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  1. I don't know as I have never stayed that far forward on starboard side.
  2. Every HAL cruise has an Orange Night. Your Navigator will adjust and list two 'dressy' nights closer to the cruise, or when you board. I have never seen tables for 11/12. Ask for two tables for 6, next to each other, then mix it up every night! I have done that with various groups of friends several times, and it is a lot more fun that way. With 5/6 at a table, you can actually talk to each other. Changing tables each night allows you to sit and chat with everyone. Being next to each other allows for some chatting back and forth.
  3. I've been in many of those cabins, on all of the Vista and Signature ships, many times. I was on port side, probably under the Casino once; all the other times I was on starboard. Most of the time I try to book closer to the mid-ship elevators. All the cabins you mentioned are well aft of the exits to the showroom; shouldn't be any noise from there. I have never had any problem with noise, although friends on port side, under what is now the Rolling Stone Lounge, heard noise a great deal until that bar closed. There are about 5 cabins, on port side, that hear that reverberating Boom-Boom-Boom; starboard is fine. I've stayed in J-1043 several times on the variety of ships, and love it there. I wouldn't want to go much further forward than the next cabin (J-1037).
  4. I detest coming up to the Lido for breakfast, not a drop of coffee yet in me, and listening to that awful 'music' coming out of the speakers. Can't they let me regain consciousness in peace??? I realize the crew likes to hear the music, and it is great for their morale, but the passengers should come first.
  5. Never. But then I sleep like the dead. The bed's headboard is against the cross passageway. The desk and a closet are on the stair side of the cabin. The bathroom and the other closets are against the crew passageway. On the Rotterdam there was even an extra outlet on the long passageway wall! But the other three R-class ships didn't have that feature.
  6. Then you must be in cabin 2619---my favorite cabin on all the R-class ships ever in the fleet. Stayed in them many, many times. Yes, it is larger than the other insides by a decent amount. The distance between the couch and the desk is large enough for dancing. Personally, I wouldn't care if the bathroom had been remodeled or not, so long as all the features in it work. That cabin always had a large enough shower, a vanity much larger than the outside and higher classes of cabins, with a longer shelf for storage.
  7. Impossible, actually, so HAL shouldn't even try. Let those of us who want peace & quiet have that, while those who want music use earbuds. Other than my cabin, the only place I have been able to find the sounds of silence is sitting on a deck chair on the promenade. The Pinnacle class ships doesn't even offer that. 😒
  8. Not on this cruise, as the PVSA didn't apply. The cruise originated in Japan, not the US. Even if it had originated in the US, at a different port than the disembarkation port, the ship/passengers would have met the 'distant foreign port' rule by stopping in Japan.
  9. Welcome back to dry land that won't get sea splashed overnight! Have a safe flight home. Thank you both so much for letting us ride along with you. Your adventures are fun to join in on, as you get a lot out of your travels. I'm looking forward to reading all about your next cruise!
  10. 'Most' isn't all. There are passengers who still 'need' access to a computer on a ship. I have never been on a ship that didn't have at least some, including a Pinnacle class ship. I haven't been on the Noordam in quite a few years, but I understand the library was never removed from this ship. The computers used to be in the library. On the other Vista ships, last I knew, there were some computers on Deck one, across the atrium from the Front Desk.
  11. Entirely different class of ships. Also an entirely different class of cabins. Not at all the same.
  12. The Volendam inside and outside cabins never had the TVs on the desk. They were always on the shelf above the desk, leaving plenty of useable space below. The great thing about leaving them there is that they can still be seen from the couch, unlike the cabins where the couch is below the TV, which is opposite the bed!
  13. I've been in 2619, one deck down and starboard, instead of port side, many times on all the R-class ships. It, too, backs up to the staircase. Never heard any noise coming from it, or from the elevator access area.
  14. It isn't paying for the cruise that gets you nights aboard credited. It's actually being aboard. If you pay for the cruise and don't sail, but don't get any money back, either, you do not get credits toward Mariner status (ask me how I know). So, if you sail, but don't pay out of your own pocket, it's only fair that you do get the Mariner credits. Besides, if someone gifts you a cruise, and you do sail, you get the credits! It isn't who pays that matters, it's that HAL is paid. When a passenger gets a 'free' cruise for having gambled, HAL gets paid by the Casino Division, so granting Mariner credits is justified.
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