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  1. I hope you did not take that the wrong way. I was just messing around and the vodka tonic did not help. Peace and happiness.
  2. I want to join the Mickey Mouse ---OOPS---Rat Pack Club. Are you the president? Is it like The little rascals He Man Woman haters club.
  3. I agree with this. I think it would much easier to prove you did get the vaccine than it would to prove you didn't. All you would have to say is no I did not get the vaccine. How could they prove you didn't.
  4. I live in tennessee and I have had both shots. Never once was I asked for insurance. I recieved them at our local health dept. My sister and her husband live in Dade county Florida and they never showed or where asked for a insurance card. So this may be the case for you, but not correct where we live.
  5. The OPs cruise was in oct 2020 and was canceled in june, so I think it was a different offer. Like I said I could be wrong, (have been before)
  6. I have been getting them about twice a week for a few months. Funny thing is, I am platium and never had any one call me or send anthing until A PCC called out of the blue in November and I have been getting them ever since. Maybe he added me to a mailing.
  7. Ok, I may be confused but no one has asked the op if he took a refund instead of FCC. If he took the refund the 25 percent is out of the picture. He may have read the e-mail wrong and thought if he took the refund he would still receive the 25 percent. I was under the impression that you only got 25% if you took FCC. If I am wrong please forgive me.
  8. This. I have had my first shot, however it was really hard to get the appt. In our area the only place to receive it was the health dept. The system to sign up was really confusing and hard for most seniors who dont use a computor to understand. Now that they have added a few drugstores and walmart to receive a vaccine it may get much better. I was speaking to a gentleman yesterday who told me that the phone number they gave to sign up was sending him and his wife over 150 miles to get it, but there is appts here in our own county. The stste of Tennessee need to get there act toget
  9. I am the op's sis -in-law and was with them when this call was made. Our cruise was booked after the cancellations, in fact just last week. When we called to take advantage of a price drop, they informed us that new 7 day cruises were canceled also. In fact they could not even find our reservation. After at least a 30 min call they found the reservation but said that the cruise was not able to be booked and they should have never booked it. My sister was quite upset and informed them that we canceled the Getaway sailing a day earlier to book this one. We had great
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