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  1. Sell older ships ? Who's going to buy them ? The cruise business will be slow recovering and will have excess capacity for years. The secondary market, where older ships now go, is dead in the water - literally. Currently some of my old HAL favorites the Noordam III and the Westerdam II are languishing off Malta. The Noordam III has been listed as "adrift" for several days. Probably all destined for the breakers as was the fate of the Nieuw Amsterdam III back in 2019. I'm glad that the Rotterdam V was turned into a hotel and not scrapped. The Noordam III was our favorite ship and we knew that some day she would go to Alang. Carnival Corp has some very tough decisions to make in the near future.
  2. I totally agree. The Crows Nest is integral to HAL. Including the desert extravaganza. The home office has parred down far too many items. People will pay for product if you have it. Now they just need to survive the Covid nightmare and get back to business. I think HAL fans should expect that the S class ships along with some of the R class ships will no longer be sailing for HAL.
  3. Ryndam seems to have plugged in the dates. Was told by a crew member that the Noordam was blamed and that a junior officer lost his job. Sounds like they zigged when they should have zagged. I saw a much closer picture back then and the damage was substantial, I believe that no one was hurt.
  4. Sailed on her many times and she is still our favorite HAL vessel. This is a picture of the Noordam after a T bone collision with a freighter outside of New Orleans.
  5. Went on her in 1993 to Alaska. Only sailed on her once but sailed on the Noordam III (her sister ship nine times) On most of those cruises the master was either Jacob W. Dijk or Eelcko Ypma. Always picked a cabin on the Sun Deck. Mariner Society awards were done in the Explorers Lounge (one sitting) and they were giving out awards for being on a second cruise (also came with a picture with the Captain. How times have changed. Premium A & B cabins had no veranda and came with an obstructed view. Loved the layout and had many memorable times on board. Sorry to see her go.
  6. Answered my own question. The Nieuw Amstedam III was sold to Alang and is now rebar and razor blades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Marella_Spirit
  7. This is the 1983 version so don't panic - this is the Nieuw Amsterdam III. On Google Earth I looked at Alang India, where ships go to die and there was either the Nieuw Amsterdam III or the Noordam III. The satellite view was dated in January of 2019 so the ship would be cut up by now. HAL had leased both ships but was still listed as the owner. Did HAL send one of them to Alang to be broken up ? The ship on the satellite view looks like either the Nieuw Amsterdam III or the Noordam III. We sailed on both ships and have many good memories. Sad to see them go.
  8. Can someone please explain why the ships seem to be constantly shuffling around. They don't seem to stay in the anchorages but seem to be milling around every few days. If they are doing 2 or 3 knots then I assume they are loitering and not burning too much fuel, but several ships seem to be going much faster and in so doing burning up fuel. Aren't they supposed to be at anchorages and saving money. Am I missing something here ?
  9. I found where all the ships are. They appear to be anchored in two groups NW of Nassau. There are five ships in one group and eight in the other. It also looks like the Veendam and the Zuiderdam are headed that way. There are also two boats anchored off of Ft Lauderdale. If they were docked then they would incur port charges therefore this looks like the smart thing to do. Lots of painting and maintenance will undoubtedly be going on.
  10. As this virus spreads cruise lines may well start to take draconian steps to keep the virus off their ships. Unfortunately its like trying to stop the tide. Zip code denial would only be a stop gap solution. I live about a half mile from Kirkland, which is ground zero with six deaths. Seattle is not the epicenter, as several previous posts have alluded to. Panic buying was evident this weekend. The Kirkland Costco store (which is their original store and is where the Kirkland brand comes from) did the most business they have ever done. People are nervous as is HAL. The Westerdam had one passenger with the virus and she has cancelled all her near term cruises. That's a lot of revenue that HAL has lost. Therefore if they start denying boarding due to zip codes it is something that could definitely take place. As the virus spreads they can't start including all zip codes so eventually they will have to develop another approach. I feel for all those who are going on cruises in the next few months. Its a bit like rolling the dice. I hope that the cruise industry develops a clear path and not leave people guessing as to what approach they are going to take.
  11. True - Industry standards and all bottom line driven. The exorbitant increase of 71% is to drive you to buy your drinks at the bar. I still enjoy sitting on my veranda with a drink and watch the ocean pass by. The profit margins are undeniable - a bottle generates 21 shots. Using Johnny Walker black as a yard stick - at $93 a bottle that's $4.42 per shot, at the bar its $9.50 per shot or just short of $200. Whole sale the bottle cost HAL roughly $35 - so its either $58 profit or $165. Guess what they want you to take ?? I've come to realize that the upscale lines (all inclusive) are looking better - especially when you get your final statement on the last day.
  12. In October my Gin and Tonic package came with a bottle of Sapphire where it is normally Beefeaters. The cost was $42.55. Johnny Walker Black was over $93, which is a rip. I've cruised HAL for over 33 years and many moons ago you could go down to the Kiosk and buy a bottle to take back to the cabin for a 20% surcharge. Those days are long gone and sounds like HAL is just getting greedier. They need to realize that nickel and diming people leaves a bad taste.
  13. We have been on HAL on Thanksgiving and the meal was not that good. The meat was dry and the stuffing was all but none existent. I love the Thanksgiving meal so I may be a bit too critical but the meal was not that good. We just got off a 35 day cruise to Lima and we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. The Amsterdam did a fantastic job and produced an excellent turkey day dinner. Therefore Thanksgiving dinner can vary widely depending on what ship your on.
  14. Thank you Ruth for your prompt response. We are in a Veranda Room which they now call a Vista Suite so I guess I'll get hit with the $16 charge. I can see that a signature suite and a Neptune Suite are bigger and therefor are harder to clean but this is a balcony room on the Amsterdam. Will see when I get on board Monday.
  15. Do they still have an embarkation lunch ? Used to get on after 10:30 now they say 12:30 is the earliest Is the standard gratuity still $14.50 PP Happy Hour was eliminated on Princess but from the threads it appears that HAL still has happy hour.
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