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  1. I know we are all tourists when on a cruise but the summer months especially August are even more crowded, we live 10 to 15 minute drive from Bath and unless it is very essential we never go in the summer and rarely during Christmas market time, as it’s packed out with you’ve guessed it tourists. A bit nimbyist I know. CA
  2. Funny that I looked on the site yesterday and my German is not good I can only just about work out what it says but I noticed a very faint Union Flag bedside the German Flag, clicked on it and got the English version, going on the site just now and it automatically opened in English. CA
  3. I know I’m an archivist but that’s pushing it a bit! An automatic joint filing and location system would be amazing. Just got to get all camera capable bits of tech to use gps, this just might work and my job would be much easier. Pity it won’t work from the beginning of photography. CA
  4. The treaty in effect says that if any other countries attack either country then the other countries Princes come to the others aid, conjures up amazing pictures. Everything is changing at such a fast pace it’s a challenge to keep up - who can go where, why and how. I’m sure the Irish between them will eventually come up with an inventive solution. CA
  5. Yet in the U.K. at least they are still advertising quite heavily. CA
  6. Here is how close you get to the bridge in Avignon, taken on board in the middle of the river, afternoon drink and nibbles on the front deck. Each evening before dinner the cruise Director holds a port talk in the lounge where everything for the next day is discussed. You would have been asked to decide on two or three excursions before you go and a few more on your first evening, don’t worry if at the last minute you decide to change you will be able to. The first time we did this cruise we got to the fourth day before we got a lie in! Greeted by cheers when the cruise director told use the night before. CA
  7. Hi the itinerary is on the website and in the brochure. We did this cruise two years ago for the second time but then it was 14 days so my info would be out of date. They do tend to follow what is advertised and only change if needed to by circumstances. There are usually added bits and pieces. We had a presentation on board in Lyon from the second silk atelier in France the most superb scarves very interesting. The cooking bit is well worth it very interesting. It’s a great cruise. CA
  8. Welcome home Steamboats, don’t take to long returning to normal, I.e. being waited on hand and foot. I hope you took loads of photographs. CA
  9. Thank you it certainly did, only myself and my lovely hairdresser lots of sanitising gel, face masks and a great chat plus a superb haircut. So sad about these outbreaks we have Leicester and it’s a concern. Jazz enjoy Patrick O’Brian you can feel the wind in your ears and the salt in the air, especially in Maine. CA
  10. Looks lovely Jazz, fingers crossed we’ll be able to holiday at our place in Scotland in September. Today will be very exciting I have managed to get a hairdressing appointment with my hairdresser, so my shaggy dog hair do will be gone for a while. Keep well all and keep washing your hands! CA
  11. Don’t forget the Anglo Portuguese Alliance in effect since the 13hundreds the longest political alliance in existence we will get this sorted soon. Hopefully if everyone is careful and we all take it easy normal service will be resumed sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed 🤞 CA
  12. To my relatives on Vancouver Island and all other Canadians Happy 😃 Canada 🇨🇦 Day 💥 CA
  13. Steamboats enjoy! Our Douro cruise was wonderful the food - how can so many Recipes include Port! The Portuguese are very friendly and proud of their country. Try the newish pink port it’s lighter and more of an aperitif. CA
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