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  1. There will be 5 gala nights and since many of the people on the ship will be on for the whole 34-35 days they normally try not to repeat menu's. We did this cruise out of San Diego two years ago for 32 days. It was our longest cruise and after a while you tend to get into a routine. I found it very relaxing. We will be getting on in Seattle so hope to see you at the MG. I can't speak about the entertainment since I rarely go to the shows. You will have a great time.
  2. I booked back in June for a 35 day cruise from Seattle to Lima and back to San Diego. A Signature Beverage Package was included. The rules were then 15 drinks per day with a maximum of $11 per drink (I don't know who could consume that much alcohol) I was told that the surcharge of 15% was not included. Just did a booking change and now the confirmation states that the maximum is $9 per drink and that will include the 15% surcharge. Can they change the rules and amounts in mid stream ? My wife does not drink and I don't drink that much but looking at the web site it still lists $11 per drink. Can anyone unravel this for me
  3. I have a question about the "Signature Beverage Package". Its included in my booking an I know that it will pay for up to $15 for a libation. If one orders an $18 glass of wine does it show up as $3 or $18 on your statement. The package pays for up to 15 drinks per day and not more than $15 per drink. Since my wife does not drink and I generally only have two drinks at happy hour HAL should be the winner.
  4. HAL has had a habit of going cheap on shuttles. We had sailed into Puntarenas Costa Rica several times and really enjoyed the port. Then they started going to Puerto Caldera where you can see Puntarenas in the distance. Puerto Caldera is a hot dusty shipping port with nothing there. You could see a princess ship docked at Puntarenas but HAL people said that if we wanted to go to Puntarenas we would have to take a cab. The reason for not going to Puntarenas was it was easier to get busses for tours and Puerto Caldera is easier to dock at. My point is, if they are going to go to a garbage port then at least offer a free shuttle, or a reasonably cheap shuttle to go to a destination of interest.
  5. We have been on over 10 Alaska cruises. The weather is not predictable but it will be colder, if you are coming from FLA. I have seen temps in the 80's in Juneau, Been sunburned in Glacier Bay and have seen the pools full in Ketchikan. On the flip side its been cool, but never cold and you do tend to run into rain a lot. Therefore its like a box of chocolates - you never know what you will get. Take layered clothing and don't forget the shorts. On the ship, it tends to be more casual than on a Caribbean cruise. You will have a great time - enjoy.
  6. Have done several Alaska cruises and the inside passage is spectacular and you will enjoy it. This all depends on when slack tide is in the Seymore Narrows. Ships only transit this area at slack tide for safety reasons and this will dictate the time of day that you do through. We normally cruise out of Seattle, which means that we go on the outside of Vancouver Island and this is a boring passage. Have a great cruise.
  7. I understand service dogs but people do take advantage of loose interpretations of the rules. On one cruise a woman brought her cat along as a comfort animal. I finally came to the opinion that it was to garner attention from fellow passengers. To take it to the extreme - call HAL and tell them that you want to bring your comfort python along on the cruise. Wonder what they would say ?
  8. We always purchase the platinum coverage and have never had any problems. On a Sunday sailing out of Seattle on the Amsterdam I awoke that morning with a 102 temp. Called HAL to cancel and had a credit on my credit card by Monday. I thought they were outstanding. If you don't read the contract don't feel alone. I'm a former insurance agent and I have never read the entire contract either.
  9. We have booked an SZ guarantee several times. We never got an SZ room. We always got an SY or SS, and a few times we got both an SA and an SB upgrade. Hope you luck out.
  10. Leave the Tamarind where it is and don't get the brilliant idea that allocating this space to the new HAL Queens Grill (ie. Club Orange) There have been enough bone headed ideas that have come out of Seattle (retreat wading pools) ---- leave well enough alone.
  11. Was on the Emerald for a 15 day Hawaii cruise and ate every morning in the Botticelli Dinning Room for breakfast.
  12. For me Thanksgiving dinner is the most special meal of the year. I love a good turkey dinner with all the fixings. We have dined three times on HAL at Thanksgiving and its just not what mama made. They do the best they can but if your looking for a typical home made Thanksgiving dinner your not going to be happy. The turkey looked processed and the dressing was not what I'm used to. The best turkey dinner, on a ship, was on the Emerald Princess. Processed turkey but good dressing, giblet gravy and a good cranberry sauce. The first time we had Thanksgiving dinner on a ship I'm afraid that my expectations were too high and it was a disappointment but as time goes by I roll with the punches. Enjoy your cruise - another thought - order the HAL meat loaf, its excellent and avoid the turkey blues.
  13. HAL is giving away far too many promo meals in the Pinnacle. On an Alaska Cruise we were told that reservations were full other than the last night of the cruise. Some bulk travel agents throw in Pinnacle meals as part of their promotions and since they can have close to 200 cabins in their control that's a lot of Pinnacle meals. The Pinnacle experience has definitely declined over the years. We have reserved dates and time on line, but this requires using your credit card to pre-pay and getting the money back took over a month. Since we are five star we get two complementary meals. Possibly HAL can find a way around this ? I actually remember when the Pinnacle was called the Marco Polo, on the Zaandam, and it cost $20. No one showed up and the restaurant was always empty. Then they lowered the price to $15 and it filled up. Go figure ?
  14. Sailing on the Emerald next month. We have not cruised Princess for several years and am looking forward to the upcoming cruise. Your pictures are some of the best that I've seen on this blog. Thanks for posts.
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