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  1. Thanks so much! There are 8 of us on this cruise and we've not been to any of these stops so we're trying to balance relaxing and enjoying the ports with seeing the sights!
  2. We will be in Palma de Mallorca in Nov 2020 and on a Monday. I was looking at the Hop-on-Hop-off bus information and am trying to be sure the bus runs on Mondays in November. Maybe Roger can verify for me. Thanks!
  3. We stayed in an Airbnb for a night before leaving on our cruise. Easily walked to the port in the morning. Was way less than staying in a hotel.
  4. Oops you're right, we are flying into San Juan Wedneday and boarding Thursday!!! :) I'm just a bit excited to get this vacation started!
  5. Sounds like you're having a great time! We are boarding Epic this Wednesday for a 10 day Southern Caribbean and can't wait! I was wondering if they gave you the laundry special at some point during the cruise? If I recall it's usually been a "fill the bag" for $25. Thanks for the information.
  6. Following as we are on same cruise leaving early February. Can't wait to hear how embarkment is in San Juan!
  7. I read on the Bonaire website about a "Nature Tag". Suggests you have to have one to enter the water around Klein Bonaire. Tags are $25/pp but I haven't seen anyone mention them here on cc. We are landsailing in the morning and thought about taking a ferry over to Klein Bonaire and didn't know if we needed these "Nature Tags". Thanks.
  8. We have a late flight home after our Feb Sourthern Caribbean cruise and are looking for something to do. Would be nice to find something that would take our bags/transfer us to the airport after the "excursion". We have never taken a cruise out of San Juan and while we have been to San Juan many times and are familiar with all the things to do, we've never had luggage! Thanks.
  9. We did the cabana's on Columbus Cove. We got two of them so technically they would hold 16. We had 22 in our group and the attendants gave everyone a wrist band. They dragged extra chairs out for us and we shared the float mats... We really enjoyed the proximity to the bar and food too!! Great day. We tipped them extra cash and all was good.
  10. We did that tour and went to the mud baths. We enjoyed the whole day. The boat had an issue so they picked us up in a different boat but it was still great day. The baths were not exactly what we expected. Thought we would submerge in a pit of mud. That doesn't happen. You go into hot water then come out and they have buckets of mud that you put all over your body. Then once it's dry you go back into the natural hot water and rinse off. Skin felt awesome afterward and we loved the total excursion. The beach stop is beautiful. Have fun!
  11. Thanks. It seemed odd that only a few would be posted and thought maybe it was because they gave us the port credit and wanted to wait until we got closer. This is only our 2nd NCL cruise and we usually DIY . I don't want to go book DIY if the port credit and excursion option offered by them is just as good/better. I know the ship excursions are usually more expensive but would still like to compare. Thanks for the response.
  12. When does NCL post the excursions? Our Southern Caribbean on Epic in Feb 2020 only has 3 stops posted out of 9.
  13. Saw some reviews for Land Sailing in Bonaire that look pretty fun. Has anyone been there lately? Is it close to the Port? We will be there on the NCL EPIC in Feb 2020 but only from 7 AM to 1 PM so we don't have a lot of time and don't want to go too far away. It looks like the excursion is from 9 AM - 11 AM so it seems like it would work.
  14. Just off Allure in June and my daughter in law has a dairy allergy. They were extremely accommodating. Gave her the next days menu every night and she picked what she wanted and they made it dairy free. When we told them we had reservation at Chops they called ahead and told them too. She was very impressed and LOVED everything they made for her.
  15. There were 22 of us on Allure earlier in June and we ate at Chops Grille and had a GREAT meal. No one had any complaints. We had one vegetarian with us and they made sure he had plenty of options!
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