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  1. Canal archive

    The ever increasing popularity of river cruising

    Slightly off topic but as a river cruise company is doing specials for the Passion play, which is by the way well worth going to even going to Oberammergau is worth it, is there a company that goes to Bruge during ‘The Passion of the Holy Blood’? Which if memory serves is every five years not ten as is the ‘Passion Play’ CA P.S. Is anyone else getting a ‘no content’ when receiving notifications on their iPad?
  2. Canal archive

    Open Seating Experiences

    Sunday Golf what a horrible experience, we have cruised seven times with Scenic and never had that problem but I can assure you that if we had we would have taken the restraunt manager, hotel manager and cruise director to one side and ensure that they knew exactly how we felt. I do hope you carry on river cruising. CA
  3. Earlier this year on Jewel we made an overnight dash for it, us and two cargo barges, evidently according to the maritime crew at times there was a hairs bredeth under the keel (luckily the Scenic boats have a very low draught) we made it, what a captain. Nothing lost all well and as usual a fantastic cruise. CA PS we passed several other companies vessels moored up, caught out by the water level change, including some evidently high end carriers, hey ho, go Scenic
  4. Canal archive

    The ever increasing popularity of river cruising

    Yup we are defiantly still odd, now we all enjoy the ‘Grand Tour’. Keep on cruising CA
  5. Canal archive

    What are Scenic FreeChoice tours like?

    All the above are absolutely correct, the tailor maids are excellent you don’t have to huddle round the tour guide very useful if your a bit of a photographer like me. The tailor maids are also pre loaded with city tours (they will also give comentry on places as you cruise along the river) and all the tour guides we have had over seven tours with Scenic have been excellent. We did your cruise last year and Zans Shans was well worth it we arrived fairly early so not many people there we left as it was getting more crowded, very pretty, interesting and informative. Enjoy your cruise CA
  6. Canal archive

    Scenic clothing/laundry questions

    As you have a Royal suite you will have unlimited laundry so no need to worry. Try to get hold of a full Scenic brochure it has all the details you could wish for you maybe able to down load from their website. Enjoy your cruise. CA
  7. Canal archive

    Scenic Sapphire Info Needed

    ‘Catswelcome’ where on earth did you read that! You will have been asked to complete your trip personaliser where you can pre-book two or three excursions the rest you book on board, your cruise director will explain all the choices and hand out sheets for you to choose. We have been on seven cruises with Scenic and never had a problem if fact once we had an exclusive excursion with a tour guide as no one else was interested, private car and it defiantly was worth it. We were on Sapphire the year before her refit and although I did hear she was a bit sparse at first on her return this evidently has now been rectified and I cannot believe that only part of the ship has been refurbished. Have you tried all the different countries websites to look at the suites. The Soane and Rhône cruise was wonderful and is one I would defiantly do again. We did the Douro this year lovely people wonderful tour guide and superb food. Have a fantastic cruise. CA
  8. Canal archive

    Scenic clothing/laundry questions

    A lot depends on which cabin you are in but basically 1 bag per cabin weighing 1kg about 2 lbs but I’ve never seen it being weighed. Just fill a bag that is supplied, you can of course pay for extra laundry. Depending on your cabin usually Diamond deck you can have two items pressed per day. We did the Jewels of Europe last year. Both myself and my husband have worn ‘smart jeans’ to dinner, one year (we’ve done 7 with Scenic now) a guy got away with shorts whatever or whoever tried to talk him into not wearing them got absolutely no where, he was just an absolute plonker, his wife was lovely. There is a little washing line in the shower I’ve never known of any provision for drip dry or dry cleaning on board. Mix and match or switch and mix, some smart scarves and bit of bling goes a long way. Have a great time enjoy. CA
  9. It was a few years ago that we did this cruise and the boat did leave either late at night or early morning, the only excursion before we left was our cruise director taking an escorted tour of the red light district it was very well attended! CA
  10. Canal archive

    Revisiting the Douro

    We have just returned from our Douro cruise with Scenic. The food was fantastic, the food is always good on Scenic but this was exceptional. If you go aim for Maris Helena as your tour guide you can’t go far wrong she is superb. I had never been to Portugal before, what a beautiful country and friendly people. In all a most enjoyable cruise. CA
  11. Canal archive

    Butler Service: What did a butler do for YOU ?

    What a strange way for a butler to act. We have never had that attitude. Maybe because along with proper bow ties we are more than used to more than correct buttling!😉
  12. Canal archive

    Europe river cruises, are all created equal?

    If you look at River Cruise Adviser on their chart admitadly not showing all cruise lines Crystal comes closest to Scenic but they do not include a service guarantee. All cabins types have butler service on Scenic although the level varies depending on your cabin type. We chose Scenic the first time because all port charges, all excursions, all gratuities were included and now a bag of laundry. Our cabin this year includes two items pressed every day. We also, because we have traveled with Scenic a few times automatically get extended transport from home to airport. We who travel with Scenic completely understand that Scenic is not the only company with inclusions but what we do appreciate the Scenic product. CA
  13. Canal archive

    Reception of Americans in Europe?

    Whoops, sorry missed out African nations. CA
  14. Canal archive

    Reception of Americans in Europe?

    Okay I’ve been thinking about all of this, I don’t want to upset anyone so think about it, here goes. In the USA apart from the 1st nations peoples the Asians and the South Americans the vast majority of the people’s who admit to being ‘Americans’ are descended from Europeans so in reality you are all like us but dare I say it more so. Your are a delicious mixture of so many cultures that have evolved over a very short period compared with us Europeans, we’ve had hundreds of years to absorb all these cultures. Just an idea but I promise not to treat you all as teenagers. CA P.S. many years ago just before my first foray stateside and elderly friend told me, ‘Americans are great in their own country it’s a shame they don’t travel well’ personally I have found the first part very true but the second part very rarely so.
  15. Canal archive

    Reception of Americans in Europe?

    English Voyager now that I’ve finished giggling, thank you. Maybe a pith helmet is the fashion for tomorrow, carry on up the kyber here we go. CA