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  1. All 5 free at sea is back, plus 15% latitues member discount, plus extra latitudes points. Expires tonight. It save me a few hundred, plus received the other free at sea. Of course it depends when you booked but worth checking.
  2. We had a July 2021 Alaskan cruise planned but with all the uncertainty for next year we decided to cancel it and have planned an Alaskan land cruise only for July 2021 instead. I'm very excited because we loved our short land tour years ago and have always wanted a chance to return. Now will get to spend more time on land! I think the coronavirus will still be an issue next summer, but hoping that by travelling independently our trip will be less affected by it and won't be dictated by what happens with cruising. Most of the reservations I have made have generous cancellation policies and I
  3. That was supposed to be "$400 obc". Sent from my SM-T380 using Forums mobile app
  4. My price went down $1000 for our 2 cabins, but lose $400 once and it also looks like we lose the free at sea and get to choose 2 promos instead. I dont really care about free kids or the port credits but did like the internet package. Guess with a $600 savings I could purchase it and still save $. Sent from my SM-T380 using Forums mobile app
  5. Sorry for the misinformation. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Forums mobile app
  6. Husky, I get your point but when you are using points for your room and it includes breakfast then it is truly free for us. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Forums mobile app
  7. Thanks Glaciers. This is exactly the type of information I was looking for. 2 votes for Residence Inn. Keeping fingers crossed that we even get to go in 2021!
  8. Good point Scott as that is my ONLY reason not to choose it. Maybe I will book the Waterfront too just in case. Can always cancel later.
  9. We rented a car after our cruise and loved it! We spent one night in Seward and took the 6-hour Kenai Fjords boat tour (a highlight! - saw whales, dolphin, bears on land, etc.). The next day we drove to Denali. Yes, it was a long day but still took less time than the train and we could stop when/if we wanted along the way. We then stayed 2 nights in a B&B north of the Denali area. It was nice being away from the crowds after spending a week on the ship. We were able to go to local eateries for dinner instead of the cruise owned resorts. We took the park bus to Eilson - it sounds dreadf
  10. That's one vote for Residence Inn Downtown Convention Center! Yes, I totally understand the "free" breakfast may change. The whole trip could change depending on circumstances. Which is another reason I want to book with points - no penalty if we change plans! I already changed from a March caribbean cruise to this August Alaskan cruise. I wanted more data before having to make that final payment than I would have had with the March cruise having to pay final balance in November (and cruising not even starting again until nearly October, if then). I would love to stay in a private home, bu
  11. We will be cruising from Seattle in 2021 and will be staying for 2 nights pre-cruise. We are 2 60-year olds, with 2 30-somethings, and a teenager so will need 2 rooms or a 2-bedroom suite. We will fly in late Friday night and will have Saturday before our cruise to see a little of Seattle (Pike's Place, Waterfront, Space Needle, have a nice dinner somewhere, etc.). We have points we plan to use for Mariott or Hilton brands. I have narrowed it down to Hampton Inn Downtown (which is a few blocks north of Space Needle), Residence Inn Downtown/Lake Union, or these two near each other: Homewood S
  12. We had a cabin on deck 11 on the Escape and it was mid-ship directly opposite the doors to the stewards storage area. We NEVER heard a thing! In fact, this was such a great area, mid-ship, half-way between the two elevators, that I have booked the same area for the next cruise. Maybe the Breakaway ships have softer closing doors. What we did hear was individual cabin doors slamming, but that is going to be the case anywhere on the ship.
  13. I'm right there too! First family cruise planned for March 2021. Final payment due in November. When cruises were delayed again until basically October we made the decision to postpone it. No way I feel confident enough to pay that much $$$ when cruises have barely begun again. If NCL made the cancellation policy more flexible we might have waited. We booked Alaska for August instead but I'm still not confident we won't delay it further.
  14. Both of these are fairly similar. We are actually looking into booking the Encore for next summer to take our family. But, my preference would be a one-way. The land portion is the best part of our Alaska trip! Don't get me wrong, the cruise portion was great, but we truly loved our land tour (wildlife cruise in Seward, Denali National Park tour). We did it on our own and had no regrets except we wished it could have been longer! I planned a trip for some friends 40th anniversary last year and they also took a one-way and did a land tour and said the same thing. If your budget allows it
  15. Hello, I live in the midwest (Indiana) in a small town about 40 miles from Indianapolis. I wanted to give a different perspective that you will hear on the news. A lot of the US isn't anywhere nearly like the media talks about. Most of the big news media comes from New York and we are NOTHING like NY! We have dozens of cases instead of tens of thousands. Our businesses are almost all open now and gearing toward full capacity in July. Haven't seen much of an uptick since the re-opening. Just want to give a different perspective from what is shown in the news.
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