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  1. No need to clarify, as most of us knew what you said.
  2. As a HAL ship, Prinsendam did one once. The regulars were up in arms about it, and the World Cruise assignment returned to the Amsterdam the following year.
  3. Club Orange must not be selling well if the price has come down as it has. Even on the ships without a dedicated room, the price has now dropped from $35 per person, per day. Time for Seattle to rethink this?
  4. Thanks for posting the link, Jacqui. That is some serious money!
  5. My favorite cruise ever was my first cruise to Antarctica. The scenic cruising was otherworldly in that is was so quiet, peaceful, with scenery unlike any other place I had ever been---including several trips to Alaska and Norway. It was ethereal. The destination I have been to the most, however, is Norway. Again, the scenery is gorgeous, and I have been fortunate to see the same places in so many different 'moods' with the changeable weather there. It's also so much easier to get there and back than southern South America. Over the years I have tried several cruise lines, but have not found one that offers the itineraries and value that HAL has. Even though HAL has gone downhill, it seems the others have, too. I feel fortunate that I have been able to cruise to so many places in the manner I have.
  6. I don't have pictures, but I do have an opinion. I think it's as good a choice as any, especially if the weather cooperates. Many, if not most, of the tables are under cover. There is a bad with stools, but that is probably not the best place. Each side has tables and chairs that can be pulled up to them. (one side is smoking, and the other non-smoking). Get a couple of tables near each other, pull up a few more chairs, and enjoy yourselves! If it's a really miserable day, you could relocate to the Lido Bar. There is a nice sitting area with tables around there, too.
  7. I enjoyed your review of the tour, which I took when the Amsterdam was there in May. I, too, thought the tour a good one for people who can't get around as easily as they once did.
  8. If there's a cabin next door, they the divider between can be opened. It the next area is public space, or for crew only, then it can't be opened. IIRC, the S-class ships don't have partitions that open, but I am not positive on that. The '+' sign referenced above refers to connecting cabins, not partitions.
  9. Thank you for the warning. There are people who know what they are supposed to avoid, and ask all the right questions. They are trusting their stewards know what they are talking about when answering, and order based on it. Who would think the stewards aren't getting the right information to give a valid answer. HAL needs to get their act together on this! Put the correct ingredients on the menus, and give the stewards the correct information to clarify what the passenger asks about. It's in everyone's best interest to be accurate on this.
  10. Thanks for the link to the pictures; I hadn't seen these before. I did recognize most of the places easily, and all of them with a little thinking, and recognized quite a bit of HAL furniture in the public rooms. A lot fewer books in the library, though, at least from the looks of it. I like that the cabins have lighter color woods in them, but noticed the sofa was replaced by (what looked like) an uncomfortable chair. The ship does look pretty enough to sail on!
  11. The men singing the sea shanties came aboard the ship for an afternoon performance the last time I was there (May of this year). It was a nice show.
  12. The Atlas was on the original list of benefits to certain Mariners; I don't know if it has quietly been removed. I do know that with HAL's website being as bad as it is, I want a paper copy. At least I can open that! Besides, the website works backwards: it assumes you know what you want, and you input the variables, then it gives you the narrowed down choices. I don't know what I want for a cruise, and want to flip around looking at all the choices.
  13. Eastbound (spring) loses 5-6 hours, depending on ending port. Westbound (fall) gains 5-6 hours. So, whether to gain or lose sleep is one difference. Another is flying. Which end of the trip do you want the long flight?
  14. Thanks for the tip! I'll e-mail my TA and ask for one.
  15. I would take it down sometime early in the day, confirm the reservation, and ask that the bottle be chilled for dining time.
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