday. Everybody was in masks.. I saw only couple of people without. Even many seated at restaurants had them.. I do not see masks as huge problem
  9. This is sad.. we had cruise cancelled this past summer which had PERFECT Bermuda itinerary with 3 overnights in St George's and Hamilton. However I expected this. Ship was deployed for Cuba...
  10. If cruising starts we will scrap all our other plans right away. It was basically our only way to vacation for 18 years. Last 4 years 5-6 a year. However we do realize that it might not happen for a long time. We even bought camper van (for weekend camping in Cape Cod and Maine), vacationed in Myrtle Beach and also spent Thanksgiving in Mexican A/I . We vowed before never use A/I, but absolutely loved it so we might go again this year if cruises won't start. We kept booking this year and all were cancelled, so we will book when it will be a sure thing. We will vaccinate, especially for cruisin
  11. We sent passports mid August, received in mid October... Already used it for A/I in Mexico. Loved it.. but hopefully cruises return!!!
  12. I guess it depend on individual situation and number of points (how close you are to the next meaningful level).
  13. We cruise a lot (5-6 times a year) and we always get out in all ports unless I have to work from the ship that day) At this point I am ready to have a cruise to nowhere! I'd say Anthem would be a perfect choice.
  14. 1. What is your next 'booked' cruise? - Anthem, January 15 2. What is your next 'booked' cruise that you think will sail. - I hope this one will sail 3. Of all your 'booked' cruises, which one will devastate you if it gets cancelled, or you decide not to go - unlike in previous years I only have 1 booked (as we kept booking and they kept cancelling). We are missing cruises dearly, but at this point we won't be devastated if it is cancelled. We got used to it.
  15. Eh... why should it be on the bottom of the list? We became much more loyal to Royal around reaching DL, because Royal benefits add a lot to whole experience.
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