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  1. 1 of 4 thank you brought back many happy memories of our Scenic Gem cruise, love the legs, over the years we’ve had everything from swans to ET, we even had a lesson on how to do it in the lounge on one cruise. CA
  2. I’m pretty sure you answered your own question. We were lucky enough to choose one that suited us first off and it wasn’t Viking. It will cost you but try try try again, horses for courses. Enjoy choosing. CA
  3. I’m really sorry here but you can request anything you require in your cabin bar. Whatever you need an answer to ask your butler. I’ve done many Scenic cruises and some of the questions asked are ridiculous. CA
  4. A snappy logoed T-shirt is a good ice breaker/conversation starter but not at the dinner table. CA
  5. We did the very first scenic Gem cruise and we would do it again so far we’ve done eight scenic cruises. The Australian memorial and museum day was long but so worth it. We were the only takers for the Bolbec excursion we had our own car and guide it was so interesting even my husband enjoyed it. Have a wonderful cruise. CA
  6. Wow what an example to choose and how apt, we as a nation could well use it today. And all because we agree on standards! CA
  7. Now that would be telling wouldn’t it! Ah what would we do if we couldn’t blame predictive text, when it’s only my awful spelling, comes from reading obscure legal documents where f’s are s and s are f’s. Thank you for pointing out my foot in mouth moment. CA
  8. A few years ago a German tourist visiting ‘The Barge Inn’ on the Kennet & Avon Canal confused the locals directions (not a difficult thing to do) and on leaving the pub drove straight into the canal indicating a left turn. So, yes parking by the canal not ‘in’ the canal, and our canals are tiny, not huge as those in Europe are. CA
  9. Okay it’s amazing watching on the River Severn, google Severn Bore. CA bit like a tidel wave on a river.
  10. Okay it’s amazing that what is expected of ‘excuse ‘ me customers when the majority of river cruise companies work on a 90 day or less payment expectation prospective cruisers still fall for the Viking expectation. Research, research, research, CA
  11. We did a similar cruise with Scenic and you spend as much time on the estuary as the river. At no time did I feel as if I was at sea, it’s a huge estuary and the only time I think you might feel anything is if there is a bore running which I think would be quite interesting, watching the surfers riding the boards, what a rush. CA
  12. Make a friend share a glass with your neighbour it’s not all doom and gloom, just make sure you get your glass back, your on holiday! CA
  13. This is true but if a captain feels that a manoeuvre requested puts his or her ship and passengers in danger he or she can refuse to carry it out. CA
  14. We were in PA this year the nearest aft for the first time and I would say there is slightly more noise than nearer the bows but other cruisers who have the C cabins have said the facilities and views make up for it. I also understand the newer the boat the better it is. CA
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