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  1. Canal archive

    Question on Luggage Handling Before Cruise

    Always claim your luggage at your airport of arrival don’t rely on other services to do this for you, unless you are extremely well heeled. CA
  2. Canal archive

    Rules ON Presription meds

    It helps to take a copy of your prescription with you, which is useful if you need additional medication if you lose some. CA
  3. As with all things it’s horses for courses. Do your research, cabins, excursions, inclusions, exclusions and what you want to see. I haven’t seen a spread sheet yet that covers everything, mind you that’s no surprise as prices change from month to month and season to season across the various fleets. A friend decided to make a list of what they wanted included and what they didn’t want included, eventually narrowed down the options, changed their minds went on a completely different cruise and loved it, so hey ho go with your gut and set out to love every minute. River cruising is addictive, expensive and really enjoyable. Happy cruising CA
  4. Canal archive

    river cruise cabins (in general or specifically scenic jade)

    Super cabin, just that bit more room than a straight balcony suite and not to far to walk to anywhere. The only thing you miss out on is the Table de revel and a few bits and pieces. I didn’t know you could book all the way through, fantastic. You still get cabin service etc what a great trip, enjoy CA
  5. Likewise I am a Scenic fan and a veteran of eight cruises with them over nine years which means we cruised with them before they were all inclusive and now. Okay there are a very few drinks that are not free and they are up front about this a list is on the UK website. All passengers get a bag of laundry done per cruise, this is new over the past few years. You can cruise without opening your wallet, that is true. All tips are included yes you can hand out more to individuals if you want to and it’s hard not to the service is second to none. Have a great cruise. CA
  6. Canal archive

    Concerns about Scenic from a US person

    Maybe this will get deleted but River Cruise Adviser did a comparison on how companies coped with the water levels and if my memory is correct Scenic scored extremely well. We will be travelling with Scenic for the eighth time this year yes they are not the best with the communication side of things but if you contact them you invariably get an answer really quickly. Enjoy your cruising CA
  7. Canal archive

    Scenic Dress Code

    One thing I will say is the air con in the dining room can make it feel a tad cool so a pashmina may be useful. CA
  8. Canal archive

    Viking’s new payment policy is RIDICULOUS

    Anyone thought that Viking just might have a cash flow problem or should I say challenge!
  9. Canal archive

    The ever increasing popularity of river cruising

    Slightly off topic but as a river cruise company is doing specials for the Passion play, which is by the way well worth going to even going to Oberammergau is worth it, is there a company that goes to Bruge during ‘The Passion of the Holy Blood’? Which if memory serves is every five years not ten as is the ‘Passion Play’ CA P.S. Is anyone else getting a ‘no content’ when receiving notifications on their iPad?
  10. Canal archive

    Open Seating Experiences

    Sunday Golf what a horrible experience, we have cruised seven times with Scenic and never had that problem but I can assure you that if we had we would have taken the restraunt manager, hotel manager and cruise director to one side and ensure that they knew exactly how we felt. I do hope you carry on river cruising. CA
  11. Earlier this year on Jewel we made an overnight dash for it, us and two cargo barges, evidently according to the maritime crew at times there was a hairs bredeth under the keel (luckily the Scenic boats have a very low draught) we made it, what a captain. Nothing lost all well and as usual a fantastic cruise. CA PS we passed several other companies vessels moored up, caught out by the water level change, including some evidently high end carriers, hey ho, go Scenic
  12. Canal archive

    The ever increasing popularity of river cruising

    Yup we are defiantly still odd, now we all enjoy the ‘Grand Tour’. Keep on cruising CA
  13. Canal archive

    What are Scenic FreeChoice tours like?

    All the above are absolutely correct, the tailor maids are excellent you don’t have to huddle round the tour guide very useful if your a bit of a photographer like me. The tailor maids are also pre loaded with city tours (they will also give comentry on places as you cruise along the river) and all the tour guides we have had over seven tours with Scenic have been excellent. We did your cruise last year and Zans Shans was well worth it we arrived fairly early so not many people there we left as it was getting more crowded, very pretty, interesting and informative. Enjoy your cruise CA
  14. Canal archive

    Scenic clothing/laundry questions

    As you have a Royal suite you will have unlimited laundry so no need to worry. Try to get hold of a full Scenic brochure it has all the details you could wish for you maybe able to down load from their website. Enjoy your cruise. CA
  15. Canal archive

    Scenic Sapphire Info Needed

    ‘Catswelcome’ where on earth did you read that! You will have been asked to complete your trip personaliser where you can pre-book two or three excursions the rest you book on board, your cruise director will explain all the choices and hand out sheets for you to choose. We have been on seven cruises with Scenic and never had a problem if fact once we had an exclusive excursion with a tour guide as no one else was interested, private car and it defiantly was worth it. We were on Sapphire the year before her refit and although I did hear she was a bit sparse at first on her return this evidently has now been rectified and I cannot believe that only part of the ship has been refurbished. Have you tried all the different countries websites to look at the suites. The Soane and Rhône cruise was wonderful and is one I would defiantly do again. We did the Douro this year lovely people wonderful tour guide and superb food. Have a fantastic cruise. CA