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  1. I have been bringing my CPAP on HAL cruises for years, and have always had to pay for my distilled water. Never has it been gratis.
  2. The point I apparently didn't make well is that the Voyage of the Vikings is an offering of long standing. Other than the pandemic years, it is routinely offered once in the summer, and barring unforeseen circumstances, should be offered again.
  3. Except for 2020, HAL has done the Voyage of the Vikings as far back as 2003. I expect there is an excellent chance they will plan it for 2023, too.
  4. I never heard of that. I started as a 4* when the star system started, and was a 5* when it was expanded. In any of those 'new' perqs, I never heard of getting advance notice on anything.
  5. You need to scroll up and reread the thread. That question was essentially asked, and answered to the best of the poster's ability.
  6. These are the people YOUR life could depend on to do the right thing in case of a real emergency. Scary.
  7. Currently there are only two ships in the fleet that have muster inside; a third will be joining the fleet in a few months. The other eight ships are all outside, by your lifeboat, for muster. Those are likely to be handled differently if they return to service during the covid crisis. In either case, it can be expected there is a different procedure, especially on these initial cruises, so the question of how is muster handled now, is a good one.
  8. You need to give it enough time for your purchase to be processed, and for you to get some paperwork confirmation of that. Plus you need to allow time to send in the proof, make the request, and have it processed. I don't know how much time either is taking these days, but I would want to give myself a good 2-3 weeks to make sure everything is completed properly. Longer would be better. However, there is no minimum amount of time set in the rules.
  9. A Piano Bar and Duel Pianos are two totally different concepts. They are not at all the same. I, too, miss the Piano Bars. I would even accept the Piano Lounges that the R-class ships had, but there was nothing like the true Piano Bars on the original configurations of the S-class ships, and even the Vista ships.
  10. Not always. I have had a few connecting cabins over the years, and never had problem with any of them, no matter which class of ship I was on.
  11. Definitely worth it, and a genuine act of love. But the poster was asking about a transport chair, which is even more difficult than a full wheelchair!
  12. Don't transport chairs have small wheels? If so, you don't want to be pushing someone in such a chair over all the carpeting on the ship. It's tiring enough pushing a full size wheelchair with the large wheels! Plus, you have to consider the raised metal at various places on the ship. Does a transport chair have something for you to push your foot on to raise the front wheels? I don't remember them having that feature. A friend used to push her mother in a wheelchair all day, and collapsed into bed exhausted early every evening.
  13. I agree that is how it is. Many times I see posts from people saying that sometimes you have to wait a long time, so HAL can fill a bus. But they also say they don't do the HAL transfers, so they really wouldn't know. More than once I have been put in a taxi or hired car and taken to the hotel. I have also been put in a small van with others going to the same hotel. The times I have transferred in a large bus, the bus has always filled quickly, as there were so many people coming off the same flight, or two flights arriving about the same time.
  14. Same things you can do on a laptop. Except a laptop has a larger screen that you can actually read.
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