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  1. 4 hours ago, psuboater said:

    I've taken this route and have loved it. Are you trying to take the train same day as when you're leaving however? I'd leave at least an overnight from taking the train to boarding the cruise. They're usually reliable and on time, but that route is prone to mudslides in the fall/spring. 

    Otherwise, it's a relaxing way to get between the two cities, with a lot of the route right on the water. 

    I’m thinking fly in early to Seattle , take the train that afternoon and spend two nights in Vancouver.  For some reason , I’m just not comfortable doing only an overnight.  Never know what might happen.  On the other hand hotels are crazy expensive in Vancouver compared to Galveston , Tx

  2. Hi everyone, We booked Kogingsdam from Vancouver in 2024.  I would like to use my Southwest airline Companion pass into Seattle.  Has anyone taken the Amtrak Cascades into Vancouver?  Or would it be better to take a Canadian Airline flight?  I don’t mind the time on the train. Just thought the scenery might be nice. 

  3. 20 hours ago, RuthC said:

    Don't be so sure. 
    I have no idea what logic (if any) HAL uses to assign check-in times, but as a cave dweller myself, I have not had a late check-in time. 

    If you plan to get there some time after noon-ish, or a bit after, then you should not have a long wait. 

    I love it!  "Cave Dweller".  I sure hope it will be a nice enough space.  We have only done inside once before.  I will need to return a car rental so I'm guessing not too much before noon.  Do you know if we board after the MD closes, can we get anything to eat before dinner time?    I'm also guessing that the buffet area is open all the time.  Thanks

  4. 16 hours ago, Haljo1935 said:

    Hey @afdds as @RuthC said, no need for you to babysit your booking for a check-in time or boarding group  - both are automatic and will be at the top of your boarding pass in the Navigator App.

    Also, once you are on board, you're welcome to go drop off your carry-on bags in your cabin whether it's ready or not. You are then free to go explore the ship and eat lunch. No need to camp out anywhere waiting for your cabin, like they do on some other cruise lines. 


    Thank you so much.  That is great news about HAL not locking the hallway doors until all cabins are ready.  That makes "carry on" so much easier.  Just out of curiosity , is this a HAL ship or another line.  Because this happens all the time on RC and Carnival.

  5. On 7/7/2023 at 9:11 PM, SuzWillCruise said:

    On our cruise two weeks ago we had fixed early and were in the upper. (We were at a table for two surrounded by large tables, some of which had small children who weren’t really ready for prime time yet.  It was not what we really wanted to celebrate our anniversary. I think we need to pick a non “school is out” date to celebrate in the future!)

    Oh No, That is awful.  Our next cruise is July 2024 for our 39th anniversary.  My husband is retired so we usually cruise in May.  However, with Alaska and our anniversary, I picked July.    Non school out is usually our go too also.

  6. 2 minutes ago, RuthC said:

    HAL assigns times. Several times before they settle on one for any given passenger, as a matter of fact. No need to stay up past your bedtime (or come in early from a night on the town) to get a request in. 

    In most embarkation ports (San Diego being a rigid exception), you can come earlier than your assigned check-in time (which it really is, rather than a 'boarding' time), and will not be held back. 
    Be aware that there are several categories of passengers who have priority to board, so there will be more crowds earlier. 

    Thank you Ruth,  that was the explanation I was looking for.  Carnival will turn you away or so they say if you arrive earlier than you are assigned to.  At least that is the case with the door monitor in Galveston.   LOL I'm sure I will get a late time because we have an inside cabin.  I don't sleep every well and need it  to be pitch black.  Also, I figured we would be up on deck most of the time. We always book the balcony category but never use it.  Our last cruise was in May on the Allure of the Seas and I swear I didn't sit in the chair at all.  I stood outside for 5 min or so, but that was it.   Well, at least this time around I don't have to get up and run to the computer.  I'll let HAL do all the work for me.   Thanks for answering.

  7. On 7/7/2023 at 9:05 PM, SuzWillCruise said:

     On Carnival we like the Spirit class best for the same reason. I don’t need a shopping mall or go karts on my cruises!

    I took advantage of the $1.00 deposit day and booked the Eurodam for July 2024.  We also don't need shopping malls or go karts.  Just beautiful ports and cooking anything that doesn't involve me!   I'm on vacation!  

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  8. 19 hours ago, jeh10641 said:

    My last cruise on Rotterdam, my boarding time changed several times but it was not a problem to board earlier (Port Everglades). As a heads up, Princess (or Norwegian) today announced NO BOARDING times beginning Aug. 1, 2023. These things can change like a tidal wave.



    wow, maybe I'm waisting my time searching for an answer to a question I have.   We have never cruised with HAL.  With other cruise lines, as soon as they release your docs , you sign up for a boarding time. If they release the docs at midnight, you better be online at midnight to get an early time.   Looking for information on HAL and the way that you get your boarding time.  Is it assigned or do you select?  Thanks for the help.  

  9. 15 hours ago, Haljo1935 said:

    Agree you see more on the one way itineraries; however, every RT Seattle Inside passage cruise we do always includes Glacier Bay. We most recently did it this year April 29 - May 6 Eurodam. 

    Thank you guys for all the help.  We decided to do the Seattle RD trip because I'm hoping to get the SW companion pass into Seattle.  Also if we enjoy the cruise, next time I want to book the one way with extra few days in the interior of Alaska.  HAL has so many different ones.  Booked on the Eurodam in July 20204

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  10. New to HAL. Never been to Alaska.  Trying to make some Alaska decisions. Pros and Cons of Vancouver vs Seattle Round trip?   We are from Texas, so I’m assuming flying into Seattle would be cheaper.  Has anyone taken the Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver?   If you fly into Vancouver, what airline did you use.  Not really interested in having HAL book our airfare. Thanks for the help.

  11. Wow what can I say.  I jumped back on CC to find more information about the Kongsingdam and Alaska, and I found you!  No it was NOT boring. Thank you for posting.  We have never sailed with HAL before or been to Alaska.  Soaking up information like a sponge. Couple of quick questions. 1. You talked about going through customs or immigration at boarding time.  Is this different because you start in Vancouver vs Seattle?  Going back and forth between a Seattle vs Vancouver Round trip.  2. What is this orange room or club, is it a speciality dining room?    3. Question about renting the car.   We have cruised many times and we have always booked our excursions not booked through the ship.  For some reason, I’m sure it’s just the unknown, but I’m more worried about doing this on our own.  Making it back to port in time.  Don’t want to be running down the pier.  Anyway, did you feel totally comfortable driving to the lake and back.  Would love to do more interior site seeing.  No desire for shop at Diamonds International!  Thank you once again for your great review.


  12. Sorry this will be my first booking with HAL.  Are you guys saying next week there will be deposits of only $1.00?  We want to book a July 2024 cruise.  
    Our anniversary is in a few days, so our 2023 gift will be the booking and 2024 gift will be the cruise.  Win win!   I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

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  13. 5 hours ago, llarsen said:

    Hi, Glad to hear you had a good experience there. Did you by chance dock in Mahogany? If so, is it a very long walk to the gates, then down to where drivers are waiting? Did you also do the Sloths add on?

    I'm just hoping it's sunny and warm and not raining that day in port. Thanks! 

    We have always docked at Mahogany ,  it was a walk but I’m not in the best of shape and it’s nothing worth worrying about.  Once outside the gate , it’s easy to spot their shirts. They will group a few couples together and you might have to wait a few minutes for others.  Last time it was rainy or had rained that morning,  I stepped right in a road pot hole and was covered in mud.  Didn’t ruin my day, because I knew were I was going!  We did not add on the sloths.  So much to see and do   Remember it might rain, but the sun always comes out!  Have fun!

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    5 hours ago, llarsen said:


    Please post your experience if you contact Larissa and visit Little French Key Resort.

    I will also post after we visit next month.

    TripAdvisor also has recent reviews.


     Following , Can’t wait to hear what you experienced.  We love the port stop and it’s all because of Little French Key Resort.  We have been back many times.  Pick up is easy, and they will make sure you leave in plenty of time to get back on board.  We have not been back since Covid and can’t wait for our return visit in May.   Just want to add that I also agree with other replies , that we would not miss all the exotic animals.   Location, Location, Location … the place is heavenly.


  15. Thanks for all the help exactly what I was looking for. Last thing on To Do List is calling Verizon. I need to keep in touch with my single daughter and grandchild. Does anyone know of a spot where I can send a quick text message while in port?

  16. Excited to be going in May! Let's talk cash and how much I might need. I know I need the balance, 17 for taxi each way, and some tip money! How much did you tip your waiter? Does the 17.00 taxis ride include the tip? I have to go read my receipt, but I need the balance in cash right? I'll take my own towel and float. Anything I'm missing ???

    Thanks for the help.

  17. Thank you. We have already purchased the Mystery Dinner on the first night in the Italian restaurant, and the Lafite Wine tasting. I will be on the lookout for the sushi class.


    @Robtx100, I noticed you already booked your speciality reservations for June 2015. We are sailing in May 2015 on the Navigator and the reservations don't seem to be open. When I click on the RC link it states....there seems to be a problem, you are either booking too early or too late.


    How did you get your reservations for June?


    Thank you for your help!

  18. Aloha CoolChange37,

    We lived in Hawaii Kai (Honolulu) for three years. Relax, you can't get lost. Ala Moana Blvd is a no brainer. You will be able to see the ship from the road. Unless, they have changed things in the last 18 months, there will only be one mega ship in port at a time.


    Are you arriving a day or so early? If so, if you have any questions ask away!


    Off the top of my head.....

    Don't pay the online companies that deliver your lei at the airport. The airport has their own lei stand on the outside of the airport. Half the price and much fresher. And they love to barter for the price. Road underneath the elevated airport entrance ramps. Or all CVS stores have them.


    Rental Cars....ouch! Cars are not at airport. Shuttles. Alamo is a cluster. I know they are the cheapest on the island but not a nice way to start your vacation. The line to get your car is alway a nightmare.

    Ask away!

  19. Aloha!

    We lived in Hawaii Kai (Honolulu) for three years. I think you would have a better time flying into Honolulu and then cruising with NCL. Yes, it's port heavy and a world wind of port after port but a great way to see each island. If you like relaxing...I would fly into Honolulu and stay at the Marriott Ko Olina for two or three nights. It's outside of Honolulu and perfect if you don't like crowds.

    I don't think you will notice that much difference in the service on board...no matter what flag they are flying. We had a wonderful time!

    I miss seeing NCL every Saturday night cruise right by our house.

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