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  1. I prepay gratuities and tip extra to stewards and bar/wait staff because I am just a tipper. I do not feel that tipping beyond the charged gratuities is necessary, just nice.
  2. Thanks Noreen! That's what I thought but that post got me excited for a minute 😁. It's my first RCI cruise and I keep debating upgrading my JS to GS... that was one of the reasons. Being a cold weather sailing I don't think we'd use it (or the other sky amenities) enough to justify an upgrade. Edit: quoted the wrong person and don't know how to fix it!
  3. Access to the suite sundeck with a JS?! Is that on Anthem as well?
  4. We've booked all of our cruises through that site and always at a significant discount. This will be our first with Royal and with a different agency. The catch is a completely non refundable deposit (booked before covid) and don't expect any customer service from the outlet brokers. If you are ok with that and don't need planning assistance then go for it! Just make sure you check reviews first.
  5. Wish I would have bought more! How far in advance can you get the shareholder OBC?
  6. I had a weird glitch on my app last week switching available rewards between NCL and RCI. A little different but know there's some glitchiness going on. I was able to call and confirm points.
  7. As far as the age debate... just as in pregnancy, they are looking out for passengers' safety not who is going to spread the virus. Elderly are more likely to become seriously ill and they do not have an ICU to care for many seriously ill people. Just like they don't have a NICU to care for premature babies. I don't think banning older passengers or those with pre-existing conditions, from certain zip codes, etc. does anything to move cruising forward. What I think it will take to resume cruising as usual before a vaccine is point of care testing. A widely available, accurate test that can screen everyone before they board with a finger stick.
  8. After reading the back and forth here I bought in at $25 last week. Wish I would have pulled the trigger at $19 but I'll take it. Here's to hoping RCI pulls through this and I didn't throw money out the window 🥂!
  9. Hopefully they will go down when people are not purchasing at these crazy prices! I've never sailed without (since they've been available) one but will do so if they don't adjust.
  10. Right? Yes, hoping for Black Friday. Even at lower prices I think it's steep but the tradeoff of not having to worry about it is worth it to me. I like to have everything paid for and not have a bill at the end of a cruise. I always compare to all inclusive pricing because that's basically what you're buying into with the beverage package.
  11. $74/day for my February cruise... hopefully there will be a sale between now and then or no package for me!
  12. Bartenders should not be serving someone clearly over the limit. However, he is an adult who paid for his beverage package (presumably) and you can't make the call to have him flagged unfortunately. You just have to hope that individual servers will take note if you tell them to pay attention to his intoxication. It's frustrating to watch and not be able to stop it. I get it. I have been in this situation as a family member. I'm a nurse as well and if I see things like this I want to intervene but outside of a clinical setting there's only so much you can do.
  13. We've taken our kids on two cruises (not RC so I can't speak to grandeur specifically) and I don't think that we'd be able to do it in one room without the balcony to be honest. It gives you some extra breathing room especially when there's 4 people trying to get ready.
  14. Your other option for wine by the bottle is to bring your own onboard at $15/bottle corkage fee and have them brought to you at dinner.
  15. I'm just saying atmosphere wise. And my only JR experience is land based. I haven't sailed Royal and don't plan to as long as NCL keeps the value for product that they've offered since we started cruising.
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