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  1. Do you know I thought they were the Faerie dogs or Cu Sith , Black Angus their little legs going 19 to the dozen. It is an amazing structure. For some reason a friend of mine found it utterly confounding and became quite upset riding in it. It is also a representation of a Celtic Axe very appropriate.
  2. Some river cruise companies as well, that patch of tell tale blue tarpaulin is quite a clue but I don’t see them loosing substantial customers.
  3. No pictures of the K & A on my iPad but here are a couple taken in Scotland. The Kelpies at the top a fantastic homage to the horses that pulled the boats and below the Falkirk wheel that replaced the original lock flight. Enjoy!
  4. Guess why my tag is Canal Archive, I’m involved with a southern canal the Kennet & Avon but have cruised almost the complete system plus hiring in Scotland, they don’t join up worse luck. It keeps one interested considering that our canal covers a world heritage site, scheduled monuments, listed buildings SSSIs ancient battlefields, you name it we’ve got it. I’ve just finished arranging film locations and old photo graphs, I love it.
  5. If you read the report the court did make the judgement and all concurred. I suspect it was made by a London court either to do with the insurance companies base or as a neutral maritime law centre. Regardless I’m glad it’s all settled these things take so much longer usually.
  6. As with Scenic, I remember someone remarking when they went all inclusive that the level of service would suffer but from what we experienced the opposite seemed to be the case. It is so pleasant not to be concerned about tipping and if a member of staff does happen to be just that little bit extra especial then it’s up to yourself if you wish to be just a tad extra grateful.
  7. We have a few watery villages especially in the Cotswolds, Bourton on the water and the Slaughters for instance as with Brexbach so very pretty.
  8. Interesting, Australian company and we all know how strict they were and I for one don’t blame them.
  9. Take note as the Scenic fleet are some of the shallowest draughted on the European rivers.
  10. Sleep7 I fully approve of your shopping destination! Plus your cruise description was superb. AMA should employ you.
  11. Luckily Vienna is much closer to us so we’ve been there several times, your right a wonderful wonderful city, you just have to watch The Third Man again. Our very good friend was there when it was a divided city with him as a guide it was something else. They have a wonderful traffic system and I could wax lyrical for ever.
  12. The first time we went to Dunstein there was an announcement in the town office window of the birth of a new member of the town so so sweet picture of a stork carrying a banal as well. Well do you think the story of Richard the Lionhart and Blondel is true.
  13. Thank you so much Sleep7 the one and only bonus of this Virus is the extra insight into the various cruise companies as wonderful people such as yourselves go above and beyond to show off there specifications, I think your about the third, I look forward to your next reports.
  14. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-the-magic-roundabout-swindon-39686047.html okay work this one out it’s known as ‘the magic roundabout’ it’s in Swindon, Wiltshire of course and to say the least it’s a real pig. The only river section I’ve seen with just a bit of a query is one where the direction turns back on itself. Although a friend moors his boat slightly north of Amsterdam and his stories of the waterways there are just a tad hairy!
  15. If your ever in this situation just ask your cabin steward to close the window coverings. Then your air con doesn’t have to work so hard.
  16. Notamermaid you are so right about so called reporters. We sailed through spaghetti junction this year on our way north but you are the first person I have ever heard express a wish to do it deliberately. Good luck! The junction is actually built over a much older transport route that is still in use. The Grand Union Canal.
  17. The best one was the cars following what they thought was a petrol tanker, which even to my eyes it obviously was not and telling the driver that he should have stopped to tell them he wasn’t carrying petrol. Dahhhh! Utterly and completely stupid there are far more serious problems in this world. Evidently we’re not the only country with a shortage of lorry drivers several countries on the continent of Europe have serious HGV driver shortages we all need to do some serious training or maybe even pay them a decent wage. No queuing in the wilds of Wiltshire.
  18. No use to River cruisers as the Avon not big enough but the Bath Christmas fair is on also the Nottingham goose fair but that’s in October, I list it because it’s considered to be one of the oldest albeit not in the same format fair in existence.
  19. Australian border to reopen for first time in pandemic https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-58757888 Realy hope this works Australia it will be good to see you all back in greater Europe.
  20. We usually have a bottle of Schnapps in the freezer a hangover (no pun intended) from my husband working for a German company and far to many visits there without me. There used to be a race every year to see who could get a bottle of Beaujolais Nuevo back to the U.K. from France.
  21. Well I say the ingenuity of the human brain knows no bounds!
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