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  1. Thanks Norris for the great review. We sailed to Cuba yr ago on Celestyal Cruises and loved it. Instead of Nassau we went to Montego Bay. Your review brought back may great memories. I'd love to go back. Being Canadian, it's much easier for us to travel to Cuba.
  2. from Carnival. Housekeeping...... $4.35 per day Suites $6.35 per day Dining team...........$6.89 per day Alternative Services.................$2.75 per day. These are for the old rates, but it gives you a idea
  3. You had better check with your travel agent, Viking has announced that the next cruise is cancelled
  4. I'm surprised that they are using the Island Princess for the world cruise.The ship is lacking in many areas. When they added those extra cabins it's not had the best reviews. Don't think it would be my choice even with all those perks.
  5. two? what kind of cabin do you have. Regular balcony and you've hardly got room to move around. You could probably auction one and make some $$$ for cruise......lol
  6. Inside cabins never had the "barrel" chair
  7. You'll be able to get on the ship as soon as it's cleared and they start boarding. It seems the new rule is that you can't get into cabins until 1pm now.
  8. The nice thing about booking cruise air, is that if the fare goes down they will adjust right up until final payment. Also the fact that you don't have to pay for the air until final payment to me is the hugest perk
  9. Thanks for the great comparison.. I've cruises both lines. I cruised Alaska last yr on the Westerdam. Loved the ship. I have to say I was disappointed in the entertainment in the evening. Guess I like all the silly game shows that Princess has. The only real concern I had was the lack of eating venues during the day. The Buffet closed between breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were only opened a couple of hrs for each of these. When we got back later at night from port there was literally no where to eat except ordering room service. Had to wait until 10 pm for the small area in Buffet that served pizza, sandwiches etc to eat. Because of the closed buffet during the day, the wait for hamburgers at the grill were crazy long. I missed the 24 hr international cafe on Princess. That won't stop me from cruising on Hal in the future. I love the size of their balcony cabins, but again i missed the walk-in closet that Princess has. I bought a FCC. Thinking of trying the new ships this fall out of Fort Lauderdale. I think Princess and HAL have a good product and plan to cruise either of them again.
  10. Alaska is a much more relaxed type of cruising. Ships are in port later, so people tend to just come to dinner right away. I often wear leggings or capri's and a nice top to dinner on any cruise. You'll be fine. Go and enjoy.
  11. like I said, I"ll gladly give up the chair and sofa for the "walk-in" closet area on Princess. No waking the other person if you get up early, or come back late. Just my preference
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