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  1. 11 hours ago, TheOldBear said:

    The current bridge cameras have all been out for several years - I don't recall seeing recent announcements.


    You may want to consider rental or used equipment instead of purchase.


    The FZ300 / FZ330 / Leica VLux 4 is a small sensor camera - it is weather sealed, with a constant f/2.8 aperture zoom lens. I would rate it as 'most likely to replace my FZ50'. The compact size, reasonable price and bright lens for the zoom range are all tied to the smaller sensor.


    The Nikon P950 and P1000 are the kings of zoom magnification - they put a huge lens in front of the small sensor.


    The 'one inch' sensor cameras Panasonic [FZ1000, FZ1000mk2 [Leica VLux5], FZ2500] and Sony RX10 series have a different set of compromises. The larger sensor requires a larger lens for the equivalent zoom range, along with larger overall size. The Sony RX10mk4 is weather sealed, and has the fanciest electronics so is most suited for action photos.

    Thank you so much, I’ve been researching all day and still can’t decide to take my iPhone 13 max or buy a bridge or compact camera for Alaska. Wish I could just drop dollars on the Sony RX 10, but a few vacations a year doesn’t justify it for me.  In the mean time, I’ll keep reading and learning.  Thank you for posting 

  2. What bridge camera are you happy with?  I’m heading to Alaska in July and want something with a better zoom than my iPhone.   I can’t do compact camera because I have a hard time with the grip.  Same problem with my iPhone, I just can’t get comfortable taking pics with it.  I do not want to change lens.  Also, my pick would have been the Panasonic FZ300 until I noticed it came into production I’m 2015.  However, it seems to do everything I want it to do.  🤷‍♀️.  The newer model DC FZ 1000 II  is way more expensive, but could swing it.    Any other models that I’m overlooking. Thanks for your help.

  3. On 1/29/2024 at 7:56 AM, Mr. Boston said:

    We took the train in October and stayed at the Hotel Abbazia, around the corner from the Santa Lucia train station in Venice.  It was so convenient and allowed us to maximize our time there without having to shuttle around to get to and from our hotel and train station.  The train station in Trieste was a 15 minute walk to the ship.

     If I understand correctly,  You took the train station Santa Lucia back to the ship?  Did you have to make any connections?  Is there only the one station to get off at in Trieste.  Was there restrooms on the train?  I'm sorry for all theses question.  I'm trying to figure out if I want to book with Holland American in July 2025.  They have an overnight stop in Trieste.  The day tour is $319 each.  Im thinking I would rather spend that money on a hotel.  Thank you for the help.

  4. Thank you everyone for all the information.  I'm so disappointed that the cruise ships can no longer dock in Venice.  I've been looking at several different cruises trying to decide.  LOL plenty of time, booking for 2025.  The RC cruise is so much cheaper than the other lines, I'm guessing because of the proximity to the port.  I will make sure and book 2 nights in Venice with another night in Ravenna before the cruise.  Has anyone looked into the possibility of renting a car one way or maybe Viator tours for private car.  I'm guessing the last one is just too far a trip. Thank you once again as I continue my research.



  5. Can anyone tell me before I book a Venice  cruise if RC offers a Pre cruise hotel package in Venice not Ravenna.  I would like to do a Pre cruise hotel stay  in Venice.  But then how do we get to ship in Ravenna?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Will probably do our own air so I’m assuming no transfers for us.

  6. My grandson is sailing on the Harmony of the Seas this Christmas.  I wanted to give him money for the arcade.  Does anyone know how the games in the arcade work? Do you put money on a card, cash or does it have to go on your sign and sail?    I'm not cruising with them and I would like to purchase it as a gift waiting in his cabin. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated.  

  7. 1 hour ago, 9tee2Sea said:

    this may sound stupid, but MAKE sure the train you are booking is for Vancouver BC, NOT Vancouver Wa.  Made that mistake once when I was waiting in Vancouver BC to board the train back to Seattle.  I wondered why I had found a good time for the Amtrak to leave post cruise, turns out I booked my ticket to leave from Vancouver Wa.  The Amtrak folks were really nice and helpful in changing everything around ( I got the bus back to Seattle).  They said that happens very often.

    Oh no, that would be awful.  Thanks for the heads up.  Right now, I can't find a time that works unless I stay a night in Seattle or an extra night in Vancouver upon our return.  Extra night means for $ for the hotel and extra dog kennel night for our boys.  Looking like I just need to book roundtrip airfare from SA, TX to Vancouver.  But not giving up on the train just yet.  I want the train the whole way , not part train and part bus.  

  8. 15 minutes ago, JohnnyPS said:

    There must be some sort of system issues on the Holand America side.  I have been trying to log on via my app on iPhone this morning and keep getting the message "There was an error with login, please try again. (04ED30C2)"  I have been able to log on to my account on a PC however.

    Oh thank you, I’ll try again tomorrow and see if it clears up.  If not, I’ll do as others have said and call or try from my computer instead of my phone and the app

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  9. You would think that because your first interaction with Holland America is either online or the app, that they would both be stellar.  Not the case.  Booked our cruise online and it was like pulling teeth.  I’ve had nothing but problems with the app Navigator. I can’t figure out how to remove a cancelled cruise on the app.  I want the future cruise 2024 to show up.  I’m not sure what happened but today it’s making me register again and I can’t even get that right. I give up! 


  10. 9 hours ago, oakridger said:



    I was responding with the picture to @afdds who was talking about #7125 which is down the hall a bit from the elevator/stair lobby.


    It really wasn't noisy near the elevators on Rotterdam where I was last.



    Thank you Nancy for the reply. We were originally booked with an inside cabin on the Eurodam and they we decided to switch to Kogingsdam. Also decided to go for the balcony.  Glad to know noise won’t be an issue 

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  11. On 7/29/2023 at 7:20 PM, Crew News said:

    You are correct on jeans, sport pants, and capri pants are acceptable in the MDR.  On Gala Nights, the MDR rquires a collared shirt and slacks for males.


    No shorts in the Pinnacle Grill but almost all other casual clothing is acceptable.  Many wear sport jackets but are not required.


    Here is a link to your MDR menus:  Alaska 7-Day MDR Menus

    Wow thank you so much for the MDR file . Everything looks yummy!  I didn’t realize that you could pay extra for certain items.   This may seem silly, but what month should I check back for Kogingsdam Alaska 2024?  I’m just a little excited! Thanks again for the great information.

  12. On 8/6/2023 at 10:12 PM, PrincessBelle39 said:

    Hi Everyone

    We've just booked our first HAL cruise, having previously cruised on Disney and more so, Royal Caribbean.  So I know over the next ten months I'm going to have a tonne of questions.

    Firstly, we booked cabin 7140 which opens directly onto the stairs and elevators.  7182 is also available and about the 2nd or 3rd last cabin on the port side. Just wondering if we would be better off changing.  Has anyone had one of these cabins that opens to the stairs and found an issue with too much noise?  I'm probably overthinking but I am a bit of a planner and love to go over every detail.

    We are on an Alaskan cruise leaving Vancouver on 1 June visiting Juneau, Skagway, Ketchican and Glacier Bay.


    Hi, I just booked 7125 which is just around the corner from the stairwell. I was wondering about the noise level also.  However, I figured it’s an easy two floor climb for morning coffee and downhill to the dining room. Following…

  13. 4 hours ago, psuboater said:

    I've taken this route and have loved it. Are you trying to take the train same day as when you're leaving however? I'd leave at least an overnight from taking the train to boarding the cruise. They're usually reliable and on time, but that route is prone to mudslides in the fall/spring. 

    Otherwise, it's a relaxing way to get between the two cities, with a lot of the route right on the water. 

    I’m thinking fly in early to Seattle , take the train that afternoon and spend two nights in Vancouver.  For some reason , I’m just not comfortable doing only an overnight.  Never know what might happen.  On the other hand hotels are crazy expensive in Vancouver compared to Galveston , Tx

  14. Hi everyone, We booked Kogingsdam from Vancouver in 2024.  I would like to use my Southwest airline Companion pass into Seattle.  Has anyone taken the Amtrak Cascades into Vancouver?  Or would it be better to take a Canadian Airline flight?  I don’t mind the time on the train. Just thought the scenery might be nice. 

  15. 20 hours ago, RuthC said:

    Don't be so sure. 
    I have no idea what logic (if any) HAL uses to assign check-in times, but as a cave dweller myself, I have not had a late check-in time. 

    If you plan to get there some time after noon-ish, or a bit after, then you should not have a long wait. 

    I love it!  "Cave Dweller".  I sure hope it will be a nice enough space.  We have only done inside once before.  I will need to return a car rental so I'm guessing not too much before noon.  Do you know if we board after the MD closes, can we get anything to eat before dinner time?    I'm also guessing that the buffet area is open all the time.  Thanks

  16. 16 hours ago, Haljo1935 said:

    Hey @afdds as @RuthC said, no need for you to babysit your booking for a check-in time or boarding group  - both are automatic and will be at the top of your boarding pass in the Navigator App.

    Also, once you are on board, you're welcome to go drop off your carry-on bags in your cabin whether it's ready or not. You are then free to go explore the ship and eat lunch. No need to camp out anywhere waiting for your cabin, like they do on some other cruise lines. 


    Thank you so much.  That is great news about HAL not locking the hallway doors until all cabins are ready.  That makes "carry on" so much easier.  Just out of curiosity , is this a HAL ship or another line.  Because this happens all the time on RC and Carnival.

  17. On 7/7/2023 at 9:11 PM, SuzWillCruise said:

    On our cruise two weeks ago we had fixed early and were in the upper. (We were at a table for two surrounded by large tables, some of which had small children who weren’t really ready for prime time yet.  It was not what we really wanted to celebrate our anniversary. I think we need to pick a non “school is out” date to celebrate in the future!)

    Oh No, That is awful.  Our next cruise is July 2024 for our 39th anniversary.  My husband is retired so we usually cruise in May.  However, with Alaska and our anniversary, I picked July.    Non school out is usually our go too also.

  18. 2 minutes ago, RuthC said:

    HAL assigns times. Several times before they settle on one for any given passenger, as a matter of fact. No need to stay up past your bedtime (or come in early from a night on the town) to get a request in. 

    In most embarkation ports (San Diego being a rigid exception), you can come earlier than your assigned check-in time (which it really is, rather than a 'boarding' time), and will not be held back. 
    Be aware that there are several categories of passengers who have priority to board, so there will be more crowds earlier. 

    Thank you Ruth,  that was the explanation I was looking for.  Carnival will turn you away or so they say if you arrive earlier than you are assigned to.  At least that is the case with the door monitor in Galveston.   LOL I'm sure I will get a late time because we have an inside cabin.  I don't sleep every well and need it  to be pitch black.  Also, I figured we would be up on deck most of the time. We always book the balcony category but never use it.  Our last cruise was in May on the Allure of the Seas and I swear I didn't sit in the chair at all.  I stood outside for 5 min or so, but that was it.   Well, at least this time around I don't have to get up and run to the computer.  I'll let HAL do all the work for me.   Thanks for answering.

  19. On 7/7/2023 at 9:05 PM, SuzWillCruise said:

     On Carnival we like the Spirit class best for the same reason. I don’t need a shopping mall or go karts on my cruises!

    I took advantage of the $1.00 deposit day and booked the Eurodam for July 2024.  We also don't need shopping malls or go karts.  Just beautiful ports and cooking anything that doesn't involve me!   I'm on vacation!  

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