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  1. Bernieres- sur-Mer, France, L’Orne or Canal de Caen a la Mar or the Seine. CA
  2. Capillary leak syndrome is a symptom of Clarksons Disease and Sepsis. CA
  3. I’ve asked if there is a way around it. CA
  4. You might like to check this out - we are watching a tv programme - ‘Worlds Most Scenic River Journeys’, this week the Moselle. Hopefully this is the link - www.channel5.com/show/worlds-most-scenic-river-channel5 Its a different way of looking at the rivers, very interesting. CA
  5. We were told 10 to 12 weeks for the 2nd jab it was just under 10 weeks for us. CA
  6. 2nd Phyzer yesterday at 5.15 just a slight feeling like a bruise nothing else. Our vaccination centre was our medical groups smaller building, they are doing about 600 per day any surplus vaccine - no shows and surplus vaccine - they have a list of standbys and these are phoned. Everyone during the day has an appointment so no hanging about outside in the cold and rain. Our vaccination rate will slow down soon for a time as the Indian imports won’t be coming through but by next Thursday we will have vaccinated 32 million people which was the aim. Approximately 98% of over 50s have been jabbed.
  7. It’s such a shame, below is the latest BBC report on the blood clots. We had our second jabs yesterday where we had them are doing 600 per day. We were the last booked in for the particular practitioner that we saw. She said that although they had used their specific allocation there is always a few doses left and that coupled with the very few no shows meant they could contact people on their standby list to come in and get jabbed and as there seemed to be at least 6 stations working when we were there it meant quite a few on standby got their jab. We had the Pfizer vaccine so timing is key
  8. Well it turns out that the U.K. has sent just a few thousand doses of U.K. made OxfordAstrazenica vaccine to Australia, make good use of it with our good wishes. CA
  9. No it was a case off sit down with the various companies and order what was available as soon as possible. It was a huge gamble by our health minister it could have gone astronomically wrong. We are so lucky to have our NHS because the systems for ongoing testing are already in place, that’s why we and now the world knows about the various variants, and how the virus mutates. The sharing of information will be one of the keys to dealing and eventually living with this BUG. We have also discussed with the company we were hiring a barge from on the Nivernais Canal and moved the booking were
  10. Just had the phone call - 2nd jab 5.20 today both of us. 👍
  11. This is another COVID report. Covid: UK vaccine rollout 'breaking link' between infections and death https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56663969 don’t forget AstraZeneca is a USA/U.K. collaboration.
  12. Someone asked about the Moderna vaccine this report has some information about it. Covid: Moderna vaccine UK rollout to begin in Wales https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56657038
  13. Capriccio you got the answers so your turn. Here is the full picture. Thats me finished for the time being decided to leave this thread alone for a bit. CA
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