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  1. This was a favorite of mine on my recent trip to Boston. If you want to see the lovely courtyard without a gaggle of “influencers” though, prepurchase your ticket online and arrive at least 30 min before the museum opens. Otherwise you’ll be hard pressed to see anything past the mob of younger women in white sundresses and straw hats laying all over the steps for selfies!
  2. noe4laj

    NZ eTA

    I took this trip with my mom last year. I’m in her age bracket. Yes, she will definitely be on the younger side of most passengers, though there will be at least some her age, or younger (we had all the way down to a few college age). if you are ok with splitting up on some of the excursions, I did some of the more demanding or on foot options (or explored solo), so that we could both see things at our own pace. for flights, highly recommend Virgin Australia The Business. It was fantastic. Comfortable, great food and sleep. We arrived with virtually no jet lag.
  3. CCWineLover: we are booked for Volunteer Point with Patrick on the same sailing. I’m hoping this gives us extra time to photograph.
  4. Last time I managed with just sea bands and ginger chews all but one night. I had prescription meds then, have to look up what it was. We had really smooth seas the entire trip.
  5. Thank you. I sometimes get hit with motion sickness and worried about being that far back.
  6. We normally stay in PV1 cabin mid-ship, but for the current cruise we are looking at, the only PV1 cabin facing land is pretty far aft. Can anyone speak to noise, vibration, and/or increased movement at the back of the ship?
  7. Having been independently to Iceland, I think this is one country where you can easily book your extension individually and get a much better experience.
  8. We are considering doing that for our cruise and extension as well (if we cannot make carryon only work. I always include at least one change of clothes and two undergarments in my handbag as well, just in case the flight attendants make me gate check.
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to see the wish lists for both people traveling in one place and that only one of us is in charge of booking? We do not want to do the same excursions on all days but I can only seem to see my own wishlist.
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