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  1. I found your question extremely clear. You asked if the gala night menus repeated. Can't get any clearer than that. I have been on longer cruises in recent years, but they were Collector's Cruises, so the menus necessarily repeated---after all, they are really separate cruises. It's been too many years since I have been on a true 35-day cruise for me to remember if the gala night menus repeated or not. Wish I could help more.
  2. I wouldn't want anyone who does not know the ships, and is considering booking on one of them, to think a guarantee holds the possibility you posted. There are, of course, downsides to most every cabin category (Penthouse Suite may be an exception), but the one we're discussing isn't one of them.
  3. You won't find a BC cabin on the Volendam under a galley or the theatre. The cabin is on a higher deck.
  4. I have sailed extensively on HAL, and took a 'one and done' cruise on Oceania. The Oceania ship (Riviera) was gorgeous, no doubt about it. It was a size I like, so had that going for it, too. But for positives, that was about it. Except for my cabin steward (who happened to come from Indonesia) service was terrible. Every evening my friends and I would meet for cocktails; well, they had non-alcoholic drinks while I had the real stuff. Every night, in the same lounge, at approximately the same time in the same area, it took forever to get waited on, even though there were few other people
  5. A BC on the Volendam is an improvement over a VE on the Zuiderdam. It's a larger cabin, for one thing. Aft is much better than far forward, IMO, since there is less motion in rougher seas.
  6. One year I did the Wednesday-Wednesday Volendam round trip from Vancouver, then headed down to Seattle to take the Amsterdam 14-day leaving on Sunday. Now THAT was worth the packing and flying time, even though I had to pack and unpack and extra time. When I first started sailing to Alaska on HAL (not my first cruise to Alaska), HAL had an itinerary that went over to far eastern Russia. I put that in the back of my mind to do someday. Never saw it offered again. Too bad, as I would like to take that. 😒
  7. I am very close to New Bedford. I didn't feel the earthquake, but sure did hear it. There was a terrible rumble, and I thought something had gone very wrong with the furnace. The chair did not shake, or vibrate, though, as it did when there was an earthquake in West Virginia several years ago---the one that caused extensive damage to the Washington Monument. That time I was on the couch, and felt it move. Today's earthquake was felt throughout RI, in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and even into New Hampshire. I don't know if it was felt in any of New York state, or Vermont, but wouldn't be
  8. Very sorry to see that there are no 14-day trips, but a northbound followed by a southbound at least will make the packing and travel worth it. Sad there is likely a duplication of ports, though. I wish the 21-day cruise would make a reappearance, but know that is unlikely beyond measure. I would love to do that one again, but do feel fortunate I was able to do it once. I'm also sorry that one of the medium size ships (Volendam and Zaandam) aren't doing a route in Alaska. With 7-day cruises only, the ports get swamped with people from the big ships. Too crowded. Glad I was able to ge
  9. The overnight update to the forum (11/4-5/20) does not allow me to sign out. I click on it (where it was moved to, under my name), but all that does is take me to the general list of forums page. It should log me out, but leave me on the HAL page.
  10. Me, too. I stopped there on the Veendam one time, and would love to get back there. Looks like it won't be happening after all.
  11. You asked this question a while back, and received an answer. More info was given in those replies than KK wanted made public, so I will respect her request and not repeat them.
  12. Kazu is being switched from the Zuiderdam to the Volendam, but has chosen to move to another ship instead. In the meantime, her original booking has not been canceled by HAL, nor has the deposit money been freed up to apply to the substitute cruise. So, she has the desired cabin on the substitute on hold until HAL gets its act together.
  13. I received it a few days ago, and the first thing I thought of is exactly what Kazu referenced---the offerings are out of date at this point. At least they are on some of the itineraries/ships, and who knows which ones will be changed later. There's even a small print mention of that in the front of the brochure. I could get interested in a cruise in Europe, but I'm not willing to buy something today that could be changed tomorrow. I need the dust to settle first before I commit any more money to HAL.
  14. You have nothing to lose if you wait until the day before final payment. HAL may or may not cancel by then, but what you get as a refund will be exactly the same then as now, if they do cancel. I would not, if I were you, make the final payment, however. You would just be risking more money if you were to do that, and then HAL cancels.
  15. In 1995 I was on the Rotterdam in the South Pacific, and October 31 didn't happen---it was the day we crossed the International Date Line. Somehow, though, I managed to generate a bar bill for that day! 😁 You see, the time officially changes at 2:00 AM, and in those days the last bar didn't close until that very time. I was in it.
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