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  1. Turners paintings are superb watching their evolution over the years is fascinating.
  2. CDNPolar your rope analagie reminds me of taking the playgroup(preschool) kids on a walk woo betide any of them who let go of THE ROPE!
  3. Yup in the afternoon on a hanger superb service. DH very impressed and he’s travelled world wide.
  4. Soooooo European don’t think us straight laced English will be the same humm or would they?
  5. They do come in useful for towing the huge floats in the 8 Westcountry carnivals every November.
  6. There are never problems only challenges except some are much bigger than others. Have a great cruise it’s a good one.
  7. The Thames in London froze regularly during the 17th & 18th century in 1607 they started the Frost Fair, tents, stalls, bowling etc. The last time the Thames completely froze was said to be 1814. Although I couldn’t find out if a volcano was involved but I wouldn’t be surprised. Thanks Notamermaid for that interesting titbit of info, interesting.
  8. The groups are never large but we’ve been the only couple in the past so a car a guide and a trainee guide and us a super day. They also usually have three different walking groups as I take far to many photographs I always join the gentle walking group.
  9. Living in Wiltshire we are very used to tractors but come harvest time add the combine harvesters and the huge grain lorry’s through narrow country lanes it’s chaos.
  10. One of the reasons I’ve been able to double up on cruises with Scenic is that they change, swap or add tours year to year.
  11. No I meant what showed up in your picture.
  12. The scariest strike I have ever encountered was a lorry drivers one in France, were crawling along on a motorway travelling west and there is no traffic visible in the opposite lane until there appeared 4 lorry’s across the lanes followed by four more and so on for some time travelling extremely slowly. Those lorry’s were just a little scary. Most countries strike but the French do seem to be quite good at it their farmers are also striking at the moment.
  13. According to the internet? Torsten’s portfolio has dropped from 6.5b to 1.5b is this the reason?
  14. The Eiffel Tower is closed! Some kind of upset, the unions consider the operators aren’t doing a good enough job. Most probably making the most of the upcoming Olympics, just a heads up if your on a early Seine cruise.
  15. ‘Watch that IPO space! Plus the recent announcement of ten more river cruise vessels.
  16. Yup noticed! that several times one of our bar staff confidently stated - oh that’s a French thing.
  17. What - my beautiful Du Cheveux was my car of choice for many years a cream & maroon Dolly aka Rhubarb & Custard. Eventually my DH (after I’d picked him up from Heathrow one day) decided it was definitely not safe driving and bought me a double cab Toyota Pick up truck - basically from the sublime to the ridiculous, although another fun vehicle to drive. P. S. The 2CV car salesman explained the gear shifting as ‘tromboning’!
  18. Gone fishin Garonne style. Macaron anyone? Okay yes this was a tad steep but the helpful centre rail was sooooo useful.
  19. My first introduction to Paris traffic was taking a really wrong turning and ending up going round the Arc de Triomphe on our scooters, so we went round twice then carried on to Spain. French traffic is even worse now it’s so heavy it doesn’t move much.
  20. Walk the top part of the Champs Elysees slowly towards the ‘Arc’ and take in the atmosphere (ignore the cars). On a Sunday look out for the little markets food or flea, good fun and lots of food tasters. Relax and enjoy don’t rush and go with the flow. Glad you’re now nearly there.
  21. But what is more planet cherishing - paper money = trees, and the gunk that goes into printing, metal money well that’s not exactly eco friendly, and the rate we’re all using plastic these days, I know it’s only a little oblong but they add up in more ways than one.
  22. So I asked the question and the reply was - they have cancelled the OBC in line with their ‘Cherish the Planet Initiative’. That gets me really thinking and not that good thoughts actually.
  23. Wow don’t shout to much or our secret - shhhh Moselle will become as busy as the rest but your all right an absolutely beautiful piece of water.
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