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  1. Just transferred the booking from me to them. I don't know if I could transfer it again. I’ve never moved a booking away from a TA. I’m tempted to shop around, though.
  2. Their commission is high because it’s based on sales.
  3. That would be fine, if we could spend that much there. We don’t need electronics or any other large purchases. 40 mile round trip too far for gas, so it would take at least two years to use it up. For Princess they send a check. Wish they did it got RCI.
  4. I use obc to cover our auto gratuities. Not this time! Not even from my big box. what happened?
  5. In my younger days, I’d have talked a friend into riding with me and made the 3 1/2 hour drive to get a good bagel. Now I can only wish I had a friend left that would do it!
  6. Does Coastal Kitchen have a different menu every night, and is it posted?
  7. Or I could rent a yacht so I could sail into Havensight. One reason I love that area is the joy of sailing in. I think it is one of the prettiest harbors I’ve seen.
  8. Well then I’ll never get back to Havensight! We sail Princess and RCI, and have been stuck out at Crown Bay for too many years now. Havensight is in a beautiful harbor in walking distance to Charlotte. I miss it, but not enough to switch lines.
  9. In St Thomas, did you dock at Crown Bay, or Havensight? i haven’t been on a ship that docked at Havensight in years! My bad luck
  10. I used my secret stash to upgrade to a Junior Suite so my CPAP would have a nightstand to sit on. Now we’re in 9642. That means I’m 99 44/100% sure I’ve lost my bed by the balcony! i know you’ve explained 100 times how to figure bed direction, but some of us elderly ladies have our brains packed so tight there’s no room for anything else!
  11. Is there an entrance to Dazzles on Deck 9? That would mean more people walking through. Please say no.
  12. I wish RCI wouldcopy Princess and let you order inexpensive water and/or canned drinks by the 12 bottle case. And 250 minutes free internet for Platinum. I alternate the lines, but sometimes it’s hard!
  13. I’ll have to use your blog to keep me going till our March 29 sailing, so keep it rolling!
  14. I’ve been going around Robin Hood’s barn looking for stuff on the website. They are sure pushing Coco Cay. They have a lot to pay for, so that makes sense.
  15. Obviously he wasn’t talking to us computer layladies.
  16. You can’t make a red on Explorer, so just get to the shows early enough that they haven’t released the seats to non-Key people.
  17. What are O3B ships? I’m sure I’ll feel stupid when I see the answer!
  18. I would not hesitate to use one of the big private tour companies again. They handle everything and give you all the info you need for disembarking. We had been told the ship’s excursion people would get if first, so our group of 8 went down the the gangway area and when they opened it, we were told to stand back for a group coming through. I just said “No”, and we walked right past the lady. Now, if it had been a Russian official that said that, I’d have complied! St Petersburg is amazing....historic, beyond beautiful, and very comfortable to be in. I hope that everyone with port days there takes full advantage of them.
  19. We just did a Princess TA in April with a 12 day British Isles. Great private excursions and wonderful scenery. Ship was packed and Princess EZAir is great. We alternate the two lines because each of them offers what the other doesn’t. Just booked Harmony.
  20. The cruise ships usually provide the thick orange extension cord with one outlet on them. It will normally lie across the carpet providing a fall risk. If so, ask your steward to tape it down, which might help the tripping risk.
  21. Thanks. Kind of like going down a water slide!
  22. Bob, I don’t know if you’re still willing to be the bed guru, but would you please tell me which way the beds face on Harmony in 11600?
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